Be careful about online bank account

By Patrick Hall,2014-06-23 21:41
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Be careful about online bank account

Be careful about online bank account

    We may know online bank payment has some risks, and there is another online money stolen case happed in Hong Kong.

    A man who stole another man’s money through his PPS account received suspended jail terms in the Fan Ling Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

    Alvin Ieong Yiu-lung, 22, earlier pleaded guilty to three counts of theft for transferring a total of HK$11,800 out of the victim’s bank account through PPS.

    The court heard that the victim linked his PPS account to his HSBC bank account and stored his PPS password on his computer. Also installed on the computer was the file-sharing software Foxy.

    It’s unclear how Leong stole the victim’s password, but the victim’s money was paid out through Leong’s Hong Kong Jockey Club account.

    Some online bank security is guaranteed but the users need to be aware of file sharing software, or phishing websites that criminal may send out vicious warnings and direct victims to log on unsafe website and input bank account including user name and pass word, which will be stolen later.

    It is a good way to avoid such cases that is to use a third party payment tools which can guarantee both parties interest and rights, since the buyer can pay

    after they receive goods and check the quality well. The sell can also urge the buyer to process payment via the third party.

    IBUonline is a B2B foreign trade service platform, which implements the third party payment as it is very safe and good to both parties.

Personal online bank account security

    We know there are two modes to log on online bank account securely, such as mobile phone dynamic code log in mode, token dynamic code log in mode.

    As for mobile phone dynamic code log in mode,it means the user will receive a mobile phone message issuing a code number, the user will enter the account information including user name and password to verify users identity and the account will be secured during transactions.

    The mobile phone dynamic code is sent to the personal mobile phone, which is private since the code number will not be leaked to any other persons. Under such circumstances, the account transaction volume is also has the maximum amount, which is different regulated by different banks.

    As for token dynamic code log in mode, it means the token issued by the bank will issue an automatic code in 6 digits for every transaction, the code is also a dynamic code which must be used with the user account, and the token has an embedded chip as hardware.

    The dynamic code will be updated in every minute. The transfer amount of the bank account can also be set to a maximum limit.

    It is suggested to add the bank website into your favorites or folder, and log in the account directly, so the other unlawful websites will have no chance to access your account or phishing website stealing your account.

    IBUonline is a B2B foreign trade platform and it has introduced the third party payment tool, which is safe to protect your online bank account.

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