EU-China Inquiry - Annex Q13 EU-China Climate Change Partnership 2008

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Support to the development of China's new Energy Law Framework Energy Research Institute and Energy Research Institute of the Shandong Academy of

    Annex: Non-Exhaustive List of ongoing bilateral actions in the nine priority areas covered by the EU-China Climate Change Partnership August 2008 No Description EU partner(s) Chinese partner(s) Time Main output expected CDM Comment


    1 Energy efficiency (paragraphs no 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 of the joint declaration adopted on 5 September 2005)

    1.1 Support to the development of UK National Energy 2007-Integration of climate change aspects No - Also relevant for

    China’s new Energy Law Administra-tion / 2009 into the law other priority

    Framework NDRC areas 1.2 Support services for compliance Commission NDRC (SAC, CNIS) 2008-Improved effectiveness of schemes in No - Support through

    monitoring and promotion of the 2009 China the Energy and

    China Energy Label Environment

    Programme 1.3 Promotion of benchmarking tools Commission NDRC 2008-Training of intermediary organizations on - Support through

    for energy conservation in energy 2009 benchmarking in 9 key energy-intensive the Energy and

    intensive industries industry sectors Environment

    Programme 1.4 Study on the improvement of Commission NDRC 2007-Plan to increase energy efficiency and No - Support through

    energy efficiency and reduced 2009 reduce pollution from industrial boilers the Energy and

    environmental impact of industrial and kilns in China Environment

    boilers in China Programme 1.5 Energy efficiency and sustainable France French Ministry of 2004-Improvement of the norms and No Second phase

    development in buildings Global Environment Construction 2008 regulations regarding EE in buildings. currently being

    Facility / French considered

    Development Agency Pilot projects: rural houses, retrofitting

    of existing buildings, new buildings. 1.6 Research Program for the France French Hubei Construction 2006-Methodologies and appropriate TBD Support the

    financing mechanisms in the Development Agency Commission/ 2008 mechanisms (innovative financing) for energy efficiency

    retrofitting of existing buildings in Huazong University the financing of retrofitting in public and rehabilitation

    Hubei Province residential buildings. provincial

    programme 1.7 Buildings: energy efficiency in Germany MOFCOM, Ministry 2005-Demonstrating energy efficient No

    existing buildings of Construction 2010 renovation modes and technologies in

    Tangshan City

    1.8 Development of a Sino-Italian web Italy SEPA 2005-Know-how dissemination No

    portal on energy efficiency in 2008


    1.9 Energy efficiency in Taiyuan Italy SEPA 2006-Identified measures for energy efficiency No

    2008 in energy-intensive industries in Taiyuan 1.10 China utility-based energy Finland Ministry of Finance 2006-Accelerated development of industrial, Managed by IFC,

    efficiency finance program (focal point) 2012 commercial, and multi-family residential co-financed also by

    EE market. Catalyze market for EE the GEF

    finance products.

    1.11 Energy efficiency of buildings Finland Dalian University of


    1.12 Energy Sector Reform Program Germany NDRC 2008-Reform of the legislation on energy

    2013 efficiency and resource protection;

    creation of implementing structures at

    provincial level; improved energy

    efficiency in industrial sectors 1.13 Strengthen China’s ability to meet UK China Business 2008-Develop and implement China's national

    its 2010 energy intensity target Council for 2010 sectoral GHG measurement standards

    Sustainable and tools in four major energy

    Development consuming industries (cement,

    petrochemical, oil & gas and chemicals) 1.14 Energy efficiency credit line France French Ministry of Finance 2006-Credit available to Chinese medium size Yes CDM credits may

    Development Agency Huaxia Bank 2011 enterprises for small scale industrial be produced

    Merchants Bank energy efficiency projects within each sub

    Shanghai Pudong project

    Development Bank

    1.15 Energy conservation and reduced Commission NDRC 2008-Measures for regional governments to - Support through

    environmental impact in energy 2009 achieve their energy conservation the Energy and

    intensive industries targets Environment

    Programme 1.16 Financing of coke dry quenching European Ministry of Finance 2008-

    technology in a coking plant in Investment Bank


    1.17 Railway electrification of the France French Ministry of Finance 2005-- Electrifica-tion of 1000 km of railway line No

    Luoyang-Zhangjiajie line and the Development Agency and Ministry of 2009, - Construction and electrifi-cation of 500 km

    Xiang Gui line Railway 2008-of railway line


    1.18 Development and dissemination of Spain- UNDP MDG MOA 2008-Improve currently inefficient and

    technology for power generation Fund 2010 polluting technology now used in China

    through waste heat recovering

    from coal gangue brick


    1.19 Optimization of flue gas SLOVENIA State Key 2007-To increase energy efficiency and reduce - Also relevant for

    desulphurization (FGD) process in Laboratory of Clean 2009 pollution other priority

    iron ore sintering plants and in Energy Utilization areas Inštitut “Jože

    lead/zinc smelters Institute of Štefan”, Ljubljana

    Thermal Energy

    and Power


    Zhejiang University

    2 New and renewable energy (paragraphs no 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the joint declaration adopted on 5 September 2005)

    2.1 Renewable wind energy Germany Ministry of Finance, 1990-Reliable and sustainable electricity No

    programmes provincial ongoing supply in coastal areas and western

    authorities provinces

    2.2 Education and research centre for Germany MOFCOM, State 2005-Capacity building in all relevant areas of No

    wind energy Grid, China 2010 wind power development

    Guodian, CLYEPG,


    2.3 Solar energy for the Olympic Italy Beijing Municipality 2005-Supply the Olympic Committee building No

    Games 2008 with thermal solar power 2.4 Renewable Energy In Qinghai Italy SEPA, Qinghai 2006-Micro hydro and small solar pilot plants No

    Province 2008 for rural electrification 2.5 Renewable energy centre in Tibet Italy MOST, S&T Bureau 2005-Diffusion of Solar Energy, Small Hydro No

    of Tibet 2008 Power and other renewable sources in

    Tibet; training of Tibetan technicians 2.6 Bioethanol for sustainable Commission Nanyang City, 2006-

    transport Tsinghua University 2009

    2.7 Biogas project demonstration of Romania Ministry of

    animal waste Agriculture

    2.8 Biofuel from jatropha and waste Italy MOST 2007-Feasibility study on a Jatropha plantation Yes

    oils 2008 and the related bio-fuel production in

    Sichuan; feasibility study for the design

    of a waste oil collection system and of a

    biofuel production plant in Hubei 2.9 Wind Energy Development Demark NDRC 2005-Wind resource assessment, grid No

    2009 integration, post feasibility study 2.10 Dali wind farm project (Yunnan) France French Ministry of Finance 2007-30 + MW wind farm near Dali Yes

    Development Agency 2012

    2.11 Mini Hydro-power plant projects in France French Ministry of Finance 2005-Building of small hydropower schemes in No

    Chongqing and Yichang (Hubei) Development Agency 2012 Wuxi and Yichang

    2.12 Agricultural biomass resources in Commission NDRC 2008-Resource assessment No - Support through

    China 2009 the Energy and


    Programme 2.13 Offshore wind energy resources in Commission NDRC, China 2008-Resource assessment and feasibility No - Support through

    China Meteorologi-cal 2009 study of offshore wind farm the Energy and

    Adminitra-tion development in China Environment

    Programme 2.14 Development support for Commission NDRC 2008- No - Support through

    sustainable rural and renewable 2009 the Energy and

    energy training in China Environment

    Programme 2.15 Off-shore wind & biomass Commission NDRC 2008- - Support through

    conversion technology 2009 the Energy and


    Programme 2.16 Financing of wind farms in Henan , European Ministry of Finance 2008-

    Hainan and Guangdong Investment Bank

    2.17 Exchange program on renewable Royal Swedish Chinese Academy 2006-

    energy Academy of of Engineering


    Development and dissemination of Spain- UNDP Energy Bureau of 2008-Replacement for coal in rural areas 2.18 a new biomass pellet system NDRC 2010 MDG Fund

    Increased capacities and Spain- UNDP MDG Energy Bureau of 2008- 2.19 dissemination of productive Fund NDRC 2010

    applications associated with off-

    grid rural renewable power


    2.20 Biogas station based on animal Czech Republic MOFCOM, 2001-Biogas station producing heat&energy - Support through

    farm waste in Nanchang Nanchang Hero 2009 former bilateral

    Development Zone devel. assist. 3 Clean coal technologies and carbon dioxide capture and storage for near-zero emissions power generation (paragraphs no 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the joint declaration

    adopted on 5 September 2005)

    3.1 Demonstration of near-zero Commission, UK MOST (NDRC, MFA, 2006-Feasibility study and analysis of options No - Work to continue

    emissions power generation SEPA) 2009 for technology demonstration in China after 2009

    through carbon dioxide capture (by 2008)

    and storage

    3.2 Various projects funded under the capture and hydrogen production Commission Dalian Institute of 2006 - - CONo - Support through 2thth6from gaseous fuels and 7 European RTD Chemical Physics, 2010 the European

    Framework Programmes Chinese Academy Energy Research

    of Sciences, - Assessment of the European capacity Programme

    Tsinghua for geological storage of CO2


    Administra-tive - Support to regulatory activities for

    Centre for China's carbon capture and storage

    Agenda 21

    3.3 Piloting and dissemination of clean Spain- UNDP MDG Shanxi Provincial 2008-

    coal technology Fund Government 2010

4 Methane recovery and use (paragraphs no 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the joint declaration adopted on 5 September 2005)

    4.1 Enhancing the production of Commission NDRC 2008- Natural gas strategy master plan for the No - Support through

    natural gas 2009 development of natural gas in China; the Energy and

    promotion of Health, Safety and Environment

    Environment (HSE) management in Programme

    exploitation & production of natural gas

    and the promotion of a related HSE


    4.2 Biogas Landfill Recovery Italy SEPA, MOST 2004-Energy production from biogas recovery; Yes

    2008 Several landfills in different provinces

    evaluated and CDM activities developed. 4.3 Animal waste treatment Italy Beijing Municipality 2005-Energy production from biogas recovery Yes


    5 Hydrogen energy and fuel cells (paragraphs no 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the joint declaration adopted on 5 September 2005)

    Commission Chinese Academy 2006 - - Handbook for approval of hydrogen No - Support through 5.1 Various projects funded under the th European RTD Framework of Sciences, 2010 refuelling stations the European 6

    Programme Nanjing University Energy Research

    of Technology, Programme - New methods for superior integrated

    Dalian Institute of hydrogen generation system

    Chemical Physics

    - Fuel cell testing, safety, quality


    6 Power generation and transmission (paragraphs no 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the joint declaration adopted on 5 September 2005) 6.1 Environmental Protection in Germany MOFCOM, NDRC 2005-Environmentally friendly utilization of Yes

    Energy sector with focus on coal-2009 coal and water resources in coal-fired

    fired power plants power plants

    7 Clean Development Mechanism and other market-based instruments such as Emissions Trading Schemes (paragraph no 9 of the joint declaration adopted on 5

    September 2005)

    7.1 CDM facilitation project Commission - MEP, NDRC, CAS 2007-Higher capacity of China’s Designated No

    Swedish 2010 National Authority (DNA), the National

    Environmental CDM Service Centre and Designated

    Research Institute Operational Entities (DOEs); European and

    international standards in Quality

    Management in CDM development in

    China; increased awareness of CDM

    opportunities; reports on CDM impact

    assessment and CDM policy improvement

    and on technology transfer in CDM


    7.2 CDM capacity building and project France French Ministry of Science 2006-CDM Capacity building Yes Second phase

    development in 4 Western Global Environment and Technology 2008 being considered

    provinces Facility / French CDM project development

    Development Agency

    7.3 Bilateral CDM programmes Italy, Denmark MOST, NDRC Assist China in achieving SD and EU in Yes - Also relevant for

    achieving compliance with commitments other priority

    under the Kyoto Protocol areas

     7.4 CDM Cooperation Italy MOST 2007 - Capacity Building activity and CDM Yes

    2008 projects scouting

    Enhanced CDM application in Spain- UNDP MDG MOA 2008- 7.5 conservation agriculture Fund 2010

    Stimulation of the establishment Spain- UNDP MDG Energy Bureau of 2008- 7.6 of rural household-scale and larger Fund NDRC 2010

    biogas digesters through CDM


    8 Adaptation to the impacts of climate change (paragraph no 10 of the joint declaration adopted on 5 September 2005)

    8.1 Greenhouse gas and air pollution - Commission Energy Research 2005-Capacity building No

    interactions and synergies (GAINS-Institute and 2007 and

    ASIA and CURB-AIR) Energy Research 2006-

    Institute of the 2008

    Shandong Academy

    of Sciences

    8.2 Understanding the dynamics of the Commission CAS 2005-Capacity building No

    coupled climate system 2008


    8.3 Impacts of climate change on UK MOST (CAAS) 2005-Research and capacity building No Phase 1 complete,

    Chinese agriculture 2008 phase 2 underway,

    final reports to be

    issued in autumn

    2008 8.4 Basic collection for danger zone Austria Beijing Forestry

    planning in mountain areas of the University

    province Beijing and in Xibailianyu

    8.5 Developing eco-hydrology based Austria Beijing Forestry

    watershed management plan to University

    adapt to the coupling effects of

    land use change and climate


    8.6 Effects of climate warming on Austria CAS

    carbon cycling in alpine meadow

    ecosystems on the Tibet plateau

    8.7 Responses of soil, water and Romania Northeast Normal 2007-Comparative study

    nutrients processes to global University 2008

    warming in Songnen steppe and

    Transilvanian steppe

    8.8 Surveillance system for assessing Commission CAS 2005-

    and monitoring of desertification 2010

    8.9 Hydrometeorological data Commission Wuhan University 2006-

    resources and technologies for 2009

    effective flash flood forecasting

    8.10 Yellow River climate change Commission Ministry of Water 2008-Study of potential impacts of climate No - Support through

    scenario development Resources, Yellow 2009 change on water resources the EU-China River

    River Commission management, protection and Basin

    development at basin level and possible Management

    responses Programme 8.11 Biodiversity and climate change Commission Ministry of 2007-Development of China biodiversity and No - Support through

    mitigation and adaptation Environmen-tal 2010 climate change action plan and the EU-China

    Protection integration of climate change into the Biodiversity

    National Biodiversity Strategy Action Programme


    8.12 UK-China Impacts of Climate UK NDRC 2009-Research and capacity building No Project design in

    Change Project 2011 progress

    Capacity building on impact Spain-UNDP MDG MHRSS 2008-8.13

    assessment and adaptation Fund ONLGC 2010

    strategies in less developed areas NDRC of Western China and vulnerable

    coastal areas of Southeast China

    Enhanced strategies for climate-Spain- UNDP MDG MOA 2008-Adaptation to climate change and reduce 8.14 proofed and environmentally Fund 2010 agricultural pollution

    sound agricultural production (C-

    PESAP): Agricultural development

    in selected agro-ecosystems of the

    Yellow River Basin

    Spain- UNDP MDG MOH 2008-Monitoring health risk assesments 8.15 Policies and capacities developed Fund 2010 (National Environment and Health Action to manage environmental health Plan, Nov. 2007) issues from climate change

    Spain- UNDP MDG MOWR 2008-Comprehensi-ve view on the situation of 8.16 Capacities enhanced and policies Fund 2010 water resources in Yellow River Basin developed for understanding and adapting to impacts of water

    supply changes on China’s

    environment and development

    8.17 A study of environmental and SLOVENIA Institute of Tibetan 2007-

    climate changes from the Plateau, CASS 2009

    sedimentary records of remote National Institute for

    lakes -II Biology, Ljubljana

    9 Capacity building, strengthening institutions and raising public awareness (paragraph no 11 of the joint declaration adopted on 5 September 2005,”Knowledge for

    energy policy making, energy strategy visions and foresight; awareness raising”).

    9.1 Training courses Venice Italy MOST, NDRC, SEPA 2002 - Comprehensive capacity building No

    International University BJ, EPB SH, EPB 2008 program on climate change issues for

    CASS institutional organizations officers 9.2 Cost assessment for sustainable Commission Energy Research 2006-

    energy systems Institute 2008

    9.3 Adaptation and mitigation Commission CAS 2006-

    strategies: supporting European 2009

    climate policy

    9.4 Euro-Asia research and training on Italy and MOST, NDRC 2006-Creating a scientific network on climate No - Support through

    climate change management Commission 2009 change management between European the European Asia-

    and Asian academic institutions Link Programme 9.5 Addressing barriers to clean UK Tsinghua University 2008-A clear vision of the international Support to Chinese

    technology deployment 2009/10 mechanisms and frameworks necessary technology

    to advance and accelerate the transfer initiatives

    deployment of clean technologies in the context of a

    global deal. World

    Resources Institute

    is a partner

    No Part of CCICED’s 9.6 Low Carbon Economy Task Force in UK, Sweden, Norway CCICED, 2008-Task Force reports containing th work on energy the China Council for International Development 2010 recommenda-tions for State Council, 12

    5YP, etc. and climate Cooperation on Environment and Research Centre

    change Development (CCICED) (DRC)

    9.7 Financing of CCICED’s Task Force France/ French CCICED 2007-Policy recommendations

    on sustainable urban development Development Agency 2010

    9.8 Establishing a methodology and UK CASS, Energy 2008 - Development of pilot low carbon No Chatham House

    piloting Low Carbon Development Research Institute 2010 development zones which will test out and E3G involved

    Zones in China low-carbon friendly policies 9.9 Improve soil nutrient management UK China Agricultural 2008-Recommenda-tions to the Chinese

    towards a low carbon economy in University, 2011 government to encourage low carbon

    China Northwest approaches in agriculture whilst

    Agricultural & maintaining high production

    Forestry University,



    University, CAS

    Centre for Chinese

    Agricultural Policy

    9.10 Inclusion of climate change UK Global 2008-Inclusion of climate change modules in No

    modules in Communist Party Environmental 2009 Communisty Party School curriculum

    School Curriculum Institute,

    Communist Party


    9.11 Provincial strategies & actions for Commission NDRC, China 2008-Support the government of China in With Norway and

    climate change mitigation & International 2011 translating its National Climate Change UNDP

    adaptation in China Centre for Programme into on-the-ground action by

    Economic & developing local policies, institutional

    Technical Exchange frameworks, partnerships and imple-

    (CICETE) mentation capacities

    9.12 Europe-China Clean Energy Centre Commission National Energy 2008-Tools for decision-makers, platform for No Project design in

    (EC?) Administra-tion 2014 capacity building and advice on progress

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