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     Lesson Ten



     I(Teaching Objectives: (

     After learning this unit, students are supposed to: 1. get familiar with the rules of word formation ; 2. get familiar with some grammatical points; 3. retell the text as a whole; 4. have a thorough understanding of the whole text:

     The Telephone

     5. get a list of the new words and expressions and be able to use them freely in writing and daily conversation;

     II. Listening and speaking activities

     1. Listen to the recording of the text and fill in the blanks about the main ideas of the article. 2. Talk about the purpose of a university and discuss the questions on the text.

     III. Reading Comprehension and Language Activities

     1. Pre-reading discussions:

     1)Should we always embrace the new because what is new always means progress,

     And what is progress is good ? 2)why is it that people are often so nostalgic? do you think is it good thing for people to Remember the past fondness? 2. Background knowledge:

     About the author

     Anwar F. Accawi was born in Lebanon in a family whose ancestors are believed to have gone to Jerusalem in the Crusades. While he was teaching English at the University of Beirut, he married someone from Tennessee, the United states .When the civil war broke out in Lebanon, they were forced to leave the country and settle in the States. Anwar F.Accawi currently teaches the English Language Institute of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

     3.Text analysis: Part One (paragraph 1-10) The detailed description of the villagers way of life before the Telephone came. Part Two((paragraphs11-25) How the telephone was installed and what effects it brought about in the village.

     4.Language points:

     1) Vocabulary 2) Hide and seek : a childrens game in which one player tries

    to find and catch others who are hiding .捉迷藏

     3) Be incorporated into : to become parts of : to include 吸收,并入 eg ,Her

    picture had been incorporated into an advertisement permission.他的照片没有经其本

    人同意已被并入到广告当中 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)

     without her

     Escalate into : to change violently or develop suddenly into 爆发成 Wire up ;

    with an electrical supply.给,建筑物!接通电源 Out of ones hair: get out of ,relieved

    of as an annoyance.摆脱 Run errands 为他人跑腿/办事 Trail off ;to love strength

    gradually 指声音由强变弱 eg ., when she saw Lee had entered the room, her voice trailed off in fear >

     5. Post-reading discussion:

     Should we always embrace the new because what is new always means progress, and what is progress is good ?


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