THERIACA - Rejuvenating Tonic Tea

By Miguel Kennedy,2014-05-18 17:53
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THERIACA - Rejuvenating Tonic Tea

    THERIACA - Rejuvenating Tonic Tea

The Product.

Natural nutritional supplementation is no longer just a good idea —in today’s world it is essential to

    maintain health and vitality. But with the vast array of supplements and herbal tea products on the market today, how do you choose which nutrients your body really needs?

    Excellent nutrition has never been simpler and Tony Samara will now explain the importance of Theriaca in our everyday life.

    Tony says, “In today's world nutrition is vital. We may get occasional and life-sustaining nutrients

    from our everyday diet but to catch up and keep up with today's extraordinary demands we must seek out essential nutrients and minerals to flood our systems so that our health is not only optimal but our well-being is functioning at its peak.

    This entails eating fresh and natural foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, and nutrient dense herbs such as Theriaca that cleanse and supplement and super-charge the whole process of living that is missing in today's modern society.

    The Weston A. Price Foundation speaks about the vitamins and nutrients present in fresh food are optimized in the presence of certain naturally occurring co-factors such as trace minerals and vitamins. These trace minerals, vitamins and co-factors are abundantly present in Theriaca and are what give this product its tremendous life-giving synergy.

    Part of what makes Theriaca an essential part of our daily routine is its supply of an incredible depth and breadth of critical anti-oxidants like superoxide dismutase (SOD) and a host of other key micro-nutrients including saponins which have been found to support the immune system in an incredible and remarkable way.

    All of the ingredients have centuries of tradition and are supported by impressive research and today are being discovered as wonder nutrients by the scientific community.

    The unique ingredients have powerful anti-aging, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-tumour as well anti-oxidant properties of awesome proportions. Studies of these compounds confirm that they protect, heal and even reverse modern day sicknesses. These powerful ingredients revitalise the bodies’ most fragile tissues preventing abnormal cell growth. They help stop

    oxidation, inflammation and the damaging cycle of disease before it starts.

    Historically mankind used herbs as a powerful means to protect and enhance health and well being helping to create longevity, rejuvenation and a sense of extraordinary well being that helps us today to re-experience these extraordinary health benefits.

    Theriaca is a powerful nutritive energiser and cleanser. It works gently yet when taken for 2 or 3 months creates an amazing balance that is sensed not only on the physical level but also in the mind and the emotions. This balance is due to its synergistic and adaptogenic effects.

    Modern society has shown an increase in many physiological and psychological problems such as insomnia, irritability, lack of energy as well as cancer, heart problems, diabetes and immune disorder. The good news is that we today know that many rare essential minerals and nutrients can reverse and prevent what has become a major issue for many of us despite modern advances in medicine.”

As it states on the label:

    Theriaca tea can play a vital role as an antidote to our modern lifestyles, environmental pollution, stresses and imbalances of energy.

    Many ancient cultures drank healing herbal teas knowing that the adaptogenic, cleansing and rejuvenating tonic ingredients were vital for good health. Rediscover this ancient healing form and empower body, mind and spirit. As scientists are today discovering, a clear flow of energy enables graceful, harmonious and vigorous living.

    The unique characteristic of Theriaca lies in its masterful combining of ingredients by Tony Samara, creating an enhanced, synergistic effect. This means that drinking Theriaca tea has a far greater effect than does the taking of each ingredient separately.

    An infusion of Theriaca creates a strong, fragrant, full-bodied yet smooth and lively tasting brew that can be drunk several times daily. Historically the ingredients are recognised for their outstanding medicinal virtues, due to their high nutritional value and mineral content, and are widely used among people renowned for their longevity.

    Ingredients: Jiaogulan, Nettle, Suma, Pau D'Arco, Elderflower, Sea Buckthorn, Cat's Claw, Maitake, Reishi, Agaricus Blazei Murrill, Olive Leaf, Black Cumin, Turmeric, Licorice, Muscadine, Himalayan Pink Salt

    Theriaca contains only organic ingredients of the highest quality from producers who have implemented organic growing methods combined with outstanding standards of social and economic welfare. Some of the ingredients can only be found in nature and are hence wild-crafted, selected solely from pristine natural environments. This ensures the protection of the land, the people that live and work on it and the wildlife found there, sustaining a balanced fertile and naturally harmonious environment.

    Preparation: To appreciate this tea at its best pour one litre of filtered, spring or bottled boiled water into a teapot and leave it to cool down for about 30 seconds. Place one heaped dessert spoon (approx 4g) of the

    loose tea into the teapot. Leave this to brew for 3-5 minutes. Sip slowly and savour the flavour whilst enjoying

    a refreshing pick-me-up experience with powerful health benefits.

Who is Tony Samara?

    After living for several years in a Zen Buddhist monastery, Tony Samara ventured to the jungles of South America - to the Amazon and to the Andes - where he lived and studied among a community of Shamans. After many years he was initiated in the sacred healing ways of these ancient peoples and left South America to teach and share this deep wisdom with the world.

    Tony Samara is now visited by people from all parts of the world and from all walks of life, seeking spiritual guidance or simply the experience of being in his presence. He is a mirror of what is possible, a shining reminder of the endless potential of being human.

    Like many spiritual teachers, Tony Samara is concerned with practical inner work and liberation. He teaches by personal example and instruction, guiding the seeker to realise bliss here and now, through growing spiritual awareness rather than mental effort.

    Part of Tony's teachings remind us that food and eating are fundamental to our inner well being, as well as to our physical health. He explains in his many programmes that the body is our temple and that the food we eat helps us to create a strong foundation that allows inner work and transformation to take

    place. He also explains that food is not just a physical substance which nourishes the body but that it also contains spiritual and emotional energy. Hence the importance of being conscious and taking the time to be present when we are eating and to become more sensitive to what will nourish our body, our temple rather than eat only what we feel like eating.

    Tony also encourages a balanced vegetarian diet, which includes organic products that are full of life force.

Can I be Spiritual and Have Money Too?

    Theriaca was created as a service to humanity. After drinking this wonderful brew your

    experience of this amazingly healing and powerfully rejuvenating tea will naturally create the feeling of wanting to share this product with everyone you know...your community, your family, your friends and the many friends that you will make who will discover also how to empower body, mind and spirit.

    This will not simply be a business but rather a path, an opportunity that you can share and in doing so prosper on all levels.

    Theriaca is also an opportunity for financial as well as physical well-being. Theriaca's core mission is to empower the world by bringing health and vitality to thousands of people worldwide and by providing this nutritional and psychological support, embracing the power within each of us to make a real difference in people’s lives

    As Tony explains, “A healthy mind, healthy body and healthy emotions create a natural flow of

    energy that is prosperity in the true sense.”

    Many of us feel that spirituality is renouncing the joys, the abundance, the freedom of being alive in a complete sense but by embracing an abundant, balanced life, good health and longevity (not just in relation to the body) we can create a complete philosophy that encompasses body, mind and emotions.

    Financial abundance like spirituality is primarily about sharing and trusting, going beyond our personal limitations and fears, embracing and dealing with who we are in a practical and real sense - energetically as well as financially. If we are connected to an energy field that encompasses financial anxiety and limited belief systems then we connect our anxieties and limitations to all that we do including negating our financial well-being.

    This is a very common experience, more common than you think and is very unpleasant and totally unnecessary as a healthy means of expressing our wonderful being. These limiting beliefs can only be useful if dealt with in a way that helps us to grow beyond these limitations. This experience is not only personal but also encompasses our human history as it stems back to our cultural and genetic experiences. By observing history over thousands of years we can see that humanity's mass fear, focussed around survival, has impacted negatively around money. By focussing on the thought of having no or not enough money brings up real consequences that our ancestors and many people today struggle with.

    In the most severe cases we can become prone to great lacks, corruptions, shame, failure, worthlessness and a sense of meaninglessness and are unable to partake in the abundance of life. So often we fill our energies with the fear of such consequences by bringing our thoughts and level of awareness to basic survival mode. Instead of freely sharing a sense of joyous celebration and living with a sense of gratitude for the many possibilities we are blind to the possibilities by the sense of lack and its many expressions.

    When we personally experience and live with such anxiety we connect ourselves to the law of natural resonance whereby whatever we put out energetically, mentally, physically and emotionally attracts to itself experiences that resonate with itself rather than experiences that move us beyond such suffering

    When our experiences resonate with such personal limitations then we also attract the historical and present human collective anxiety around this issue. Rich or poor this experience of there not being enough is very unpleasant. What is the solution?

    An important part of the solution would be to realise that a lot of what we are investing in whether it be feelings, thoughts or even real experiences stem from destructive thinking and that it is this thinking that is attracting the feelings and realities of lack - lack of all that creates a feeling of aliveness and rather reinforces the reality of lack and not enough.

    So the first step would be to change such thinking by perhaps visualising or internally experiencing that this lack is simply a thought, an energy form, and can with practise be replaced with thoughts that better serve you, your family and your community.

    This is perhaps done by relaxing, breathing and contemplating what it is like to be abundant in the things that create deep happiness for yourself and your community.

    You can enjoy the dream of prosperity in this state, not simply in the mind but also in the body sensations and warm feelings that go with it. This creates confidence and a feeling of safety that the new thought that you are embracing can become your reality. As Tony says, “Your inner world reflects the outside, as the outside reflects the inside.”

    It is not simply the outer object of money that creates this safety and happiness, as when you meet many rich people they will tell you they are suffering from the same sense of lack as people who have nothing. So by facing the spiritual sense of prosperity you can separate the material from the psychological and hence empower your thoughts to correspond with the material level, creating real abundant happiness and safety. You can also in the same way empower your thoughts to correspond to the emotional and mental levels of your being creating freedom from the sense of lack that blinds you from all the joy of being alive in a complete sense.

     It is very important to be honest about these belief systems and thereby be realistic rather than using this exercise to compensate for a sense of lack. Use this exercise for spiritual prosperity and psychological contentment so that you are free flowing with the spirit of the universe rather than swimming against the stream of life.

    As you are open to receiving that which naturally comes with this flow you learn to surrender and give yourself to true love and compassion. This is of course easily achieved when we feel of

    service to others and it creates a sense of wisdom and freedom that flows into abundance on the material level. Such abundance also requires managing the material level with dignity and generosity and understanding that love is eternal and has no limitations.

    Thinking in this way is not just a simple meditation or a type of schoolwork but rather an art like the graceful art of drinking tea in Japan. It is not simply the outcome or result that is important but rather the consciousness and act itself. If you act in a truly generous way then this thinking becomes your personal law over a period of time and with every such empowering thought you give more energy to thoughts that are similar in nature and thus reach a higher level within yourself and touch a perspective of understanding that is much more closely aligned to the natural abundance of life. As this art of thinking is repeated then the body and emotions begin to change to encompass this as your personal law and way of life.

    The negative, fixed and rigid thoughts somehow disappear. Our unconscious thinking, which may say that I am poor, I am no good at this, I am too fat or too stupid or I will never achieve my goals changes and hence empowers an abundant form of consciousness rather than poverty consciousness.

    The journey of a lifetime begins with a few easy steps.

    When we are no longer trapped in these thoughts then we can move on to step one where we acknowledge that we no longer have space for the poverty consciousness and rather open our unconscious thinking to the powerful hope and recognition of change. This doesn't mean escaping from the reality that we are living in but rather acknowledging our thoughts as real and hence an amazing step that prepares us to get ready to think differently.

    With this step we naturally flow to step number two which is affirming our positive thoughts in a practical sense with positive actions not simply to ourselves but also to our family, our friends and our community. Affirming to ourselves so that we are rich, we are good at everything, we are physically perfect, we are intelligent and we are always reaching our goal consciously re-writes our thoughts. Once we do this things begin to take care of themselves so that everything becomes more positive.

    The third step is acting out these new positive personal thoughts to create an abundance beyond the positive focus and energising it so that it grows exponentially - you deserve the best and the abundance keeps growing. Focus upon the growth and the growing rather than the lack. Step number four is to realise that it is important to keep watch on our thoughts so that we do not sabotage our growth. Perhaps we begin to feel uncomfortable in what we are not used to, that which is new and unknown from previous experiences but stay positive. It is important for you to know that it is by constantly giving power to something on a mental level, be it conscious or unconscious, that miracles happen.

    You will be surprised how often we think about ourselves in a negative sense and how easy it is to empower oneself simply with different thoughts.

    It is always easier to recognise and relate to an old pattern which has become a habit but understand that the joy of relating to the flow of who you are carries you to a sense of real

abundance that is much more powerful. As someone remarked, “old habits die hard”.

    In relation to money we all need to have a relationship with this physical/material aspect because money is everywhere. It dominates our attitudes and cultural sense of who we are whether we believe it to be important or not.

    Many of us believe money is the root of all evil but really it is what money does rather than money itself that creates the negative circle of desire. Perhaps it is better said that it is the lust after money that is the root of all evil and as there is no evil it is perhaps better said that it is the lust after money that is the root of all the confusion that we face in today's world and the suffering that it creates in individuals.

    When we desire money to fulfil needs, then we forget that these needs can more easily be fulfilled by trust, love and sharing rather than spitefully keeping large amounts of money/material wealth in our pocket.

    If we use the material to evolve in a more balanced way we realise that money is just another aspect of the energy that we are made of, made visible in a form that we can more easily relate to. Our energy takes on many forms like love, compassion and well-being in this physical world. If money becomes an extension of this then it can be another form of abundance.

    It is not bad to have more love or more time or more space or more resources that help us to experience ourselves in a more beautiful way and that help us to be freely abundant. Enjoy the gifts of nature such as good health, pure air, sunshine and the amazing beauties that are free for everyone to experience.

    As we free ourselves, we free our thoughts to occupy a new space and notice things that seem invisible to others and by ignoring what once got in the way of such beauty we can focus on the beauty itself.

    A lack of wealth is simply an opportunity in disguise.

    Financial barriers can pave your road to success but only if you believe and trust yourself to walk on this road by being helpful to others and thus creating more abundance in the energy field that is around you and the sense of who you are.

    If you focus on manifesting money alone this limits the real abundance that the universe can provide for you. If you look for personal quantities to put into your pocket, then you miss out on the abundant universal quantities that are there to be shared, as they will not fit into your pocket. This is one of the greatest gifts that you can acknowledge.

    When you acknowledge this you will attract others who can and will help you reach your goals as you help them reach theirs.

    Being of service is the secret to success.

    You get what you want from life by helping others get what they want. By distributing and providing a wonderful product such as Theriaca that is a powerful antidote to the negative

    stresses, environmental pollutions and energy imbalances faced by many of us today you exchange abundance with others which then becomes manifest not only in appreciation and betterment of your fellow beings but also in a material sense and you manifest one of the most beautiful laws of nature - those who serve most get most.

    Just look around you and see that highly successful businesses are often those that offer a superior, helpful product that creates deep satisfaction and hence people enjoy and are willing to pay or exchange their abundance for these products.

    If you take this opportunity as a path with a desire to serve others by helping them to reach optimum health rather than focus on the money, then this amazing law creates abundance without effort. The motivation for many will often be just money but for real success the motivation has to be to love what you are doing, to believe in what you are doing and to want to share what you are doing with the world.

    This is very logical. If love is the most powerful force in the universe, then it must be strongly linked with all aspects of who you are, including financial abundance.

    If your goal is love then money will flow like water.

    If you have followed the above steps then the greatest block to manifesting such levels of financial abundance will no longer be a hindrance. You will no longer be afraid of being free and sharing your depth with others. You will no longer be afraid of the world you live in and being part of it in a more abundant way. The energy field will no longer magnify any shortcomings that you have believed in. You will magnify your strength as you become more generous to yourself and to others.

    You will share in the joy and well-being that you and this wonderful opportunity create for yourself, friends, family, colleagues and people that you meet in a world full of potential and abundance.

    I would like to take part in this opportunity.

    How does it work?

    Theriaca is available only from distributors due to its unique nature.

    To be a distributor all you have to do is practise the joy of sharing this product with humanity. The rest will take care of itself.

    The investment to be an Alpha distributor is 20 Theriaca containers @ 22 euros each = 440 euros

    As an Alpha distributor you have the possibility to have your contact details on the website in the teas section.

    Any enquiries received by the Samara Foundation will be referred to the appropriate Alpha distributors in each country.

    Also as an Alpha distributor you are able to sell different quantities to others (who may also wish to distribute but in lesser quantities) at the following discounted prices:

    Beta distributors are those who wish to buy 10 Theriaca containers @ 32 euros each = 320 euros Gamma distributors are those who wish to buy 5 Theriaca containers @ 37 euros each = 185 euros

    Delta distributors are those who wish to buy 2 Theriaca containers @ 42 euros each = 84 euros Anyone wanting to buy 1 Theriaca container the cost is 45 euros.

    The above discounted prices levels are important to follow so that everyone benefits equally. Beta, Gamma and Delta distributors are only able to purchase Theriaca from an Alpha distributor. Alpha distributors purchase directly from the Samara Foundation.

    As an Alpha distributor you receive the items for 22 euros each. This means that when you sell to a Beta distributor your profit = 100 euros when they purchase 10 Theriaca containers. If an Alpha distributor sells to a Gamma distributor the profit = 75 euros when they purchase 5 Theriaca containers.

    If an Alpha distributor sells to a Delta distributor the profit = 40 euros when they purchase 2 Theriaca containers.

    The idea is to think expansively rather than in a limited way and to share Theriaca with the world. Beta distributors that purchase 10 items find people that they know who also wish to distribute and distribute directly to them. Gamma distributors that purchase 5 items find people that they know who also wish to distribute and distribute directly to them. Delta distributors that purchase 2 items find people that they know who also wish to distribute and distribute directly to them. At any time Beta, Gamma and Delta distributors can become Alpha distributors by purchasing 20 Theriaca containers directly from the Samara Foundation or they can move to a different level of distribution by purchasing the higher quantity of Theriaca teas.

    If you as an Alpha distributor do decide to sell the 20 containers directly to individuals then the profit would be 460 euros when the 20 containers have been sold.

    As an Alpha distributor the idea is that the Beta, Gamma and Delta distributors working with you introduce the possibility to distribute to friends so as to order much larger quantities directly from you thus increasing the profits for everyone and sharing good health, well-being and financial abundance with humanity.

    As an Alpha distributor you are an example to the distributors purchasing from you. Your active selfless service and practical assistance and enthusiasm will ensure that what is shared is a gift for

all. So speak to people, help others with their difficulties and reach out in your own unique

    manner thus manifesting the abundance that you and your distributors deserve.

    More about the life-enhancing properties of Theriaca.

    Tony says Theriaca will cure and heal everything but of course we cannot write this on the label.

To explain more:

    ? it is an anti-oxidant so it removes all toxins from the body.

    ? it is an alkaliniser so it changes the chemistry of the body to change the physical

    environment to a healing one.

    ? it is an adaptagen which means the more you drink the stronger the effect the healing by

    boosting organs, energy levels, hormone balance and a sense of mental well-being.

    ? it contains all the minerals known to man so replaces trace minerals that are very much

    missing in the modern diet.

    ? it has substances similar to antibiotics, which heal the body from parasites and viruses.

    ? it contains saponins, which are immune stimulants that are especially useful in times of

    low energy and disease.

    ? also it contains germanium and pau d’arco, which oxygenate the body especially useful if

    you smoke or live in polluted cities or don’t exercise.

    ? beta-glucans, which are amazingly healing for weak bodies.

    ? also it contains ingredients that are not fully researched but have been shown in native

    societies to create an amazing sense of health and freedom from disease extending life so

    that people are very long-lived without losing mental or physical faculties.

    ? and of course Tony's alchemical magic.

    ? the mixture is in a very specific proportion that makes it much more than the ingredients

    as they synergistically work together. a little bit similar to, but more relevant in today’s

    world, to an ancient formula called ESSIAC formula.

    ? also Tony was very particular that the label would be totally ecological using non-toxic

    inks, recycled paper, ecological glues etc.

Theriaca is naturally alkalinising and extremely high in anti-oxidants, saponins,

    germanium, resveratrol, beta-glucans and a full spectrum of rare health-enhancing

    nutrients and minerals.

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