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    The List

    Euro-Palestine in Ile-de-France

    (First Part)















PR. CHRISTOPHE OBERLIN, head of the list

    52 years old, married with four children.

    Surgeon specialised in microsurgery and in surgery of the hand.

    Professor at the University with more than one hundred publications, 2 books (also translated in English and in Chinese). Director for two diplomas at the University. Has participated in more than 20 missions for reconstructive surgery for humanitarian causes (Leprosy) between 1981 and 1995 (Central Africa, Benin, Congo, Ivory Coast). Councillor from the 19th arrondissement of Paris, in-charge of Health, control of AIDS and of drug addiction (1995-2001).

    Vice-président of the Groupe des Oeuvres Sociales de Belleville (GOSB: 2 medical centres, a creche, a centre for protection of the mother and of infants, an institute for teaching medicine), since 2002.

    In-charge of humanitarian missions for reconstructive surgery for the paralysed patients among the injured Palestinians since December 2001 (more than fifteen missions so far).

    Hobbies : Running, diving, paragliding.

    Motivations for candidature :

    I have been involved in the practice of medicine for humanitarian causes abroad since 20 years and in medico-social action in France. For the past two years, I have assumed the responsibility for missions to perform surgery for those injured in the war in Palestine. Together, we have examined more than 1000 patients and have operated upon 250 of them. At the same time, we have initiated training of the young Palestinian surgeons.

    However, during these periodic visits, I have encountered the appalling conditions created by the invaders for the local Palestinian population. These people are victims of a brutal and overtly racist regime that ignores all international rights. I find that the situation resembles that which occurred in Vietnam and, more recently, in Iraq. It is being unveiled right at our doorstep, against the advice of a crushing majority of Europeans.

    I feel that it is no longer sensible to continue working in silence without paying attention to the various aspects of the conflict and without bearing witness to them here.

    Hence, it is justified that a list of persons concerned about a problem, which is considered crucial by the majority of Europeans, express their views at this occassion of the European elections.

    I feel proud to head this movement.


    38 years old, Dieudonné Mbala Mbala is married and has three children. He has been a comedian by professions since 15 years. He has worked in 10 films and created 7 shows that have been present all over France and in the French-speaking countries (from Belgium to the New Caledonia, passing through Canada and Morocco).

    He has appeared on the political scene on several occassions in the past. In 1997, he was a candidate in the elections to the legislature at Dreux (Eure-et-Loire) with the specific purpose to mobilise forces against the National Front, which threatened to seize power on the basis of enforcing military service. He obtained around 8% of the votes.

    The next year, he stood in the regional elections (region Centre) along with other ? Utopists ? and got 5% of the votes. Subsequently, he offered his activesupport in public to the list of ? Motivated people ? (Zebda) at the municipal election in Toulouse in 2001.

Motivation for candidature :

    ? I have decided to participate in this campaign for the European elections to be held on 13th of June in order to help express the voice of Reason with respect to the relations between the North and the South and , to be more precise, the illegal military occupation of Palestinian and Iraqi territories. The war against terrorism can advance only by the sincere willpower to apply international right, without exception, for the entire world.

    The irresponsible and arrogant attitude adopted by the Israeli and American governments threatens to drag humanity into another global war, the price of which will, once again, have to be paid by the people with their lives. Europe cannot shirk its responsibilities forever. Hence, it must take firm position against the misconduct of the ? greedy axis ? (American-Zionist). The ? Euro-Palestine ? list carries the hopes of a large number of European citizens. For this reason, I have decided to join this movement that has brought together personalities of all origins, united by their humanism and their goodwill. We propose a new state of mind for the resolution of major conflicts, a new direction. ?


    Born on 30th December 1974 at Blois, she is French and of Tunisian origin. She has studied at Tours, in Spain (Licence d’Espagnol) and at Paris (Licence de Marketing and Tourism management).

    She spent a short period in Palestine in 2002 and was extremely upset at the conditions there. They made her realise that urgent action was necessary.

    Motivation :

    ? I am a citizen of Europe and I fight for the respect of human dignity, for international right and for a fair and durable peace in the Middle East. ? This conflict has lasted for several decades while Europe remains silent. Europe refuses to intervene actively and leaves Bush as the sole arbitrator of a fight where the number of peopel on the two sides is completely unbalanced. Europe is supposed to form a part of the ? Quartet ? that should pave the way to peace. However, it has not yet played its role.

    It is high time that Europe starts taking action and this is the reason why I am standing for this election. I am particularly concerned about the rising sentiment of Islamophobia and allegations of anti-Semitism that are progressively developping in France.


    55 years old, married with two children.

    Born at Paris to Jewish parents ; raised by grand parents who belonged to Smyrne and, later, stayed at Drancy.

    Worked as a journalist at the Agence France Presse from 1980 to 1989 ; later, founded the medical publishing house APM International, which was bought over by Reuters in 1999.

    President of the association CAPJPO (Coordinations des Appels pour une Paix Juste au Proche-Orient) created in February 2002 to bring together like-minded people of all origins who shared the common aim of fighting for a fair peace in the Middle East and against the communal forces in Europe.


    We rarely get access to the public via the media (newspaper columns or television coverage) in spite of the fact that our views are shared by a very large number of citizens.

    The pressure exerted by the pro-Sharon lobby in France is becoming intolerable. They try to suppress the views of all those who demand that the governments in Europe become more alert to their responsibilities when confronted with a conflict that concerns all of us (not only the Jews or the Arabs as some people would have us believe). They are trying to convince everyone that all the Jews in France are supporters of Sharon and have, thus, encouraged a feeling of anti-Semitism in a completely irresponsible manner.

    The threats and attacks carried out by the Jewish extreme-right against all those who dare to utter the word ? Palestine ? have been completely ignored by the media and have received only veiled references by the political leaders. These conditions can only end badly. In addition, the total impunity with which Sharon is playing on the international scene is encouraging terrorism all over the world. We would not like to pay the heavy penalties that were recently inflicted on the people of Spain while the political leaders remained unharmed. We must remind the governments that democracy involves consideration of public opinion.


    40 years old ; double nationality Moroccan and French.

    Chief of the mission of the Association of Workers of Maghreb origin in France (ATMF) since 1996.

    Initiator of dialogue of the EURO-ARAB youth for Human

    Rights (Budapest, Strasbourg, Beirut, Tangiers, Stockholm, Charme Echikhe, Gaza) ; participation in a civilian Jewish-Arab mission for the protection of the the Palestinian people. Several missions in Palestine, including setting up a feasibility study for the establishment of two EURO-MEDITERRANEAN centres of culture and of public initiatives at Jerusalem and Naplouse.

    Euro-Maghrebian campaign for the recognition of the rights and of the contribution of the Maghrebians and Africans in the war effort against nazism and fascism. 1994-5 : In charge of the mission of ERM (Enfants Refugies du Monde- ONG francaise).

    1992/94 : In charge of the age group 16-25 years for the municipal ward of Arcueil in Paris.

    1990/92 : Director of ARTIE (Association de Recherche et de Travail dans l’Interet de l’Enfance).

    1987/90 : In charge of the animation division of AFIFA (Association Franscais Immigre pour la Formation et l’Animation).

    DEFA (diplôme d'Etat de Formation d'Animateurs) - CEMEA Infop: " Du

    communautaire à l'interculturel ".

    BAFD (Brevet d'Aptitude aux Fonctions de Directeur) - STAJ (Service Technique des Activités Jeunesse)

    DULCO (Diplôme de Langues et Civilisations Orientales) BAC + 3 - INALCO (Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales

    Publication of the book ? Regards d’enfants sur les declarations des Droits de

    l’Homme ? (Views of children on the declaration of Human Rights) (ATMF). Sub-editor of the journal Zmigi News. Publication of guide about the rights of Maghrebian ex-Servicemen.

Motivation :

    The people of Palestine living there and those spread in other countries have taught me that they can be re-united only for one purpose : the application of international law to prevent the descent to barbarism and the rule of might.

    The Israeli people who oppose colonialism, whom I have met and with whom I have developped bonds of friendship, tell me that this murderous folly of a war criminal, which is leading the Israelis and the people of the region on the path to destruction, can only be stopped by the intervention of European and International forces for the protection of the people in the occupied territories.

    For the first time in my life, I have entered my name for a list of electoral candidates because this list shares my aspirations of an independent Palestine, a Europe free of its old demons of racism, hegemony and monopoly of wealth without sharing and because I am a citizen of the world.


    Born in Paris on the 9th of April, 1928 ; parents were Polish Jews who were deported to Auschwitz in 1942.

    As a child, he spent the years of the second world war in hiding.

    Historian. His recent publications include : ? 1953 : : Un 14 juillet sanglant? (about the repression of Algerians in France), ? Operation Etoile Jaune?, ?La libération inconnue ?.

    Militant anti-Fascist, anti-colonialist and anti-racist. Participated in the creation of the Ras l’Front ! in 1990.

    President of The Observatory of Public Liberties.


    The European Union cannot ignore the horror endured by the Palestinians, as Israel is an extension of Europe.


    Teacher at Paris-IV up to 2003.

    Has participated in the fights against colonialism and the movement of women in France and in the Latin countries. Collaborated in the Editions des Femmes and in the weekly publication ? Des Femmes en Mouvement ? for several years.

Motivation :

    I am participating in this electoral list for the European elections to confront the governments with their responsibilities for the Middle East. It is Europe that installed the Jewish National Front in Palestine (Balfour declaration 1917). Today, the European Union cannot detach itself from the suffering of the population of the occupied territory, the problems of the refugees and the violation of treaties. In addition, Europe cannot allow the wanton destruction of the infrastructure that it has financed in Palestine.

    Europe has a vital role to play to counter the American super-power that supports Sharon and we are obliged to participate in this fight.


    57 years old, married with four children.

    Born at Marseille to Jewish parents originating from Poland and Russia. Ecole Normal Superieur (High School) (Mathematics) and , at the same time, Medicine at the Saltpetriere.

    Nominated Professor of Public Health in the faculty of medicine at Bordeaux in 1976, where he worked to develop research and set up a team, notably for the treatment of AIDS in Africa and of Alzheimer’s disease.

    Director of a research unit INSERM and of an Institute of Public Health (made up of more than 200 persons).

    Full-time Head of Department at the University Hospital in Bordeaux.

    Motivation :

    I am convinced that the consequences of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has affected and will create considerable problems in the social peace in Europe and, in particular, in France. The search for fair and durable peace is the best means to bring to an end this period of rising communalism, terrorism, extortion and excesses permitted by the security forces.

    The different political parties which could support our cause are clearly silent, stuck in their equivocal attitude with respect to the US and to Israel (where media pressure confusing anti-Semitism and anti-Sharonism is exceptionally efficient). In addition, their support for Israel seems to be a form of Jewish-Christian defence against the Islamic “threat.” This sentiment is never expressed openly but is implicit in several of their actions (e.g. the “knee-jerk” refusal to envisage the entry of Turkey into the

    European Union or the excessive media attention to the veil used by Muslim women). Finally, one must not forget that Israel is linked to Europe in several fields: sports, academic relations, Eurovision, etc.. and this makes us even more insistent with respect to our associates.

    I can no longer remain silent in front of the attitude of the Israeli government that dishonours all the Jews who, unfortunately, are assimilated with the local population. The apartheid in South Africa was, fortunately, countered by an international boycott. The war in Vietnam induced demonstrations in all countries. My participation in this list is aimed at stimulating the conscience of people all over Europe to produce a similar response that could lead, in some way, to resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian problem.

    I would not like this movement to be restricted to the Islamists or the anti-Semitists. I find it disturbing to work in close proximity with them but I chose to continue, as I do not wish to leave them the monopoly. I was not upset when Le Pen took a firm decision not to participate in the Gulf War. In fact, I demonstrated my hostility towards this “Christiano-Petroliferous” crusade since 1990-91 (by resigning from PS).


    55 years old, married with four children.

    Ophthalmologist (Hospital Practioner in the government service) ; Anatomist (Assistant Professor at Paris VII).

    Elected member of managing Council of the UFR Lariboisere- Saint Louis and of the Council for Education and Life Sciences of Paris VII.

    Council member for the borough and of the LDH of the 18th arrondissement of Paris. Member of the CAPJPO, of EDES (Enfant d’el Salvador), treasurer of ? Chene Saint-

    Louis ? (association for palliative care).

Motivation :

    We regard Palestine as very close to our cultural heritage and I have observed this closeness in the people of the 18th arrondissement. The planned humiliation and destruction in Palestine is distancing us from our brother society and from the application of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is as old as the ? Nakba ?.

    I would like to encourage the voters to sieze this occassion to show their goodwill in opposing this social disaster in Europe and in Palestine.


    ndBorn at Taourirt in Morocco on 2 May 1967 ; arrived in France in 1985.

    Married with two children.

    Arrested twice by the internal security force in Morocco (in 1982 and 1984) for disturbing the peace in public.

    Trained as a social worker ; counselor in social and familial economy ; works at the UDAF, deputed for supervision (Union Departmentale des Associations Familiales). Militant anti-racist and against anti-semitism (I have an old press clipping that shows me at the head of a public demonstration at Angiers that followed the desecration of the cemetery at Carpentras), Muslim, fasts during Ramzan, does not beat his wife, loves the wine from Chinon, Saint Nicolas De Bourgueil and the Vouvray.

Likes gardening, cooking and listening to music.

Motivation :

    I do not believe any longer in the goodwill of the traditional political parties to defend the rights of the Palestinians. When we look at the names at the heads of the different lists of candidates : Harlem Desir for the PS (we know their views on Palestine) or Patrick Caubert for the UMP (President of the LICRA, specialist in chasing prominent personalities who dare to express their support for Palestine).

    A prime example is the episode of Mouloud Aounit who was ? utilised ? to express the voice of the multi-party Left but unceremoniously dropped after the zionist Parisians of the Left did not want a militant pro-Palestinian in the Executive body of the General Council. This has encouraged my feeling that one can no longer count on these major parties to express the voices of the dying Palestinians. I no longer wish to cast my vote for those who pretend to defend human rights all over the world but who remain silent when the Israeli problem is raised.

    In addition, I stand against the continued policy to stigmatise the muslims in the name of ? security ?, ? anti-terrorism ? or ? secularism. ? I believe in peace and in the possibility of living together without regard to one’s origin or religion. My candidature along with Frenchmen of all origins is the best proof that, together, we can raise a project based on the principles of solidarity, justice and peace among all communities. This would be my best response to all the fanatics who try to pour oil on the fire by stigmatising others. ?


    69 years old, 5 children and 5 grandchildren.

    Ex- Director General of the postal service.

    Chevalier in the National Order of Merit.

    Militant, along with his wife, since several years in the association Evry Palestine and has participated in more that ten missions in Palestine, particularly at the refugee camp of Khan Ounis, situated on the Gaza strip.

    Motivation :

    While reading the Christian Testament in 1948, my father said to me that he believed that the third world war would originate in this region of the Middle East. At that time, I did not understand what he mean but today, 50 years later, I find these words to be true to

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