Requirement Definition Report

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Requirement Definition Report

    Merloni TermoSanitari



Merloni TermoSanitari (China) Co., Ltd.

    BPCS System Implementation Project

    Phase III

    Requirement Definition Report

    December 8, 1999


    Merloni TermoSanitari


Requirement Definition Report (RDR) is the document clarifying clients’ major

    requirements of the system in respective functional area.

As MTS (China) has already successfully implemented BPCS Financial and

    Supply Chain Management modules before the start of manufacturing module,

    some of the topic(s), e.g. Item Master maintenance and Purchasing processing,

    in this report have been previously covered. The focus of this phase is the

    implementation of MRP system. Please consolidate this document with that of

    last two phases for an entire and systematic view.

     Following are the functional areas to be covered in this report:

? Fundamental data maintenance


    ? Production activity control

    ? Purchasing

    ? Costing

    ? Business requirements and software constrains

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     Scope Requirement 1. Item Master

    1.1 Item Master All related functional departments, Technical, Production,

    Maintenance Logistics, Finance maintain their data in Item Master Maintenance


    1.2 Item Master Print out the Item Master Listing after maintenance for review and

    Listing file.

    2. Bill of Material

    2.1 BOM Retain access right of BOM maintenance to Technical only.


    Use mass update function when propagation of the data

    maintained is desired.

    Accommodate phantom items in product structure.

    Use material method to represent alternative material usage.

    Use effective date for item substitution.

    Use BOM Offset days to maneuver system-generated requirement

    date of component items.

    2.2 BOM Inquiry Allow production control, engineering, and cost accounting to

    retrieve and use product structure for a variety of planning and

    costing needs.

    Present multiple views of product structure: Single Level,

    Indented, Where Used Single Level, Where Used Multi-Level,

    Where Used End Item, etc.

    2.3 BOM Listing Print out the Materials Listing for review and file.

    Provide Costed Bill of Material Report for costing needs.

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    Merloni TermoSanitari 3. Work Center

    3.1 Work Center Separate the production lines into several work centers and define

    Maintenance the charge rate for each one individually.

    Define work center for each and every outside processing vendor. 3.2 Work Center Print out the Materials Listing for review and file.


    4. Routing

    4.1 Routing Define routing for all manufactured items. Set up one operation

    Maintenance per process only.

    Use Run hours only. And sum up the hours to be used in the

    whole work center to one operator.

    4.2 Routing Listing Print out the Materials Listing for review and file.

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     Scope Requirement 1. MPS

    1.1 MPS Maintain Master Production Schedule for all finished goods.

    Generation and Planner maintains MPS manually. No system generation is

    Maintenance required.

    1.2 MPS Reports Print bucketed planning report displaying planning details of an

    MPS item.

    Print a list of all planned orders for MPS items. 2. MRP

    2.1 MRP Use BOM, inventory data, and the MPS to calculate material

    Explosion and requirements.

    Maintenance Convert the MPS into time-phased requirements for each item

    required to execute the plan.

    Planner modify or create MRP record according to his/her


    Use Firm Planned Order technique to fix system proposals. 2.2 MRP Reports Provide on-line display of the demand/supply relationship for an

    and Inquiries item. Display action messages on a real time basis as changes are


    Print detailed planning report for an item (MPS or MRP) with

    exception messages.

    Print planned and firm planned order list for MRP items.

    Generate listing of shop orders and purchase orders as requiring

    actions, with current and recommended reschedule dates


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     Scope Requirement 1. Shop Order Processing

    1.1 Shop Order Use different methods of releasing production orders and order

    Release scheduling techniques to ensure production schedules are


    Use alternate manufacturing material methods to support the

    varying operational needs in producing a product.

    Employ pre-production release technique to determine orders to

    be released and ensure that those orders have a reasonable chance

    of being completed

    1.2 Shop Order Provide pre-production release report, which displays a range of

    Reports and planned and firm planned orders for the purpose of identifying

    Inquiries potential material shortages.

    Print shop order as the instruction and authorization of

    manufacturing, identifying item, quantity, due date, release date

    and material list, etc. (Use existing external program Shop Order

    Picking List and Finished Goods Receipt Form)

    Design custom made Work Center Dispatch Report, combining

    both shop orders and firm planned orders by work center in one


    Provide open shop order reports sorted by various criteria, e.g.

    shop order number, item number, work center, etc. 1.3 Shop Order Be able to change all order elements: date, quantity, material,

    Maintenance operation, etc., through maintenance function.

    and Close Be able to close shop order manually or through month-end

    closing and posting program.

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    2. Material Flow

    2.1 Material Derive a material allocation hierarchy (reservations) so that an

    Allocation appropriate pick list may be generated.

    Provide both automatic and manual allocation methods. 2.2 Material Prepare and move production material according to the instruction

    Picking and of Shop Order Picking List and stage them in Production area

    Staging before production starts.

    2.3 Material Issue Provide multiple inventory transactions to issue raw material

    and Finished consumed in shop order and receive finished goods.

    Goods Receipt Provide reverse issue function if erroneous inventory transactions

    are detected.

    3. Production Reporting

    3.1 Labor Ticket Tie production hours and quantities to specific shop orders,

    Post operations and employees.

    Be able to report maintenance hours, logistics hours, indirect labor

    and downtime.

    3.2 Labor Ticket Be able to save labor tickets after the shop order is closed and

    Save purged.

    3.3 Labor and Retrieve labor data from the system to organize custom made

    Productivity productivity reports.


    4. Outside Processing

    4.1 Order Release Combine shop order with purchase order. Use shop order to issue

    raw material and receive processed goods, use purchase order to

    pay for the manufacturing service. 4.2 Order Receipt Receive to both shop order and purchase order, but only one

    affects inventory level.

    4.3 Order Close Close the shop order after vendor invoice has been entered.

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     Scope Requirement 1. Purchase Order Processing

    1.1 Contract and Purchasing Department is responsible for sourcing, while planner

    Vendor Quote takes care of delivery issues.

    Maintenance Purchaser maintains vendor quote and contract into system, which

    are captured when purchase orders are released. 1.2 Purchase Order Planner should release purchase order for all production materials.

    Release Provide multiple order releasing methods, e.g. manual entry,

    consolidation of planned and firm planned orders, release to

    contract, etc.

    Print and fax to each vendor custom made Vendor Delivery

    Notice, which combines past due orders, current orders and future

    forecast for all the items the specific vendor supplies. 1.3 Purchase Order Provide multiple inventory transactions to receive and return

    Receipt purchased items.

    1.4 Purchase Order Automatically close the Purchase Order when all the line items are

    Close received. Set tolerance level if exact quantity cannot be met.

    Close the purchase order manually if desired. 2. Purchasing Inquiries and Reports

    2.1 Contract Listing Print out all the contracts in the system.

    2.2 Purchase Order Allow inquiry into purchasing activity by purchase order number,

    Inquiry vendor number, item number or customer order number. 2.3 Open Purchase Provide multiple views of open purchase orders, e.g. by PO

    Order Reports number, by vendor, by item, by item class, etc.

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    Merloni TermoSanitari 2.4 Purchase Price Print a listing of all costed purchase orders with variance analysis

    Variance Report of expected cost, standard cost and actual cost. 2.5 Vendor Print a listing that contains purchased item delivery performance

    Performance information (time and quantity) about vendors.


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