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Classic movie mirrors the composition language chapter_4847

Classic movie mirrors the composition language chapter

     Abstract title Global Perspective


     The so-called film composition, mainly refers to the film's visuals and the layout of objects and composition methods. Although the film is a "moving image", which the

    screen all the time in the campaign, but in time the process, how the various parts of each frame screen layout and arrangement, to achieve a sense of visual pleasure, and to convey creative intent, it is every director should, where appropriate, of the arts.

     Faced with this challenging problem, many film directors amazing burst out of imagination and creativity to the world devoted a lot of sophisticated composition films.

     The former Soviet Union / Pudovkin "mother": a landmark "Montage"


     Before the birth of the theory in the montage, the film is only a "campaign photo" or "screen theater," and naturally can not afford to dream of this period, the director of the composition in any pursuit. Only from the Soviet Union began to film school, the

    director began to explore the unique aesthetic characteristics of the film, is also part of the natural composition. Such explore Pudovkin's masterpiece "Mother" has left an impressive "footprint."

     In the "mother", not only the individual picture composition appears full and expressive, the most valuable is the director began to notice the screen every shot composition relationship. According to montage theory, it is through continuous lens group then, different compositions can produce a screen image composition by a single lens does not have meaning. This is a unique attraction of the film composition.

     In the film started shortly after Pavel's father, drinking, home, a Yang-shoot camera,

    the screen stays in the back of his father out of the screen border, followed by his mother an overhead camera, the screen, his mother佝偻着身子reduction on the screen

    of the Central Under side location, this group of montage scenes in the composition suggests the adoption of the oppressed status of the mother. In the film Finally, the directors will be the mother at the expense of picture and some grand buildings

    towering screen clips together, composition of the "high sense" a good rendering of revolutionary sacrifice, "vegetation whom felt pain, the situation thus changing color" of the tragic atmosphere of .

     China / Chen Kaige's "Yellow Earth": intrinsic far-reaching "minimalist"


     As China's "Fifth Generation directors," one of the masterpiece, "Yellow Earth" in

    pursuit of the overall aesthetics of the era of branded deep on the Western blot: the film is actually very strong visual elements in traditional Chinese culture, has revealed and to accumulation heavy reflection. "Yellow Earth" as the film's main image, a

    symbol of the thick, closed, forbear civilization of China's interior, which has been adopted by the film composition and stress repeatedly rendering.

     "Yellow Earth" and Zhang Yimou in photographic compositions, when talking about the film said: "It's the visual focus on the performance, highlighting the yellow, with a high horizon mapping method, so that large piece of yellow land occupied the main area of the screen ... ... to take composition simply did not take a complex ... ... "This means the performance of composition, it is through the screen to occupy the main position of the yellow land and the people in which pales in contrast to the formation of a strong, implied that such a closed eco-cultural patterns of the desire to free

    development of the restraints and constraints of human nature: the face of such vast and far-reaching extremely thick yellow earth, people appear to be so insignificant but helpless.

     Location in the film compositions were strong emphasis on the dominant position of

    yellow earth, and in the composition when shooting interior there is some other means, that is, straighten out, it is extremely balanced, well-organized.

     If the image subject is a person or a feature article on it steadily living in the center screen; if there are multiple shots are photo objects, the screen composition is also very properly arranged, was the shape of the photo material strength of both the size and lightinghas been a delicate balance. This composition is also trustworthy Anyu the film

    of people's lives in the Loess Plateau on the state of rigidity and repression. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     France / Jean Jacques Perrin "bird migration": nature itself of the "natural flow" Composition

     Similarly, a film documentary, with Riefenstahl, "Olympia," are full of human creativity, filled with the beauty of the human body "sculpture-style" of different

    composition, so that Jacques Perrin's "bird migration" (also translated "bird Flying with the Dream "), but show the world a different kind of aesthetic skill of composition: that is, looking not the slightest trace of artificial carving of the" natural flow "composition. Of course, this picture looks totally natural, and indeed the director's hard earned results.

     Not made heaven and earth have great beauty. In this documentary, the director fully excavated the beauty inherent in nature itself: In the composition of the most remarkable feature of combining static and dynamic, with color full, rich layers of the

    earth's surface as the screen background, the migration of the birds in this beautiful and canvas left traces of life, exercise with the birds and the quiet of nature posed by

the film's visuals are all filled with the vitality of Yu Bo.

     "The migratory birds is a life of struggle." Director Queba a struggle with the looks of this so aesthetic, by carefully setting the various slots of view, success rate of a graceful and harmonious composition. Thus, we have seen in the film, whether it is red-crowned

    cranes in the vast snow-covered grasslands of lightly dance, or Bar-headed Goose in the

    open ice and snow in the Himalayas, or the Bald Eagle flying in the mountains between are such a Song of Praise of Nature's life.

     United States / Robert Rodriguez, "Sin City": to stimulate the eye's

    "Expressionism" Composition

     "Expressionism" This is the beginning of the 20th century, a literary genre, its pursuit of art through the exaggeration in the form of strange and extreme deformation of the

    image distortion to express the strong emotions the creators of the heart. The expressionist film composition, it means that through the deformation of an exaggeration, a very subjective picture composition, to express the intention of the director to be conveyed and artistic styles. Expressionism and film have long lasting bonds: in a war, the German director, Victoria says, "Dr. Kalijiali" on the extensive use of the expressionistic props such practices, achievements of a people never forget it movie . Has just released this year's "Sin City" is also such a film.

     In this same name, according to Frank Miller's comic adaptation of the movie, with "Expressionism" color composition once again shine, a good way to stimulate the audience's eyes a moment. In this film, the director to abandon the rich and varied

    colors, but mainly with the comic-style "black and white ash" color as the film's main

    colors. No eye dazzling colorful and easier to compose images in the film highlights the role of modeling: the director is through a very visual impact of the composition, before the movie's black despair fierce style of play to an extreme.

     This is a place in the evening movie, when the curtain of night enveloped the city of sin, the pale light of the moon with the gloomy always turned the whole city of Phnom Penh

    were extremely tricky. With the dark background to do the picture, the vagaries of light and shadow can be easily sketched out the composition exaggerated effect. For example, when detainees in their cells in the integrity of police detective Hatti Gan is

    not the same as in previous years, received a letter from Nancy, we see that the screen is dark sense of perspective in a strong shiny cage, helpless Hatti Gan being held inside.

    At this time the picture composition will be most vividly demonstrated Hatti Gan, despair and resentment.

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