Easy Number (English) - Unternehmen suchen und finden mit EASY Number

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Easy Number (English) - Unternehmen suchen und finden mit EASY Number ...

Seek and find companies with EasyNumber?

    Coface and Creditreform present their international identification system

    With the worldwide uniform company identification number: EasyNumber? (En-terprise Access System) Coface and Creditreform intend to fill a gap: So far, there has not been an open system allocating companies clear identification at-tributes which it can search and identify by means of a global search index. However, such a system is necessary, as it has become very clear that compa-nies and banks alike must be placed in a position where they can identify their business partners worldwide in order to successfully effect transactions. Therefore, Coface and Creditreform have developed this web-based system within the framework of a co-operation which enables companies of all types and sizes to identify their customers, suppliers or business partners by means of a search engine - and this not only on a national level but all over the globe. Indeed, in some European countries public systems allocating identification numbers to companies are already in place. However, these are not co-ordinated. Amongst other things, this is the reason why many company data bases are flawed or else contain double addresses. And that is not all. An empiric survey entitled “Erfolgsfaktoren der Forderungsrealisation in der Unternehmen-spraxis“ (Critical success factors to the realization of receivables in business practice) carried through by the Institut für Unternehmensdiagnose (InDiag)

    (Institute for business diagnosis) of the university of applied sciences of Bochum has shown that out of the 117 interviewed companies 31% have been experienc-ing objections to invoices on the grounds of wrong addresses or wrong company names. This somewhat “minor” cause may have substantial effects in that it can considerably delay a company„s incoming payment limiting suppliers liquidity


    This is where EasyNumber? puts things right. EasyNumber? enables the verification or alignment of company data bases with different national ID number (such as the Crefo numbers). Where necessary, EasyNumber? can replace ex-isting national or international ID numbers.

    “To us, the development of EasyNumber? is an improvement of the quality of the information services we provide to our clients. Every single day, our clients can access up-to-date information, and they will be informed on the slightest changes in company data relating to their business partners”, Mr. Norbert Langenbach,

    Member of the Managment Board of Coface Deutschland, said.

    EasyNumber? is the first open initiative of such a large scale. In order to make the system universally known, it is being used and distributed through an open partner network the members of which can be information businesses such as credit insurance companies, credit agencies, debt collection businesses or soft-ware companies.

    On 29 June, 2007 EasyNumber? was presented to precisely that target group in Brussels, where a road show was held. About 100 members from all over the world followed the invitation of Coface and Creditrefrom to learn about the oper-ating mode of EasyNumber?. The contents, which at first glance appeared to be of a rather theoretical nature, were however animated by examples from practical work experience. On one panel, representatives of companies that were our first partners to use the EasyNumber? system within the framework of its previous possibilities of use, reported on their experience, discussing the possibilities of use that they conceived of for EasyNumber? as well as the advantages of the system. With Mr. Dieter Südhofen, head of the international department of the alliance of the Associations of Creditreform e.V., as the MC, Mr. Gertjaan Kaart, Mr. Febis, Mr. Kornel Tinguely, FENCA, Mr. Jan Schneider-Maessen, FECMA, Mr. Tim Lane, FCIB, Mr. Jean-Mark Dufour, France eCommerce International, Mr. Philippe Mouget, Mr. Oracle, Mr. André Lejeune, Mr. Selligent and Mr. Paolo Gnes, Cerved discussed the benefits of EasyNumber?.

    The unanimous view of the debaters was that EasyNumber? enables companies to meet the challenges of the ever progressing globalisation more efficiently. Mr. Jan Schneider-Maessen‟s firm belief in the uniform identification number be-came more than obvious when he pointed out that EasyNumber? is precisely

    what Credit Manager had been looking for, for a long time”. According to him,

    the system is an additional benefit to the day-to-day business of a Credit Man-ager, as it harmonizes work flows and creates links in particular with the distribu-tion departments. Mr. Kornel Tinguely, too thought that EasyNumber? was a positive contribution. The debt collection industry in particular welcomes the sys-tem, the debt collection expert explained. “Debtors have many excuses for not

    paying”, Mr. Tinguely explained. This is why it is important for all companies not

    only the big ones- to use EasyNumber? for identification purposes. According to Mr. Philippe Mouget from Oracle, in light of the fact that 75% of the leading com-panies are incapable of drawing a unanimous picture of their debtors, an informa-tion platform such as EasyNumber? was obviously needed.

    Currently, more than 25 million companies are registered with the EasyNumber? archive. By the end of this year, an estimated 44 million, and by 2008 as much as

    over 50 million companies are supposed to be registered with the EasyNumber? archive. As to the price of the EasyNumber? use, the cost is supposed to be ?kept as low as possible, so as to enable as many companies as possible to

    benefit from the services of EasyNumber? said Mr. Richard Dey, who is re-

    sponsible for Marketing.

    If a company decides upon a one-off allocation of the EasyNumber?, it will be charged a fee for such allocation as well as the ongoing maintenance of all changes. EasyNumber? services will be officially available to our clients from January 2008.

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