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Outline for Interpretation

    Outline for Interpretation

    Feng Jianrui

    Elementary Education Department in Zhengzhou Teachers College

P art1 Analysis of the Teaching Material

    1. Status and Function

    2. Teaching Aims and Demands

    (1) Knowledge Aims

    (2) Ability Aims

    (3) Moral Aims

    3. Important Points

    4. Difficult Points

    5. Teaching Aids

    Part 2 Teaching and Studying Methods

    1;Teaching Methods: Interactive Language Teaching (1) Authentic Context

    (2) Questioning

    2. Studying Methods:

    (1) Note-taking

    (2) Individual Speaking

    Collaborative Problem-solving (3)

    Part 3 Teaching Preparation

    Part 4 Teaching Procedure

    Step 1 Prelistening (13minutes)

    1;Lead-in Activity.

    2;Cultural Background Knowledge Explanation

    3;Preview of Vocabulary and Sentences 4;Rhetorical Listening Cues

    Step 2, Extensive Listening (23minutes) 1;Passage Listening

     Note-taking Strategies

    (1) Try to determine the style or the organization of speaking.

    (2) Concentrate on the important words (content words).

    (3) Omit unimportant words (form words).

    (4) Use abbreviations and symbols.

    (5) Keep notes short and to the point.

    (6) Leave space for later addition. 2;Paragraph Listening

    Step 3 Speaking (7minutes)

    Step 4 Homework (2 minutes)

    Part 5 Blackboard Design

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