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Center for Independent Journalism Press release the Netherlands ...

     Center for Independent Journalism

Press release

the Netherlands, 22 February 2010

    European conference on media and diversity in Budapest

    Representatives of (ethnic-cultural) minority organisations and media professionals of 14 different European countries are gathering at the Millenaris Center Budapest. Their purpose: to discuss, exchange ideas and to learn about advancing diversity in the media during the ‘Tuning in to diversity

    2010’ conference. This will take place on 25 and 26 February 2010.

The society in Europe is becoming more culturally diverse. This isn’t always accurately reflected in

    representative portrayal of (ethnic-cultural) minorities in the media. Media organisations and public broadcasters have the responsibility to provide objective information to all citizens. However, this also requires assistance of minority organisations: providing contact persons and access to communities. The occasion will serve as an opportunity to discuss the relationships and to explore the possibilities of the use of tools, methodologies, projects and collaborations. This in order to promote the reflection of the multicultural society in the media at local, national and international level.

    The two-day conference is organised by the Dutch media-expertise centre Mira Media and the Hungarian public broadcaster MTV and is co-funded by the European Commission. It is expected that about 200 participants from all over Europe will attend. The majority will be journalists, programme makers, researchers and spokespersons of migrant and minority organisations. During this event the interactive Roma Jungle show will take place and the EBU series Roma in Europe will premiere. A

    variety of workshops will be organised with topics such as: media strategies, multicultural programming, monitoring media etc. Visitors can stroll through the information market where various organisations present their integration and media activities. On top of this, youngsters from all over Europe will be joining to show their international projects for Roots & Routes. In the after party, the

    last music note of Szalonna and band will be the signal of closure of Tuning in to Diversity 2010.

For more information please check:

    or contact : The international coordinator of the conference:

    Mr. E. Klute, Mira Media, +3130-230 22 40

    The national coordinator of conference:

    Ilona Móricz Center for Independent Journalism, Hungary + 36-1-317-5448

Financed by:

European Fund European Union’s for Integration of Fundamental Rights Third-country nationals and Citizenship programme

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