The worlds largest and most prestigious international trade fair

By Raymond Rice,2014-05-18 17:40
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The worlds largest and most prestigious international trade fair


    Taipei 2007

    Taipei, Taiwan - November 8-11

     thThis event is ideal for companies involved in: 19 Annual International Show on Medical Equipment, Pharmaceuticals & ? Bio-Tech Products Bio-Technology ? Medical Use IT & Communication Products

    Pennsylvania’s Authorized Trade ? Diagnostic Equipment Representative in Taiwan would like to ? Elderly & Nursing Care Products announce its involvement in Mediphar. The ? Medical Education Equipment representative office will be supporting a ? Medical Equipment & Instruments trade booth and catalog show at the event. ? Medical Materials

    ? Hospital Supplies & Education Equipment Participants will benefit by receiving trade

    lead summaries from PA’s Taiwan ? Health Care Products representative. ? Pharmaceuticals ? Rehabilitation Products

    ? Beauty Care & Anti-Aging Medical Products Over the years, the Taiwanese healthcare

    industry has been under vigorous

    ? Deadline is September 30. development and is uniquely equipped to

    contribute to the continuing advancement of ? Participation is FREE. the pharmaceuticals and medical science ? Select your company’s catalog, magazine, industry. Its success is attributed to the brochures, flyers and other promotional materials. support and efforts of government, ? Mail 30 copies of your company’s materials to: educational and research institutes and Irene Tsai many industry-related companies. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Trade

    & Investment

    Suite 7D-16, Taipei World Trade Center Mediphar Taipei has firmly established its 5 Hsinyi Road, Sec. 5, Taipei 110 position as Asia's top international exhibition TAIWAN for the medical equipment, pharmaceuticals,

    *Invoice value should not exceed $50, to avoid and bio-tech industries. customs duties For additional information:

     This is a phenomenal opportunity to put Debra Lenker, International Program Manager your products in front of decision makers Office of International Business Development

    Department of Community & Economic Development in the emerging healthcare market! Commonwealth Keystone Building

    400 North Street, 4th Floor Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225

    Phone: 717-720-7365


    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

    Mediphar Taipei 2007

    November 8-11, 2007

A one-page description of your product must accompany this form.

Please send to:

Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development

    Office of International Business Development, c/o Debra Lenker th400 North Street, 4 Floor

    Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225

    Fax: 717-772-5106

    Registrations must be received by September 30.

Company Name


     City State Zip

Telephone Web Fax

     Contact Title


As a duly authorized representative of the above-named company, I have read, understand and agree to the

    following terms with regard to being a participating company in Mediphar Taipei 2007:

    ? Only Products of 51 % Pennsylvania or US content and/or value-added products may be represented as part of

    the participating company’s products / services.

    ? No foreign produced items may be included, except items from foreign countries that have been processed or

    value-added in Pennsylvania.

    ? The participating company must have an office and staff or manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania.

    ? All participating companies must provide information on the results attained through participation in Mediphar

    Taipei 2007 to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. “Results” are current

    and future sales and dealings transacted as an outcome of participating in Mediphar Taipei 2007.

    ? Participating companies assume all risks of participation in Mediphar Taipei 2007.


     Authorized Representative print



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