Class teacher work "Eight Points for Attention"_4566

By Jill Davis,2014-10-30 14:11
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Class teacher work "Eight Points for Attention"_4566

Class teacher work "Eight Points for Attention"

     Abstract: The class teacher is the work of education management class organizer and leader. The level of class management, school education, to a large extent determines the quality of teaching is good or bad. In this paper, the characteristics of class teacher in vocational schools are reviewed, and made a variety of working methods and in the work of some note, a total of First Instance of the Dou Jiang ? beryllium.

     Key words: class teacher to respect the emotional communication services to a fair and equitable

     Class teacher is a science and an art class teacher at the same time work is a complex and cumbersome and requires patience and careful work. Both the class teacher to have sharp eyes and keen 6 Road, vigilant insight, but also have strong analysis, judgments and rapid processing problems. The level of class management, school education, to a large extent determines the quality of teaching is good or bad. In the class teacher work, shall be 8 "Attention."

     One, pay attention to respect for the students, encourage students to recognize

     Vocational school students were mostly 16 years old to 20 years old, and the world has taken shape, self-awareness are approaching maturity, independence and self-

    consciousness has reached a higher level. Especially in the rapid economic development today, the emancipation of the mind, society has become increasingly complex and the enhanced sense of competition, without exception, have a profound impact on students.

    Access to vocational school students in most of the relatively poor academic performance, psychologically there is an inferiority complex, but also make them seem more "mature." This period is particularly anxious to get others, especially the

    teacher's understanding and respect. The class teacher personality and self-esteem of

    students directly protector. The class teacher is to help students create a mutual respect, understanding, tolerance, love the atmosphere, the protection of and respect

    for personality and self-esteem of students in class management as an important

    principle. At the same time there should be more encouraged to recognize students; the United States a well-known educator said, "Praise is like sunlight," to obtain other

    people's recognition and praise are the psychological needs of people together, once met, will become a positive driving force. Strong self-esteem of students by the criticism

    self-esteem is very vulnerable, so do the students usually work best to encourage small

    criticism, especially in backward students. Underachievers generally desire to express themselves, we need to find him in the Underachievers bright spot, to create conditions for a variety of ways to Underachievers performance opportunities. "Learning

    Revolution", a book that: "If a child lives with encouragement, and that he learned

    self-confidence. If a child lives in good faith, and that he would mind quiet life. If a child lives with friendliness being, he learned the benefits of living in the world.

    "Therefore, the class teacher for each student should be to encourage, in good faith, praise, love, care.

     Second, pay attention to cultivating students autonomy, die tube, non-autocratic

     Class teacher working very sensitive to and use of autocratic, cold, high pressure style

    of management methods, such circumstances, students can only listen to the class teacher did not dare Luanjiang, tamper with, can not be different with others, without permission can not be Lord. These seriously affect the thinking and behavior of

    students autonomy, has been training students in pairs so others to follow our advice submissive "docile child", but also on teacher-student relationships and classroom

    management have serious negative effects. Obviously, this individual with the demands

    of modern society with autonomy, originality goes against the spirit of the. Therefore, to promote respect for the students the autonomy of thought and behavior of great educational value. A clever class teacher should firmly keep in mind: respect for the

    students to the autonomy of thought and behavior, in essence, the main body of students as learning to respect and cultivate ideas and behavior of students with autonomy, in fact he was training for the future society are autonomous, original

    awareness and the ability to think.

     Third, note that a fair, just and open

     In the fifteen or sixteen-year-old child's mind, society, everything should be fair and just. In real life, not in all cases, all students are in an equal environment. Some of the

    class teacher to the student code of conduct for good favor with Canada, they are often able to fault tolerance and forgiveness, while some poor students code of conduct is often reprimanded plus disdain, this Code of Conduct not only for those students with

    poor unfavorable, but also a good student code of conduct is also detrimental to first have the privilege of thinking may contribute to their second, more difficult to adapt them to social setbacks. Which lacks a fair practice code of conduct of the poor is even

    greater harm to the students so that they produced a strong sense of injustice, and this sense of injustice, if it is brought to the community, may have extremely adverse negative impact. If the class teacher when dealing with matters of classes is always

    wearing "colored glasses", will be artificially divided into 369 students and so on, will affect the unity among students and the class collective disharmony. In addition, the class teacher should be open to dealing with class issues, from class to produce dry

    "three-good student", "Excellent class dry", "Excellent League Cadres" determining selection should be open, multi-reference to the views of students, truly fair, a fair and open. Only insist on a fair, just and open, students will feel the environment relaxed

    and comfortable mood, undermine their sense of injustice, to enhance the cohesion of the collective class.

     4, pay attention to the tremendous role played by class cadre

     A class of good or bad, in large measure with the ban cadres to take the lead role are

    inseparable. Class Leader should set an example for students, should students have a certain prestige, and has strong organizational skills, good class teacher teacher's right-

    hand man. As a class teacher, should be fully trusted class cadre and let them work.

    When organizing a large event, such as Zhutibankuai, variety show and games, we must take class cadre called up, let them express their views, because they are from the perspective of our students to think about problems, sometimes the teacher to think the

    program of activities may not like the students, with the program and then discuss the feasibility of which the details need to improve, finalized after careful layout should pay attention to detail division of labor, so that class cadre are clearly aware of their

    responsibilities, their own ways, each performing its duties, give full play The role of class dry. Class cadre in the work, if there is anything negligence or mistakes, the class teacher should not blindly blame, criticism, should keep an attitude of tolerance, to lift their ideological concerns, to help analyze the causes and lessons learned, encourage them to go back into work . Of course, ban groups and cadres must be strict requirements, higher than the average student standards. Normally expected of

    students to do, first of all cadres to do. Students can not be unprincipled in favor of the cadre, which is easy to be ignored. That the class group of cadres was his assistant for their shortcomings and mistakes are too accommodating. The criticism is not criticism, fear of affecting their motivation and ultimately reduce the credibility and jeopardize our work. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Pay attention to the "rule of law classes"

     Strict scientific rules and regulations is a good class atmosphere guarantee. Just entered vocational school students to face the school rules and regulations governing the first feeling is too strict, that person is not free, there is resistance. These ideas for

    students, first of all with the students made it clear; state law of the land, the school has school regulations; not behave not a radius; people living in certain social environment, must be subject to social constraints, no one can do whatever they want unfettered.

    School classes the implementation of rules and regulations must be according to regulations. This is a discipline, and no ambiguity. Also need to do the work of patient persuasion and education to enable students to understand the discipline to cultivate

    the good habit of learning the current and future life path has an important meaning, to make students learn a comprehensive, objective and realistic view of the problem, consider the problem can not just stand in his position, there must be a collective

    consciousness. "To the rule of law class", but also be fair and equitable, not emotional. Right discipline offenders, both officials and ordinary students, whether it is an outstanding student or backward students, must equal. The class teacher punished the

    students a way as to violate law and discipline diversity, we must balance between education and being punished. Also to be privately thinking of doing the work of the students be punished so that a correct understanding of mistakes, and try to correct.

     6, note that more communication with parents

     Suhomlinski said: "Life to schools in the task is so complex that if not the whole society, first of all the family a high level of education attainment, then no matter how

    much effort to pay teachers have not received a satisfactory the effect. "families and schools in close contact, you can exchange information, a comprehensive understanding of the situation of students to strive for the support of parents and help to make

    teachers more effective and timely education. The class teacher should have more contact with parents and students to communicate the information to parents, students, some of the wrong way can also be used euphemism notify parents. Parents also want

    depth and comprehensive situation of the child in school, whether good or bad. This is their efforts with the schools their children the factual basis of the implementation of education, but also parents should have power.

     7, pay attention to the ability of students training for employment of basic quality


     After graduating from vocational school students will mostly go to work, the class teacher must give students the ability to work and employment, quality education and guidance. In addition to encouraging students to participate actively in the various activities held outside the school, but also to the class as a unit a week for a number of activities, such as Zhutibanhui, groups, lectures, debates, and labor, on the one hand our students a comprehensive ability, and the other but they have also mobilized the enthusiasm of the students, students have enhanced the collective sense of honor, to form a good class atmosphere. Also today's students are mostly only child, grew up in favorable circumstances, very few ups and downs, so the class teacher but also to frustration of their education. To teach students in the face of difficulties and problems Do not these odd people and the environment, not passively wait for others and the environment changes, an aggressive pro-active people should take action and measures

    to try to solve the problem, students bravery and hard work, perseverance be good at self-regulation, adaptive psychological quality and lay the foundation for future employment. At the same time we must teach students to understand the employment needs of the three elements - "Survival, contribution, value" means, educate students to correctly understand the "dry line, love line, special line" and "employment first, then career," the dialectical relationship between the , when a business should be constantly progress, can not pursue the money, to build their own ideals on the basis of the needs of society.

     8, pay attention "to the situation and moving"

     Foster a sense of service As the saying goes: "a high school as a teacher, the body is for the Fan", the class teacher to constantly improve themselves, on the one hand filled with energy, natural harmony and beauty to the students leave a good impression, he should have extensive knowledge, and in the classroom and after school to get students to trust in the wisdom of the other to set a good example, encouraging better use of life's details to the strength of personality to the infected student, won the respect of students. Only the class teacher as their parents love to go around to treat every student, concerned about their growth, often went to the bedroom to see the students checking himself into a real student in order to enable every student to truly feel the teacher's love , so as to create a good class atmosphere style of study. The class teacher should be carefully add patient, usually according to weather forecasts, to remind students to make the change clothing. Be good at observing the changes in student feelings, keep abreast of problems in the minds of students do a good job counseling, mental comfort. For different reasons and circumstances of the time to handle it. In addition, the class teacher for students to have the idea of serving, not everything is above all airs, from the students themselves isolated and passive. Promoted in the service industry "Customer is God", we should also be class teacher "student is a God," the awareness, provide students with sincere service, do not trivial in Xian Fan, anger and hurt the student's heart.

     In short, the management of the class should be carefully detailed, in-depth life; to

    actively create conditions so that the students try to send a real bright spot of light flashes; in work, should pay attention to the cultivation of personality, we must pay

    attention to the overall development of students, but also pay attention to individual development of students; for students to implement "teaching students according."

    Needless to say, the class teacher with many things, sporadic trivial, but as long as we grasp the regularity of class management, found the right focus of work or class, we can easily have done the work of the class teacher, did happiness; done handy, orderly

    and efficient doubled. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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