Unit1 Where were you last month

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Unit1 Where were you last month

    Unit1 Where were you last month? 听力练习


    ( ) 1. A. dog B. jog C. not ( ) 2. A. top B. shop C. frog

    ( ) 3. A.plate C. plane ( ) 4. A. mouth B. month C. mother

    ( ) 5. A. good B. food C. foot ( ) 6. A. money B. many C. any


    ( ) 1. What was the weather like ?

    A. last month B. today C. yesterday ( ) 2. They were in last month.

    A. Thailand B. China C. Beijing

    ( ) 3. The orange juice is A. good B. tasty C. yucky ( ) 4. was the food like in China? A. What B. How C. Who


    ( ) We were in Fuzhou last month.

    ( ) Where were you yesterday?

    ( ) It was snowy in Beijing last week. ( ) What was the food like in Canada?

    ( ) I cleaned the classroom last Monday.



    ( ) 1. A. Canada B. China C. Thailand D. snowy ( ) 2. A. good B. bad C. spicy D. food ( ) 3. A. yucky B. lion C. tiger D. cat ( ) 4. A. Monday B. week C. Friday D. Sunday ( ) 5. A. month B. summer C. fall D. spring


    ( ) 1. were you last Sunday? We were in Tangshan. A. were B. What C. When

    ( ) 2. What the food like? It spicy.

    A. is, was B. were, was C. was, was

    ( ) 3. does he come from? He comes from Nanjing.

A. When B. What C. Where

    ( )4. What was the weather like in Canada in winter? .

    A. It was sunny and hot. B. It was cold and snowy. C. It was cloudy and rainy.

    ( )5. Lets to Shanghai. A. go B. going C. to go ( )6. Tony and Gogo in HK yesterday.

    A. was B. is C. were

    ( )7. This morning, I home 9:00.

    A. went to, at B. go, on C. went, at ( ) 8. Where Jim? He just now. A. were B. was C. is ( ) 9. What did you do this morning? I .

    A. have a rest B. had a rest C. having a rest ( )10. There a bottle of water here. A. is B. was C.are


    1. Hes not . Hes a bad boy in our class.

    2. We can buy f at the supermarket.

    3. Its s in Beijing in winter.

    4. There are four w in a m .

    5. These noodles are s . Theyre not t . Theyre not y .


    AHellBen BHello! Lisa! were you last month?

    A: I in Thailand. B: What was the like there?

    A: It was very hot. B: What was the like?

    A: It was spicy. B: What did you do there? A: I my friends. B: Did you have a good time? A: Yes. That great.

    A. visited B. Where C. food D. weather E. was


    ( )1. She was here last night. A. their B. there C. they ( ) 2. Shes big and fat. A. thick B. this C. thin ( )3. Tonys English is good. A. bad B. well C. better ( )4. The food is yucky. A. spicy B. tasty C. hot ( )5. Its very hot in Beijing now. A. warm B. cool C. cold


Last summer I went to Beijing. The food was tasty. The weather was good. It

    was sunny. Beijing is a beautiful city. I visited the Great Wall of China and

    the Summer Palace. I had a good time.

    1. Where were you last summer?

    2. What was the food like in Beijing?

    3. What was the weather like?

    4. Is Beijing a beautiful city?

    5. What did you do?

    6. Were you happy?


    My summer holiday为题写一篇小作文。不少于30个单词。

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