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    General Membership Meeting


    Les Toques Blanches

    September 4, 2006

    Seoul Club


    Mr. Peter Wood, Ashley Cheeseman and Wayne Golding

    A tasty buffet of choice cheeses and cold cuts was presented along with a wonderful cheese fondue. The hot horderves were quite nice.

    The Meeting was called to Order at 7:58pm by Acting-President, Vice-President Ashley Cheeseman. The Chairmanship of the meeting was handed over to President Paul Schenk. NOTE: First-Past President Remo Berdux resigned at the August Board Meeting and Vice-President Paul Schenk was elevated to President to fill the un-expired term as President.. President Paul was on vacation at the time and Vice-President Ashley took over the responsibility of Acting-President.

    ; President Paul thanked Mr. Peter Wood, Ashley Cheeseman and Wayne Golding for

    hosting the meeting.

    ; Hannah Biggs, Director of First Fruits, LTD. [Korea] was introduced and gave a

    presentation. Fresh fruits provide fresh fruit juice for retail and wholesale. 02-467-1150, Richard: Hannah:

    ; Jean-Cesar Lammert, Attache Commercial, Embassy of France, Seoul, was

    introduced and gave a presentation about French imports to Korea. Jean- 02-564-9032 ext. 260

    ; Introductions were made around the table.

Minutes Approved: By acclamation.

    Les Toques Blanches minutes are posted on the Les Toques Blanches web-page for your viewing pleasure:

Vice-President / PR: Ashley Cheeseman

    ; Tim Mitchell is recovering, but must take it easy. He can still work on the web-

    page from home. st. ; The Go-Karting event was canceled due to rain. The new date is: October 21

    Those who had a reservation will be given first reservation for the new date. There

    are only 18 seats available for this event. Adults only. Contact Ashley at: For more information see the LTB web-page

    ; Mr. Brenders going away party was on September 1. th; Autumn Bar-B-Q at the Grand Hilton Hotel, September 17, 4 to 8pm, 35,000won

    for members, 40,000won for non-members. Suppliers please contact President Paul

    for donations. See web-page;

    It is that time of year again for our annual LTB Grand Hilton BBQ. This has really become one of the great traditions of our club and this year it will continue. Thanks to the support of Chef Christian Lambert during this difficult time for his hotel.

    Sunday the 17th of September at the Grand Hilton Hotel 16.00-20.00 Everybody is invited and welcome LTB-KCC and friends and of course families. Reservations are essential so Christian and his team can prepare accordingly. We look forward to seeing you all there this is a great chance also to bring your teams and introduce them to the LTB.

    Please RSVP Paul or Ashley directly



Vice-President / Membership Elections:

    Nominations from the floor were requested by the President after a pregnant pause, Mark

    McIntosh volunteered to carry out the duties of Vice-President / Membership. It was moved by the President, Seconded by Ashley and was approved by acclamation of the members present. Mark McIntosh is the new Vice-President / Membership of LTB, Korea. MEMBERSHIP UPDATE:

    By Paul Schenk, First-Past Vice-President / Membership:

    Paid Members:

    Chef / F&B Members 33

    New Members: Charles Muther, Westin Chosun; Hans Vogt, Sheraton Walker Hill. Affiliated 4

    Supplier 16

    Web Page 9

    Non-paying members have been dropped from Les Toques Blanches’ Membership and e- mailing list as of June, 2006. Contact Mark McIntosh

    There are about 120 non-members on the Les Toques Blanches mailing list. Membership Certificates and cards were given out.

    Membership packets will be sent to members who have not received them at the past three meetings.

    Treasurer’s Report: Les Toques Blanches, by policy, does not publish the Treasurer’s Report. If you are a member of Les Toques Blanches and would like to see the report as presented at the meeting, please contact the Treasurer. Herbert Klinkhammer at:

Web Page Update:

     Web Master Tim Mitchell is recovering from an injury and did not attend. Please check the web page to see if your information is correct. Send

    information or corrections to:

    Pictures are being posted

    You are encourage to use the Forum as a way of communicating with your colleagues from the hospitality.

    If you would like your picture posted, please send one to Tim. Photos should be in JPG and about 30K.

    Les Toques Blanches SOCIALS: Sean Kim

    rd; Octoberfest: September 23, U.S. Army Base


     Tim Mitchell : Executive Chef, Dragon Hill Lodge

    Mark McIntosh : Vice President, LTB

Dear Friends and Members,

    The Dragon Hill Lodge is hosting it’s 14th annual Oktoberfest. We have been invited to join in the festivities on the 23rd of September. The fest is held in a large tent behind the hotel, and is a

    great opportunity for us to gather and enjoy the great autumn weather.

    Here are the details of the event;

    Date: 9/23/06 (Saturday)

    Time: 18:30 - Bus Pick-up Location: Capital Hotel Lobby (Near the Itaewon)

    Entrance: Free

    Menu: Sausages, schnitzels, roast chicken, sauerbraten, desserts, beer and other

    beverages available for purchase. Both US Dollars and Korean Won are accepted.

    Prices range: $8 - $10 for most items, about $2 for a draft beer.

    This is also a great opportunity for those of you who would like to enjoy the amenities of the Dragon Hill Lodge to do so. We have recently opened a Children’s park

    directly adjacent to the Oktoberfest area.

    For return, there are base taxi’s available in front of the hotel until about midnight.

     The gate is about 500 meters from the hotel, and it is easy to catch a taxi there as well.

    What is needed:

    RSVP to SEAN KIM with the following information not later than

    9/13/06: s (if you use 'hanmail', send to

    '') or Tel. 019 231 3154

    For each guest and child over age 10:

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ December… Christmas Party, 10th, Coex Intercontinental Hotel, a committee has been

    formed and the event planning is moving right along.


    20 October 2005

    International Chefs Day 2005

    Since International Chefs Day was inaugurated last year, 20 October has been marked as a special occasion by culinarians to

    salute the profession and create awareness of chefs who have set remarkable industry standards for the art of cooking. The commemorative day was initiated by the World Association of Cooks Societies (WACS), which counts over eight million chefs

    from all over the world as members.

    The main aim of this special day is for chefs from 72 countries to create massive awareness of the profession by hosting culinary competitions, demonstrations and charity events to raise funds for the international culinary community. Government officials, charity organisations and tourism boards of each country will come together to drive the vision of WACS, as well as raise the profile of the associations.

    Events organised include a slew of charity functions. The Hong

    Kong Chef Association (HKCA) for one is celebrating the event by hosting a charity luncheon buffet to raise funds for Ho Chi Association, a school for the handicapped. Over in Australia, a larger scale of activities has been planned. The Australian

    Culinary Federation (ACF) has registered with the World Guinness Book of Records to attempt making the world largest

    galantine at 12 metres. The proceeds from the sale of portions of

    the giant dish will be donated to charity.

    Over in Singapore, the Singapore Chefs Association (SCA) will be serving lunches in various charitable organisations. The brigade

    of prominent chefs has devised a plan to visit homes like the Sunlove Dementia Day Care centre and the Rainbow Centre Special School to provide meals lovingly prepared for the special audience.

    Other chefs around the world are celebrating by organising events

    to garner publicity for their associations. In India, the National Culinary Congress held earlier this month (in conjunction with International Chefs Day) organised a culinary competition among 50 colleges and hotels. This event was a strategic move to garner

    more attention for the Indian Chefs Federation (ICF), which saw a

    large audience getting involved in culinary activities.

    Apart from paying tribute to the talents and skills of chefs all over

    the world, International Chefs Day is more than a special day to

    celebrate the ingenuity of the profession; it is indeed a day for

    these industry leaders and food lovers to celebrate the

    appreciation of food through goodwill.

    In this special supplement, we will update and feature the various

    activities and pictures from various chef association celebrations

    as they come in.

    Happy Chefs Day!


    October: Venue needed

    November: Johnson Diversity Offices

    December: No meeting due to Christmas Party

     Meeting Adjourned at 9:01pm

Submitted by the Secretary to Les Toques Blanches, approved by President Paul Schenk,

    of Les Toques Blanches, lightly floured and baked to a golden brown. Any correction or

    additions, contact Garrett directly:

    D. Garrett Edwards, Secretary to Les Toques Blanches

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