New System Description

By Lee Collins,2014-04-29 02:41
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New System Description

Merloni TermoSanitari

Appendix: New System Description

After implementation, the new system is described as following:


    ? Identify and set up parent, component, and where-used relationships in bill of

    material structures.

    ? Identify and set up departments, work centers, and routings.


    ? Maintain a manual forecast

    ? Produce a manual Master Production Schedule

    ? Calculate an item’s cumulative lead time

    ? Generate exception reports and reschedule as needed

    ? Commit customer order ship dates based on the Master Production Schedule


    ? Generate a Material Requirements Plan

    ? Adjust Master Schedule according to Material Requirements Plan results received


    ? Provide production management with accurate, timely, and concise information on

    production activity and status

    ? Schedule detailed production plan

    ? Release orders from planning to execution

    ? Allocate material and resources

    ? Complete production orders in a timely and cost effective manner ? Provide feedback to planning and control functions


    ? Generate standard cost and post and update actual cost for an item ? Describe the cost accounting closing process, including reconciliation and interface

    with other BPCS products


Merloni TermoSanitari

? Compare actual to standard cost

    ? Analyze gross profit margin of products

    ? Determine inventory condition of the company

    ? Perform what-if analysis to determine the cost impact of manufacturing changes


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