Annex Ib Project Search Form

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Annex Ib Project Search Form

    SSH Project Search

     I offer my expertise to participate as a Partner in a project

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    Call: FP7-2010-4 SSHTopic : 2.1.4. Social Platform on Sustainable Lifestyles

     Offer valid until : 15.12.2009

    ? Project Information

    Activity of the SSH work Programme concerned : 8.2 Combining economic, social and

    environmental objectives in a European perspective Paths towards sustainable development

Field of expertise related to the topic:

    PUCA is an organisation funding social science research on urban and building sustainability, in the Direction for

    Planning Housing and Nature of the Ministry for Sustainable development.

    It funds research evaluating public policies in this field, but also has a mandate for a better knowledge of social

    behaviours, and specially social innovation towards more sustainability.

Potential Contribution to the project :

    PUCA has already participated to Social Polis and assisted researchers with its knowledge of research programming

    PUCA is in relation with French researchers working about sustainable cities, post-carbon cities; those researches are rather technical, and looking for administrative measures, not relying enough on societal


    PUCA could disseminate the European work on sustainable ways of life and disseminate it in the national


Role in the project

     Research Dissemination Other

     Training Technology development

Project idea:

    The important societal shift needed towards sustainable ways of life cannot be produced only in a top-down approach, made of taxes and technical requirements. Social innovation by groups of citizens more aware of

    sustainability has to be carefully examined to analyse what in it can be expanded, or will expand without public

    measures, how sustainable ways of life are searched for by the society itself. Comparison between European countries will permit to define changes admitted all other Europe, able to be

    introduced in economic and technical schemes of change, and to underline the characteristics of local changes,

    creating ways of life specific to certain communities.

    Comparison at the European scale will underline national barriers, and demands of administrative moves from a

    societal point of view.

Project description:

    PUCA does not want to act as the coordinator or the leader of a project, but to enter a

    consortium which would develop a Social Plat-form on sustainable ways of life ( with the

    experience of Social Polis platform behind us)

    So we will accept the project of the consortium which will be interested by the participation of an organisation like ours.

Already experience as a coordinator yes no or partner yes no

    If yes, in which projects?

    We are a full partner of the Eranet-Urban-net

    We have been associated to Social Polis, without participating in the initial consortium.

    Other partners in the consortium already identified (with their countries)

    ? Target Partner Sought Organisation details :

     higher education / university industry/SME

     research institution consultancies

     public partner private partner

     NGOs / voluntary organisations other (specify)


    Expertise / competency :

    I think that in a Social plat-form all kind of organisations are welcomed

    ? Contact Details

     Ms Mr Querrien Anne Contact person

    PUCA-MEEDDM Organisation

    Arche Sud Address

    92055 La Défense Postcode/City

    France Country

    33 1 40 81 63 71 33 1 40 81 63 78 Tel. Fax Email Web address

    Short Profile of Organisation

    PUCA is an organisation of 35 persons funding research in building ( experimentation about building process

    towards sustainability, low cost, good quality), in designing housing fitted to the different type of demand, in

    planning towards more density. PUCA lead also research programs on urban mobility, and urban sprawl, and

    explores the reasons of unsustainable urban development. PUCA organises also young architects competition

    on research concepts at the European scale ( EUROPAN)

    PUCA funds research projects, evaluated by international panels, after open calls. PUCA funds dissemination events and two journals, Les Annales de la Recherche Urbaine and Premier Plan. PUCA is the social science department of the Direction for Planning, Housing and Nature of the French Ministry for Sustainable development.

     thDate: October 29 2009

I agree with the publication of my contact data on the NET4SOCIETY

    website and on other national websites yes no

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