My college life

By Lucille Armstrong,2014-12-11 23:02
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My college life

    My college life

    Very glad stand here making this speechThis is my

    first time to take part in , so I feel nervous right now.

     My name is TangQingshan come from a small

    beautiful town in Hunan province. It was in 2009 that I came this school .When set foot in the door of this college. What I can saw was strangeness, the environmentclassmates

    teacher all of that was unfamiliar to me. I feel lonely originally, but not to long I began adapt the soundings, I can feel the teacher was so kind-hearted ,the fellow students arranger everything for us in order to better accommodate the circumstance. What made me deep impress was the teacher. As we were came here not to long so they teached slowly and repeatedly .when the first term was over, lots of classmates being my friends ,what made me proud was the grade not bad.

    In the second term like the other people we must worked harder and harder, because we had done the experiments three times a week, though it was so dull and

    dry but we must stand and insist on it ,because it was our

    specialized subject so we must give it to learn.

    Looking the footprint after me ,I feel satisfied and

    substantial .in the middle school I work harder and harder to got the chance learning in university ,but now ,I promise that I will persist the spirit and never give up. I believe through our efforts the future will be more splendid

    Nothing is impossible to a willing mind.

    Thats all!

    Thank you!

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