These are draft minutes subject to confirmation

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These are draft minutes subject to confirmation




    thMinutes of Meeting held on Wednesday 10 September 2008 at 8.15 p.m. in the

    Village Hall (Longmeadow), Headcorn

Those Present Cllr Thomas, Cllr Andrews, Cllr Bass, Cllr Dungey, Cllr Fox, Cllr Gibson,

    Cllr Keeler, Cllr Round, Cllr Sarton, Cllr Lewer, Cllr Powell, Cllr Zafar.

6 Parishioners.

1. Co-option of new Councillor Mr Sohail Zafar was elected to the Council and

    signed the declaration of office.

2. (a) Apologies for absence received from Cllr Selby

    (b) Declarations of Interest There were no declarations of interest.

    (c) Declarations of Lobbying There were no declarations of lobbying.

3. (a) Public Forum Minute book closed.

4. (a) Policing Report - There was 8 crime reports for August 2008.

     th5. The minutes of the meeting held on 26 August 2008 were approved and signed as a

    correct record.

    6. An update on matters arising from previous meetings (Information Only)

    1. Results from the Kent Village of the Year Competition for Headcorn were

    Communication- Commended, Environmental Action Commended, People

    Highly Commended and Business Highly Commended. Congratulations were

    given to Penny Kemp for her contribution towards the environmental section.

7. (a) Finance - The Council RESOLVED for the accounts listed to be paid.

Cheque Payments for Headcorn Parish Council Account.

    Simon Bass Tree Mapping Maps ? 41.11 Mr Tim Thomas Mileage Expenses - MBC Planning meetings ? 22.68 Headcorn Village Hall Hire of Hall ? 97.50 Kent County Council Photocopier Hire ? 24.68 Medway PCT Playscheme Oral Health Session ? 80.00 Stardust Studios Playscheme Dance Tuition ? 50.00 Mr John Meyer Playscheme Judo Tuition ? 40.00 EDF Energy 1 Limited Street Lighting Charges ? 379.89 EDF Energy Contracting Repair of Street Light Wheeler Street ? 52.84



    Mr Alan Hodge Street Sweeping ? 377.90

    Mrs Helen Anderson Salary and expenses ? 890.85

    KALC Finance Information Day ? 141.00 thth8. Correspondence received from the period 11 August 10 September 2008.

1. A thank you card from John Cox regarding his retirement presentation at the last


2. A thank you letter from KCC Community Wardens for the donation towards the stfootball tournament held on 31 July.

     rd3. The KAPC Maidstone Area Committee will be held on 23 September at

    Maidstone Town Hall from 7.30pm. Cllr Round to attend.

4. Kent Highway Services is holding a Parish& Town Council Seminar on Tuesday th14 October at County Hall from 9.30a.m until 1.30p.m. Cllr Thomas to attend.

5. The Citizens Advice Bureau, Maidstone is holding their annual public meeting at ththe Town Hall on 15 September at 7.30p.m. Cllr Gibson to attend.

6. Maidstone Borough Council is holding an Older Person’s Forum on Wednesday st1 October at the Town Hall from 10.30a.m until 1.30p.m. Cllr Fox to attend.

     th7. The KALC are holding a Finance Information Day on Saturday 18 October at

    Headcorn Village Hall from 10a.m to 4.30p.m. Cllr Round, Cllr Lewer and the

    clerk to attend.

8. The Environment Agency is holding a stakeholder liaison open day on Tuesday th30 September at their Tonbridge Office at either 10.30a.m or 2p.m. Cllr Thomas

    to attend.

9. A copy letter to Maidstone Borough Council from Mr & Mrs Harding regarding

    noise disturbance over the bank holiday weekend.

10. A letter from Mr & Mrs Harding regarding why car parking charges have been

    introduced at the Foreman’s Centre and how it is thought it will affect short term

    shoppers and trade. The letter was passed to the car park working group.

11. A letter from Mrs Jean Hawkins regarding parked cars in the High Street causing

    traffic congestion. The letter was passed to the car park working group.

12. A letter from Mr & Mrs Bowler regarding the additional commuter parking in

    Knaves Acre and other parts of the village since the introduction of Pay and

    Display in the village. The letter was passed to the car park working group.

    9. Playscheme Report and Financial Report


The Summer Playscheme was once again a success with the average of 80 children

    attending on a daily basis. Many activities were laid on including arts and crafts,

    dance and sport. A thank you was given to the Headcorn clubs of Table Tennis, Judo

    and Stardust Dance who also provided sessions and also to the leaders Mrs Sibun,

    Mrs Fielder and the ten staff. Financially the Parish Council had to contribute an

    additional ?201 towards the overall cost of the playscheme, above the budget amount

    of ?1,500.

10. Reports from Working Groups

    Car Parking The planning application for the traders car park at the rear of the Foreman’s Centre has again been recommended for refusal by the planning officer

    due to objections on sustainability and also the need to demonstrate that High Street

    parking is now being used for long term parking and not short term turnover as

    previous surveys have indicated. A further survey has been distributed to HAT

    members and this will then be collated and submitted as further evidence.

11. Matters for information or any items for discussion at the October meeting.

There were no items raised.

The Meeting closed at 21.27

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