Thursday, 7th September 2006

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Thursday, 7th September 2006

    LOCATION: Faculty of Economics (Piazza S. Francesco, 7 Siena) Registration: Near Aula Franco Romani

    Plenary Sessions: Room “Aula Franco Romani”

    Parallel Sessions: Room 7, Room 8 & Room “Aula Franco Romani”

    (on the ground floor of the Faculty of Economics) Coffee Breaks: Main cloister of the Faculty

    Lunches: Main cloister of the Faculty

    Thursday, 7th September 2006 - Morning

    08.30 Registration (near Aula Franco Romani)

    09.00 Introduction Aula Franco Romani

    Riccardo Mussari, Irvine Lapsley, Roberto Cafferata (AIDEA President)

    09.30-11.00 NPM (1) Health (1) Local Government (1) Chair: Kerry Jacobs Chair: Irvine Lapsley Chair: Riccardo Mussari

    ROOM 7 AULA FRANCO ROMANI ROOM 8 Author: Sven Siverbo, Author: Lars-Goran Aidemark Author: Andrew Goddard, M. Gustaf Kastberg Broad, L. Von Alberti

    Title: The Impossible Split. Title: Measurement and Health Title: Performance Strategy and A Study of the Creation of Care Management Accounting in Local

    a Market Actor Government and HE in the UK Author: Jan van Helden, Author: Maria Blomgren Author: Ron Hodges, Suzana Aage Johnsen, Jarmo Grubnic Vakkuri

    Title: Exploring Similarities Title: Constructing a European Title: Implementing Electronic and Differences in Public Healthcare Market: The Case of Government in England: A

    Sector Performance the Private Healthcare Case Study of a Local Authority Measurement Research Company Capio Public-Public Partnership Between the Public

    Administration and

    Accounting Discipline

    Author: Ron Baker Author: Sheila Ellwood Author: Toomas Haldma

    Title: An Institutional Title: Accounting for Public Title: Drivers of Accounting Interpretation of a new Hospitals: The Issues to Innovation in Estonian Local

    Public Management Resolved in Applying the Governments Reform in Canada Conceptual Framework of

    Profit-Orientated Bodies

    11.00-11.30 Coffee (Main Cloister)

    11.30-13.00 NPM (2) Health (2) Local Government (2) Chair: Nathalie Halgand Chair: Sheila Ellwood Chair: Noel Hyndman ROOM 7 AULA FRANCO ROMANI ROOM 8 Author: Anders Gronlund Author: Janne Järvinen Author: Hans Knutsson, Ola and Bino Catasus Mattisson, Ulf Ramberg,

     Title: Hybridization and the Torbjörn Tagesson Title: Images of Peace - Professional Roles of

    Reformulating New Public Management Accountants in Title: Do Strategy and Management The Case of the Health Care Sector. A Field Management Matter in

    Swedish Armed Forces Study Municipal Organisations? Author: Gustaf Kastberg Author: Pia Nylinder Author: Michela Arnaboldi,

     Irvine Lapsley Title: The Market Designer

    in Focus. A Study of how Title: Measuring „Tight Title: On the Implementation of Rules Come About on Budgetary Control‟ in the Capital Accounting in Local

    Quasi Markets Swedish Health Care Government Author: Claude Laurin, Author: Katarina Østergren, Author: Marcel Guenoun, Sachenne Wagner Kari Nyland, Inger Johanne Quentin Bruand


    Title: Implementing New Title: Same Context Different Title: The Role of Accounting Public Management: The Practices. How Regional health in the Modernisation of French

    Case of Employment Enterprises Adjust to Local Government: The Case of

    Services in Quebec Management Reforms Inter-Municipal Authorities


    13.00-14.00 Lunch (Main Cloister)

    14.00-15.00 Plenary Aula Franco Romani Author: Wai Fong Chua Thursday, 7th September 2006 - AfternoonACCOUNTING, MEASURING, REPORTING AND STRATEGIZING RE-USING VERBS

    Chair: Irvine Lapsley

    15.00-15.30 Coffee (Main Cloister)

    15.30-18.00 NPM (3) Health (3) Local Government (3)

    Chair: Åge Johnsen Chair: Inger Johanne Pettersen Chair: Irvine Lapsley

    ROOM 7 AULA FRANCO ROMANI ROOM 8 Author: Giuseppe Cappiello Author: Salvatore Russo, Author: Henk ter Bogt

     Giuseppe Marcon

    Title: Are We Really Title: Discovering Social Title: Management Accounting Moving Towards a Market Accounting in the Public Change and New Public

    Orientation of Public Sector. How Italian Local Management in Local

    Services Government and Health Care Government: A Re-assessment

    Firms Practise Social Reporting of Ambitions and Results Author: Levi Garseth-Author: Simona Scarparo Author: Hugo van Hengel, Nesbakk Tjerk Budding, Tom Groot

    Title: Accrual Accounting Title: When does Clinical Audit Title: Relation Between Result in the Public Sector - Can Affect Medical Practice? Orientation, the use of

    all the Claimed Benefits be Performance Indicators and

    Obtained? Performance Based Assessment

    in Dutch Municipalities Author: A.K. Siti-Nabiha Author: Milena Vainieri, Lino Author: Federica Farneti

     Cinquini, Giovanni Tiezzi

    Title: The New Public Title: Using ABM in Managing Title: Balanced Scorecard Management in Malaysia: Territorial Health Services: The Implementation in an Italian

    The use of KPIS “Home-Care” Case in Tuscan Local Government

    Health System

    Author: Lars Lindkvist Author: Katja Antikainen, Author: Robert Ochoki

     Hannu Rantanen Nyamori

    Title: Dental Health Care as Title: Evaluating Hospital Title: Governing the Local Cooperatives An Analysis Efficiency with ABC and DRG Markets, Managerialism and

    from an Instrumental and Subjectivity in the context of a

    an Institutional Perspective Local Authority in New

    Zealand Author: Mark Christensen Author: Aldo Pavan, E.

     Reginato, I. Fadda

    Title: Much Ado: A Case of Title: Accountability the Managerial Impact of Perspectives in Local

    Public Sector Accrual Government Accounting

    Accounting Systems: An international



    Friday, 8th September 2006 - Morning

    09.00-10.30 Central Government (1) Health (4) Local Government (4) Chair: Riccardo Mussari Chair: Irvine Lapsley Chair: Jan van Helden

    ROOM 7 AULA FRANCO ROMANI ROOM 8 Author: Noel Hyndman, M. Author: Li-Cheng Chang Author: Sebastien Rocher Ezzamel, A, Johnsen, I.


     Title: A Review of NHS Title: The Acceptation of a Title: Devolution, Accounting Performance Measurement Risk Analysis Method in

    and Democratic Systems: Twist and Turn in the French Local Governments Accountability in the UK Last 10 Years

    Author: Sven Modell, K. Author: Elena Cantù, Eugenio Author: Hiroko Kudo Jacobs, F. Wiesel Anessi Pessina

     Title: Who Decides Why, Title: A Process (Re)Turn? Title: Managerialism in the When, and How to Diversify

    Path Dependencies and Italian National Health Service: the Public Service Delivery:

    Performance Management in Achievements and Analysis from a Survey on

    Central Government Shortcomings Japanese Local

    Governments Author: Sue Newberry, K. Author: Riccardo Mussari and Author: Tobias Johansson Jacobs Antonio Barretta

    Title: Obtaining the Levers of Title: How Co-opetition can Title: Municipal Contracting Power: The Treasury and the work in the Health-Care Sector: Out: Contractual Choice,

    Introduction of New Zealand‟s An Explorative Analysis Misalignment and

    Public Sector Financial Performance in Swedish Reforms Local Government

    10.30-11.00 Coffee (Main Cloister)

    11.00-12.30 Audit and Accountability (1) Accrual Accounting (1) PFI/PPP Chair: Irvine Lapsley Chair: Riccardo Mussari Chair: Ron Hodges ROOM 7 AULA FRANCO ROMANI ROOM 8 Author: James Guthrie Author: Gert Paulsson Author: Lars-Goran

     Aidemark Title: State Audit of Public

    Private Partnerships in Title: Accrual Accounting and Title: Balanced Scorecard Australia: A Lack of Public Cash Budgeting and the Regulation of PPP Accountability?

    Author: Kerry Jacobs, K. Author: Sandra Cohen Author: Jean Shaoul, P. Jones Stapleton, A. Stafford

     Title: Assessing the Information

    Title: Politicising the Auditor Content of Accrual Accounting Title: Partnerships: Private General Based Financial Statements Control over Public Policy Author: Cecilia Lindholm Author: Vicente Pina, L. Torres, Author: Pam Stapleton, J.B.

     A. Yetano Acerete, A. Stafford. Title: Creating Efficiency

    Through Cooperation An Title: Is Accrual a Means or a Title: Accounting for the Use Empirical Study on Goal? The Slow but of Private Finance in Roads:

    Accounting and Unstoppable Success Trajectory Experiences in the UK and

    Accountability in Inter-of Accrual Accounting in the Spain

    organisational Relationships Public Sector

    12.30-13.30 Lunch (Main Cloister)


    13.30-14.30 Audit and Accountability (2) Management Control Central Government (2) Chair: Lourdes Torres Chair: Irvine Lapsley Chair: Noel Hyndman ROOM 7 AULA FRANCO ROMANI ROOM 8 Friday, 8th September 2006 - Afternoon Author: Adriana Tiron Tudor, Author: Robert Jupe Author: Kiyoshi Yamamoto M. Alexandra

    Title: Performance Audit in Title: „A Fresh Start‟?: The Title: The Needs and Public Sector Entities A new Performance and Regulation of Preference of Politicians for

    Challenge East European Network Rail in Britain‟s Government Financial

    Countries Experience Privatised Railway System information Author: Torbjorn Tagesson, Author: Benoit Pige Author: Herbert Dan Ola Eriksson

     Title: Beyond Users and Title: What do Auditors do? Title: The Control of Non Profit Needs: Applying CSR

    Obviously they do not Organizations by Regional and Models to the Design of

    Scrutinize the Accounting and Local Government in France Government Financial

    Reporting Reports

    14.30-15.30 Plenary Aula Franco Romani

    Author: James Guthrie, Sue Newberry



    Chair: Riccardo Mussari

    15.30-16.00 Coffee (Main Cloister)

    16.00-17.30 Audit and Accountability (3) Accrual Accounting (2) Local Government (5)

    Chair: Kerry Jacobs Chair: Sue Newberry Chair: Vicente Pina

    ROOM 7 AULA FRANCO ROMANI ROOM 8 Author: Patrick Devlin, P.J. Author: Jan Rommel, J. Author: Enrico Bracci, Devlin, C. Merrouche Christiaens Emidia Vagnoni

    Title: Sacrificed on the Altar Title: Should Capital Assets be Title: Managerialism and of Efficiency Recognised in Governmental Accounting Information

    Accounting? System in Italian Local

    Governments: An Empirical

    Analysis Author: Anna Thomasson Author: Marcel Bolos, Victoria Author: Ileana Steccolini, E.

     Bogdan, D. Lezeu Anessi, P.G. Nasi

    Title: The Management of Title: Dynamics and Title: Accounting Reforms: Ambiguity A Stakeholder Acknowledgement of the Public Features, Determinants, and

    Approach to the Study of Assets Treatment A Problem Effects of Local

    Hybrid Organisations of the Public Accounting Governments‟ Choices

     Reform in Continental Europe

    Author: Vital Put Author: Adriana Tiron Tudor, Author: Maria Jose

     M. Alexandra Fernandes, P. Camoes, J.

     Carvalho, S. Jorge

    Title: Norms Used in Title: Implementing Accrual Title: The New Accounting Performance Audits of Accounting in Public Sector System and its Relevance to Supreme Audit Institutions East European Countries Local Government Decision-

     Experience Making: An Empirical

    Analysis of the Used and

    Reported Information

    19.00-22.00 Dinner (Certosa di Pontignano)

    Bus leaves at 18.45 from Piazza Gramsci, in front of the Jolly Hotel.


    Saturday, 9th September 2006 - Morning

    09.00-10.00 Intellectual Capital Education (1) Uniformed Services Chair: Kerry Jacobs Chair: Lourdes Torres Chair: Vicente Pina

    ROOM 7 AULA FRANCO ROMANI ROOM 8 Author: Roland Almqvist, Author: Pasquale Ruggiero, Author: Robert Beeres, C. Matti Skoog Giuseppe Grossi Davids

    Title: New Public Title: Theory and Practice of Title: MAS in the CLAS: A Management from an University Spin-Offs in Italy: Pilot Study of the Use of

    Intellectual Capital The Experience of the Management Accounting

    perspective Conceptual University of Siena Systems in the Dutch Armed

    Pros and Cons of Forces Integrating Two Concepts

    of Management Control

    Author: Glenn Cook, T.J. Author: Maria da Conceicao da Author: Patricia Gomes, J. Housel Costa Marques Baptista Carvalho, S. Mendes

     Camoes Title: An Approach to Title: The Role of the Key

    Valuing Intellectual Capital Performance Indicators in the Title: “Performance in Defense processes Using Improvement of the University Measurement of the Portuguese the Market Comparables Management Police Force Using the

    Approach Balanced Scorecard”

    10.00-10.30 Coffee (Main Cloister)

    10.30-12.00 Balanced Scorecard NPM (4) and Performance Measurement

    Chair: Åge Johnson Chair: Nathalie Halgand AOOM 8 RULA FRANCO ROMANI

    Author: Margaret Woods, S. Grubnic Author: Daniela Argento, G. Jan van Helden

Title: Integrated Performance Management Title: Reforming the Dutch Water Chain: How

    in UK Local Authorities Is the Balanced Radical Ambitions Turned into a Moderate Pace Scorecard a Suitable Tool? of Change

    Author: Mikael Hellstrom, U. Ramberg Author: Paul Windels, J. Christiaens

Title: Diffusion and Use of Balanced Title: The Role of Institutional Entrepreneurship

    Scorecard in the Swedish Public Sector in the Adoption of a Radical Accounting Reform Author: Yvonne Shanahan, R. Nolan, B. Author: Johan Kruijf


Title: The Balanced Scorecard; Strategic Title: Control Mechanisms for Autonomous

    performance Measurement in New Zealand Public Bodies

    Public Sector Organisations

    12.30 Close


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