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Your-Town Lions Club ...

     Your-Town Lions Club

     New Member Information Packet


    Lions International:

     Ohio Lions:

     District 13-C:

    Who We Are:

     Your-Town Lions Club:

     Being a Lion:


Lions Clubs International is a humanitarian organization founded in 1917 by Melvin Jones. Mr.

    Jones believed that local business and professional people needed an organization to funnel community service energy and expertise back into the local community. At that time there were numerous local business and professional organizations which he organized into the network that now has become Lions Clubs International.

    In 1919 with the founding of the first clubs in Canada we became an international organization. Since that time we have expanded into 193 countries and we now have 1.4 million members worldwide. Recently Lions Clubs have been formed in the former Soviet Bloc Countries and the most recent additions are thriving in Russia, Ukraine and all over Eastern Europe.

    In 1925, at the International Convention in Sandusky, Ohio; Helen Keller forever changed the direction of Lions Clubs when she challenged the association to become the “KNIGHTS OF THE BLIND.”

    That challenge was readily accepted, and today Lions are the world leaders in the war against blindness all over the world.

Lions Clubs International is the parent organization for:


     A foundation with resources held in trust to assist

     in disaster relief, grants to treat eye diseases and

     prevent blindness. In addition; the foundation is

     the largest provider of funds for eye research and

     the leading provider of aid and support to the blind.


     A 4 year effort to raise $150 million to counter preventable

    blindness worldwide. SightFirst 1 was a typical Lion’s success

     exceeding its goal of $130 million by over $10 million!


     A foundation to provide classroom support to end

     substance abuse among the youth of the world.

     Quest is the most successful and widely used classroom

     program of its type in the world.

Our Lions Club is proud to support these programs and implement them locally.

    The International Association of Lions Clubs is the largest service club organization in the world with double the membership of the next largest organization.

    Every year Lions commit millions of dollars to help people around the globe who are sick, blind or in need. Here in Ohio and in virtually every country in the world Lions are the leaders in service to their communities.


Ohio Lions is a division of Lions International. We were founded in 1920 with the chartering of the

    first Lions Club in Cleveland. We were the 13th state to associate with The International Association

    and therefore are known as Multiple District 13.

There are 550 clubs in Ohio with nearly 16,000 members. All are men and women devoted to serving

    the needs of their communities.

Ohio Lions has only two paid employees: a state secretary and an executive assistant. Virtually every

    function of Lion’s work is carried out by volunteers which assures that all money earmarked for charity is used for its intended purpose.

Ohio Lions have a number of projects:


     Trains seeing eye dogs and their handlers

     at no cost to individuals.


     This foundation is the largest provider

     of money for eye research in Ohio.

    It supports research at seven major sites

    in the state.


     Provides funds for volunteer projects in the

     third world like Volunteers of Optometry

     Serving Humanity (VOSH) which provides

     eye examinations and eyeglasses to the poor,

     and Amigos de los Americas which through

     student volunteers provides basic health services

     in Latin America.


     Provides assistance for disaster relief, and grants

     for worthy projects within Ohio.


     Funds Camp Echoing Hills, a summer camp for the

     handicapped, located in Warsaw, Ohio; International

     Youth Exchange and assists Leo Clubs throughout the state.

Our Lions Club enthusiastically supports these important Lions projects through yearly donations to

    the various state project funds.


    District 13-C is one of ten districts in Ohio. It is led by an elected governor who serves on a volunteer basis. The current 13-C Governor is Lion Grant Frasier. The Vice Governor is Lion Ken Marshall and the Deputy Governor is Lion Maggie Dellmore.

    District 13-C covers six counties in the northeast corner of Ohio, from Lake Erie on the north to Medina County in the south. A map of the Ohio Districts is on the reverse side of this page.

    Our district is known throughout Ohio for providing leadership on the state, national and international levels. The district supports all state and international projects and has a variety of activities for our members. Many of our members serve the district as cabinet members as District Officers, State committees and District committee persons.

    Some of the notable District-wide projects are listed below. We are particularly proud of the fact that 13C is the only Lions District in the world that has two Eye Clinics.

    Lions Eye Clinic at St. Vincent Hospital.

    Founded in 1972, the Eye Clinic is a cooperative venture of the Ohio Lions and the Sisters of

    Charity of St. Vincent. The Eye Clinic operates at Saint Vincent Hospital in Cleveland and

    primarily serves the north half of District C and provides eye glasses and various

    ophthalmology services (cataract surgery, etc.). Over 500 clients are served each year. St.

    Vincent is also a clearing house for eye glasses collected by individual Lion clubs for use

    around the world. More than 80,000 glasses are typically collected each year.

    Greater Akron Lions Eye Care Program.

    GALEP was founded in 1987, operates out of Summa Hospital in Akron, and primary serves

    the southern half of the District. The services GALEP provides are essentially the same as

    those provided at St. Vincent.

    Hearing Aid Bank.

    Collects and rehabilitates hearing aid devices, and provides new hearing aids to individuals

    recommended by Lions Clubs throughout the District.

    Case Western Reserve University.

    CWRU is one of the centers of research supported by the Ohio Lions Eye Research Foundation.

    This facility is a world-class leader in performing basic and applied research in various areas of

    ophthalmology, genetics, diabetes and other fields to find treatments to prevent or cure


     District Convention.

    Every Spring the Lions of District 13-C are called to meet in convention to elect district officers

    and conduct the business of Lionism in northeast Ohio. The convention is a family affair, and

    seminars and programs are included for the entire family. The 13-C Convention is a three day

    event and typically begin with a social event on Friday evening sponsored by the Governors

    club. The Convention concluded on Sunday afternoon with the grand banquet.



___________ LIONS CLUB…

    ________________________Lions Club was formed in 19____. Our club was originally sponsored by the _______________________Lions Club. We are an active organization and concerned with our community.

    Although we support all district, state and international projects; most of our work and our funds are directed to the benefit of our local community. We invest about $_________ each year in local projects for the betterment of our community.

    We are best known for our yearly_______________________________project, and we do the following fundraising projects every year:

    _________________________ _______________________

_________________________ _______________________

_________________________ _______________________









    Each year the Lions conduct well over ________ service projects that include donations, volunteer work and participation by members. We are proud of our reputation as a club that helps the needy, the young, the old and the blind.


    Each Lions Club is made up of men women from many different occupations and of many different backgrounds. We Lions are joined by the common belief that service is important for the good of the

    community and in making each member of our Lions Club a better person.





    3rd VICE PRES:






Our club was chartered in 19___. During our history we have been among the leaders among Lions Clubs in


We have been the recipients of many awards and honors:

    ______________________________ ______________________________

    ______________________________ ______________________________

    ______________________________ ______________________________

    ______________________________ ______________________________

    ______________________________ ______________________________

In every area of service to our community, nation and the world this Lions Club fulfills the motto of The

    International Association of Lions Clubs, WE SERVE.



    Membership is by invitation only. A candidate must be sponsored by a Lion in good standing. The sponsor is responsible for helping the new member get off to a good start.


    Anyone over the age of 18 years of good character is eligible to become a member of a Lions Club. Members may belong to more than one service club.


    Dues are currently $_________ per year. They can be paid either on an annual or semi-annual basis depending on the preference of the member.


    Our club serves meals ___________ time a month. Meals cost $ ____________.


    Meetings are held on the _______________ and______________ ______________ of the month. Members are expected to regularly attend. However; it is recognized that there are exceptions, and absence can be excused for legitimate reasons. There are many opportunities to make up missed meetings.

    There are many awards for perfect attendance and many of our members finish the year with perfect attendance.


    All members are expected to serve on committees and work at projects when asked. The hallmark of a Lion is involvement.


    There are many opportunities for members to win awards for their service, and many Lions choose to serve in offices at or beyond the club level. Lions are known for their friendships and many networks of Lions exist all over the world. However, the greatest reward in being a Lion is the opportunity to serve as a community leader, and to make a difference in your home town.


    If you have questions please ask your sponsor, or contact __________________________ , Club Membership Chairman at (phone) ____________________.


    It has been a pleasure having you at our NEW MEMBER NIGHT. We hope that you will find the LION’S

    EXPERIENCE one in which you would like to participate.

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