Computer Games on Campus

By Regina Lawrence,2014-06-23 23:58
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Computer Games on Campus

Computer Games on Campus


     The time when we step in college, we found that playing computer games is a common phenomenon. SO, today, let's discuss about computer games on campus.

     First of all, when it comes to computer games , what we can't deny is that playing computer games did have some benefits to college students to a certain extent. They can ease themselves as well as learn a series of skills . But most students aren't treat computer games as a after-hours hobby, contrary to this, they are addicted to it. As a result, they wasted so much time on it so that they got a much bad grade.

     As far as I am concerned, as a student , we must achieve a balance between study and play, or, we'll get knotted in computer games. After all, computer games is just an amusement.

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