Is Failure a Bad Thing

By Kenneth Bryant,2014-08-13 12:20
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Is Failure a Bad Thing ...


    Is Failure a Bad Thing?

    (CET4 92.1)

1. 失败是常有的事

    2. 人们对失败有各种不同的态度

    3. 我对失败的态度

    Failure is a common thing in our daily life. As a student, we sometimes fail to get high scores in our examinations. When we play games we can’t avoid being beaten by the others. And there

    are times when we fail to get satisfactory jobs on graduation. All these failures happen naturally and almost everyone of us has such an experience.

     However, people’s attitudes towards failure vary widely. Some take failure as fatal to what he

    has undertaken. To them failure means the end of the world and they will readily lose heart and give up. Others view it differently. They know for sure that failure is inevitable but temporary, and so they are ready to learn lessons from setbacks. They never allow failure to frustrate them and turn it into stimulation. Still others appear unconcerned after failure occurs, and they do not take active action to improve their performance.

    In my opinion, what really counts is not failure itself, but what we think of failure and do afterwards. As long as we don’t give up and believe in ourselves and in the meantime learn something from failure, we’ll certainly make our marks in the end. So I’m never afraid of failure, for I believe that failure is the mother of success.

    Film Is Giving Way to TV

    (CET6 92.6)

1. 电影观众越来越少

    2. 电视观众越来越多, 因为……

    3. 然而, 还是有人喜欢看电影, 因为……











    According to the latest statistics, the number of people going to cinemas is decreasing while the number of television viewers is growing almost at the same rate. Experts say that these two

trends are connected in three ways.

    First, over the past few decades, television is getting increasingly popular and almost every family has a TV set. Second, films very quickly become available on video, and can be shown on the TV screen. Third, it is becoming more expensive to make films, and so the prices of cinema seats are rising.

    However, this does not mean the death of the movie industry. There will always be people who prefer to go out to see a film. This is because no matter how good a TV film or video is, it can never be as entertaining as a film shown on the “big screen.”

    How I Overcome My Difficulties in Learning English

    (CET4 92.6)

1. 在英语学习中我所遇到的困难

    2. 我是如何加以克服的

    Like all the other English learners, I met with many difficulties during the past years in learning English. But I managed to overcome them and made a great progress.

    The spelling of words could be the first difficulty I encountered as a beginner. But I found out my own way to deal with them. I never copied the new word again and again to memorize it mechanically, but tried to find its relevance to its sound. If I could read the word, generally I was able to spell it. Grammar might be another difficulty. But I also got it over by spending lots of time reading articles written by native speakers. By doing so I acquired the knowledge of English grammar and knew which sentence was right and which was wrong. Vocabulary was supposed to be the largest problem. But I solved it in my own way. I learned the vocabulary often through reading by guessing its meaning in context, writing down the words I didn’t know, looking it up in the dictionary and memorizing it when it is necessary.

    To sum up, learning English is not an easy job and every learner may meet with some difficulties. As long as we work hard on it and find good ways to deal with our difficulties, we will certainly learn English well.

    Looking Forward to the 21st Century

    (CET6 92.6)

1. 新世纪科技发展的前景如何?

    2. 新的科学技术会给社会带来什么好处?

    3. 新的科学技术会带来什么问题?

    4. 你怎样对待新世纪的挑战?

    The development of science and technology in the new century is inspiring, because it promises exciting new developments in science and technology. First of all, it is likely that telecommunications will expand by leaps and bounds. Secondly, a greater progress will be made in medicine, and thirdly, the coming century will see that mankind really comes to grips with environmental pollution.

    As far as communications is concerned, e-mail and the Internet will probably be available all

    over the globe, which will enhance the efficiency of our work. Advances in medicine will enable people to live longer and healthier lives, and science and technology will provide more tools for tackling various problems we have encountered.

     However, the potential danger new technology poses cannot be ignored. New technology is, so to speak, a two-edged sword in that it can do good, but it can kill as well. For example, while automobiles have thoroughly changed people’s life, imagine how many people have died of

    mounting accidents and pollution they have caused. The technology of cloning gives hope of saving life that would be otherwise lost, but if it were used to create new human life, what nightmare mankind would walk into?

    I intend to prepare myself for the new century by keeping abreast of the latest developments in science and technology. But at the same time, I will not neglect the problems we may encounter.

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