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    Facsimile Shanghai Office

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    To (name) Mr. Edward Peng From (name) Norman Sze/Sam Xu/Charles

    Cai/ Smilla Yuan cc (name) Office number 0744 At (company) Merloni TermoSanitari Charge number MER45206

    (China) Co.Ltd

    Facsimile number 0510-5212377

    Date November 1, 1999 Priority: ? Immediate

    ? Normal No. of pages to follow 2


     ? Send with attached Distribution (8621) 6386 6688 x 243


    Subject/Special Instructions: Thermowatt BPCS Implementation

Dear Mr. Peng,

Thank you for your fax dated October 25 and our meeting with you on October 28. We understand that you are

    planning to set up BPCS system for the new plant-Thermowatt ASAP and complete the implementation of CEA

    module before the end of December, 1999. We are very interested in the project and feel much honored to be

    chosen to take up the project. However, in order to speed up the implementation progress and better meet your

    needs, we would like to clarify with you about our considerations in the following aspects:

1. We understand that you are going to implement all of the modules of BPCS system same as what MTS (China)

    had done. However Thermowatt (China) is a newly-built plant, we’ve only got limited information about it.

     It is necessary for us to get detailed understanding about the plant structure and its roles and responsibilities

    of each functional department, such as finance, sales, production, purchase, inventory, etc. If possible, we

    would like to know about the development plan, such as the new plant set-up, product line set-up, and other

    relevant development. This can enable us to work out a practical implementation proposal, and prepare

    relevant resources for the project.

2. Based on our experience in the implementation for MTS (China) and other clients, we usually adopt two kinds

    of approaches for different clients in the project of system implementation.

    One approach is to provide full-time support during the whole process of the project, which has been adopted

    in the three phases of BPCS implementation for MTS (China). We will try to identify how to utilize the existing

    BPCS structure in MTS (China) and minimize the work in Thermowatt.

    The other approach is to provide ad hoc consulting service when the project is summoned by your project

    leader. This approach requires you have sufficient resources, including a strong project leader, a fixed project

    team, and strong technical support, etc.

    3. We understand that you are going to implement BPCS CEA module first and then implement SCM and MRP

    modules. From our point of view, it is better to implement SCM together with CEA. This approach could

    smooth the setup of system interfaces and minimize unnecessary duplicating work.

    We would also like to know your consideration about the project target, the steps, the cut-off date, and the

    resources arrangement, etc.

    4. Please also let us know who will be nominated as the project leader for this project.

If you can provide more information to help us understand your requirements of the project, we can prepare our

    proposal more quickly.

Best Regards,

Norman Sze

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