EE2010-11 Dt 28052010 UCPCOURIER Dear Sir (s), The wax

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EE2010-11 Dt 28052010 UCPCOURIER Dear Sir (s), The wax

     EE/2010-11/ Dt. 28.05.2010


Dear Sir (s),

The wax sealed/temper proof quotations are invited on item rate basis from Specialized

    contractors or manufacturers of Hot water Tanks for the following work on behalf of Director,

    NITIE Mumbai 87. Quotation forms can be obtained from the office of Executive Engineer,

    NITIE, Mumbai -400 087. Tel. No. 2857 3371 Ext. 5214. The complete quotation should reach

    on or before the date and time of submission. Without wax sealed quotation will be summarily


    : Supply, installation & commissioning of Name of work

     5000 ltrs. SS Hot water tank for Hostel Nos.

     1 & 2.

    : Rs.4,99,000.00 Estimated cost of work put to quotation

     : Rs.10,000/- (to be paid to the Accounts Earnest Money Deposit

     Section in cash , or pay order or DD to be


    : 15 days. Period of contract

    : 10.06.2010 up to 3.00 P.M. Last date of issue of quotation Form

    : 11.06.2010 up to 10.00 A.M. Last date of submission of quotation

     : Quotation Box kept in front of the office of Place of submission of quotation

     Controller of Examination, Admn. Building,


    : 11.06.2010 at 10.30 A.M. Date of opening of quotation

    : 90 days from date of submission Validity

    : One year Defect liability period

NITIE reserves the right to reject any or all quotation without assigning any reason


    This notice is also available on web-site :



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