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Chinese medicine, long way to go_7559

Chinese medicine, long way to go

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     China's outstanding traditional culture, Chinese medicine is an essential part of the Chinese nation's great contribution to human culture, she of the Chinese nation for thousands of years to survive, to become stronger has played a very important role. For thousands of years, the Chinese people to rely on traditional Chinese medicine health and medical treatment had been successful. Practice has proved that traditional Chinese medicine contains a deep scientific reasoning and rational factors, and the effectiveness of the reality. Chairman Mao once said, "Chinese medicine is a great treasure house." Mr. Tian Sen well-known scholar of Social Sciences, said: "China has

    five major inventions, rather than the four great inventions, Chinese medicine is the fifth-largest invention [1]."

     Ran today some people have doubts about the scientific nature of medicine, said that Chinese medicine is not scientific, pseudo-science. How a Chinese medicine is not

    scientific, how a pseudo-scientific law? TCM's "Treating disease" doctrine, "Heaven

    and Man" theory of science, etc. I do not know how. Those who do not know Chinese medicine theory, one can see traditional Chinese medicine theory of yin and yang

    Kuanghu behind on fooling the people, shouting is superstition. Jun I do not know, there is no tadpole of the change, how can cell theory? Yin and yang is an objective historical conditions of the pictographic reasoning, and simple dialectics of early

    scientific dialectical point of view [2]. History of the development of world science to prove that any one discipline of the birth and the formation of the theory are its unique characteristics, and practice as a primary feature of the skeleton, and then mixed with

    a number of other disciplines relevant to the content are provided for full, proof , set off to achieve the formation of an "independent discipline" conditions. Chinese medicine is no exception, it is based on organs meridians, qi and blood body fluid, and

    the corresponding physiological and pathological understanding of the diagnosis, treatment, prevention as the core, and then full use of literary superiority, based on the cleverly absorbed the philosophy of skeleton body awareness, dialectical analysis

    theory, making the theories of internal organs, become not only seamless, but also well-

    ordered, regardless of where to start, will feel that it is an organic unity, end to end relative to care, ins and outs and orderly, practical and scientific system. It is precisely

    because the whole concept and the introduction of syndrome differentiation and treatment ideas, so that Chinese medicine has been a qualitative leap and become the greatest features of traditional Chinese medicine theory, and the clear distinction and

    superior to other subjects. Of course, should not be overlooked is that the system of medical theory and practice are also incorporated, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, geography, biology, military, political, handicrafts, agriculture,

    music, art, psychology and many other disciplines of knowledge, This makes Chinese medicine is profound, rich and colorful, flexible and varied. When the social system of

big science in some of the elements re-arranged into doping in the framework of

    medicine when they are both on behalf of constituents in their respective disciplines, but also more importantly, become an integral part of the medical ontology [3]. Therefore, Chinese medicine is a very scientific subject.

     Some people say that Chinese medicine is the experience of medical, scientific! Experienced medical not good? Research begins with the observation of phenomena, despite the rapid development of science in medicine, however, captured by some of the repeated observation of phenomena and other phenomena of the intrinsic link between. The Chinese medicine is the medical knowledge and experience gained with the medical theories and progressive multi-system integration to develop. Ancient medicine after

    thousands of years painstaking efforts and made great sacrifices and the experiment left a lot of careful and long-term observation of information or conclusions, it is

    invaluable to our country in a medical ah! Jigen, such as acupuncture needles has been conquered hundreds of thousands of patients and the people at home and abroad. Chinese medicine has been able to until today, is its years of personal trials in 2000, it had worked out a set of theories, the doctrine of effective systems, the scientific theory from the physical, health, pathogen, pathology, diagnosis, treatment, prescription , medicines and other aspects consistent in the end. Its theory from practice, is full of dialectical materialism, of thinking, in particular, in accordance with the laws of syndrome differentiation and treatment can be difficult for many diseases have never seen before to produce the desired effect, evident by no means limited to their clinical characteristics, drug and experience. While Western medicine is to do experiments on animals out, so in fact than the Western medicine is more scientific, more suitable for human medicine.

     Some people say that Chinese medicine is too old, and backward, and keep up with modern! Ancient Chinese medicine do? Our country is not more ancient chopsticks?

    For tens of thousands, even millions of years, but it is unscientific and do! You can not see the knife and fork the West say that China's chopsticks and unscientific bar! Chinese medicine not only backward, and she has been developing with the times .

    Medical professionals from the earliest of "52 sick side" documented 242 kinds of Chinese medicine, the development of the "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic" and 365 flavor, and further development to the "Compendium of Materia Medica" in 1892 kinds. Southeast Asia produced frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and so on through the course of medical practice discern their sexual taste after meridian into the Chinese medicine system, that is, the continuous development of Chinese medicine, modernization of a classic paradigm; and medical diagnostic model from "inside the Yellow Emperor The "theory of the three hot-to create a six by Zhang Zhongjing

    dialectic, to the Ming and Qing dynasties were made Febrile Diseases triple burner, Wei Qi, Ying and Blood Syndrome, it is continually advancing with the times typical of traditional Chinese medicine theory, [4]. And what is meant by "modernization"? Patient from head to toe, all kinds of equipment checks, and discharged hundreds of thousands of payment, which is a modern do? Medicine is for the people of public

    health services. For medical purposes, not just the pursuit of form, should not be time positioning, but should be with a minimum of expenditure, the shortest time to achieve the best results, as a basic requirement for modern medicine. Such as "sewing needle

    4," Treatment of Acute Abdomen - roundworm obstruction groups, both simple and

    quick, and money. This is the modern results.

     Also expressed that the development of Chinese medicine Chinese medicine is too

    slow and is unscientific, nearly Ersanbainian come out of touch with the world caused by natural science, so that the development of Chinese medicine must be given to transform a way out. Traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years of progress

    from a single taste compound drug development. Note 4 gas, Gomi, lifting floating and sinking, meridian tropism Medicine Smell, Junchen Satsukai, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation medication. If you are subject

    to this set of modern natural science and looking for monomer that medicinal chemistry has reached the molecular level, that of Chinese medicine four gas flavors are there any use? Medicine Smell go through what basis? Although we can not deny the ephedrine, berberine, artemisinin, and so the results of modern research, but these are not the full function of the original medicines, if we can not use ephedrine, Ephedra Decoction to rule on the prima facie evidence, can not be used Artemisia annua Su-

    turtle soup on the Artemisia annua to rule Yin hot flushes and card, if so, the variety of Chinese medicine will be into the wall, and it not sad indeed [5]! there is some person of a great mistake, that is mistaken the "scientific medicine" as "minor Western-

    oriented." See He Yunhe, Chapter President of public speech: "Improving the Traditional Chinese Medicine for unity in public events, beginning who is chaired by Mr. Zhang Taiyan State School of Medicine in Shanghai, the hospital's program, conducted by Mr. Lu Yuanlei determined, in addition to traditional Chinese medicine compulsory to add Western-based medicine, such as the physiology, anatomy,

    pathology, medicine and so on. Later, Shanghai and around the schools still use traditional Chinese medicine. 20-plus years since, creating a lot of schools out of the

    Chinese medicine doctor in the same time, Western medicine has also been argued to improve the middle of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine to the opening of instilling the necessary knowledge of Western medicine, Chinese medicine before the

    war, Jiangsu Medical College courses, is an example. In theory, such a training, Chinese medicine, look at onset years, will be able to findings derived from East and West, compared with only by Western education, or only by traditional Chinese

    medicine education, has come clever; the fact that the answer is just the contrary, the medical treatment of the results, and thanks to Mr. neither copied the old prescription medicine, but less than the school came from the Western medical practitioner; medical

    treatment when the medicine of the Western academic, not only can not integrating their use, and sometimes and I do not know how to use a separate, This is not enthusiastic about the early advocates were intended to improve the reach of

    traditional Chinese medicine materials. He crux of the matter is a traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine while the same goal of medical treatment, but they are the basis and the position of the doctor-patient varies. to make them link up with each

    other in advance needed careful consideration, the overall plan, if reckless recklessly hard Minato, it will produce neither Chinese nor Western doctors [6]. "Ho, a long time ago that Mr. Zhang would like to use two doctors to improve the enthusiastic

    practitioners of Chinese medicine until 1949, made the above remarks, this is how sad conclusion that this is how we should guard against the consequences! Yinyefeishi, but we will never, never is a Membership mouth this negative result, we believe that

    Chinese do not have to improvement, or can not study medicine and then Western medicine, but cited the adverse consequence for the lesson, Chinese and Western medicine with Western medicine alone is not, nor is it traditional Chinese medicine,

    Western medicine, but the two types of medical theories are based on a profound understanding of them mastery, in theory a breakthrough, and can flexibly applied to clinical practice, it is the only combination of Chinese and Western. Reposted elsewhere

    in the paper for free download http://

     Moreover, if Chinese medicine is not scientific, how often to take effect in practice it! China's history, epidemics have been experienced numerous attacks, but never like Europe has done a few million dead, tens of millions of people, mainly of Chinese

    medicine in the fight against major epidemic on the repeatedly perform outstanding service. Japanese encephalitis epidemic in Guangzhou in 1958, Professor Deng Tietao who participated in treatment, statistics of the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine up to 90%, and no sequelae. In 1990 the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 1988 by Shanghai-based Chinese medicine treatment of hepatitis B

    hepatitis overlap with 1983 to 1988 the United States west of the medical treatment of

    similar diseases mortality a statistical comparison of the Sino-US mortality ratio 1: 234.

    The fight against SARS, Chinese medicine and make new contributions. Last year,

SARS struck 32 countries and regions, the mainland of China were 5327 cases of

    infection, accounting for more than 60% of the world. Global SARS fatality rate of 9.5%, China 6.5%, Taiwan 12.5%, Hong Kong and Singapore was 17% [7]. The reason why China effect is good, a basic reason is that Chinese medicine involved in the course

    of treatment (TCM treatment of patients involved in 58%), with Chinese and Western medicine treatment has played a special role. Today's Western medicine for many diseases, many incurable diseases are helpless, while the traditional Chinese medicine

    in the treatment of these diseases there are many unique methods and efficacy, such as SARS, animal influenza, AIDS.

     Now, population and health have become the most important issues around the world, China has also proposed the "Health for All by 2020" goals. As the origin of

    Chinese medicine in China, Chinese medicine need to re-establish the important

    strategic position of the overall revitalization of Chinese medicine, the establishment of equal importance in line with China's national conditions of new Chinese and Western

    medical and health care system for the benefit of the 1.3 billion people's health. 20 years, China's medical industry, mainly Western medicine has made unprecedented development, but are available mainly to cities and towns to enjoy the protection of

    public health services more than 200 million inhabitants. China's 85% of the population (more than 90% of the farmers, about 50% of urban residents) is not allowed to the national public health protection. Deputy Health Minister She Jing State

    Chinese Medicine Administration Bureau of Chinese medicine in the 2005 national work conference pointed out: "The National has 48.9% of people do not ill treatment, 29% should be hospitalized and not hospitalized, the masses Kanbuqibing [7]. " At

    present, the vast majority of rural deaths in patients dying at home rather than in hospital, leading to this state of affairs is mainly due to financial problems. "SARS" is also a good example of treating a SARS patient in Hong Kong varies from tens of

    thousands, as many as hundreds of thousands, while the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine First Affiliated Hospital of the most expensive one SARS patient treatment costs before 5000 yuan, and the treatment of more than 50 people, with no

    deaths. Hong Kong, the case fatality rate was 17% [5]. Many people think that western medicine is too expensive to eat, to the Western hospital door is a high-end

    examination, no matter what the disease, first as CT, color Doppler ultrasound

    examination of the class, medicine not useful, a few hundred dollars-ray examination is

    necessary. The Chinese medicine is based on "Jane, then, inexpensive and inspection" as the distinctive feature of medicine, she often used a silver needles, veering from a

    herbal medicine can save lives, while the cost of treatment is the cost of western medicine, "a fraction of . "

     Moreover, in China, we can not guarantee and can not take the Western medical model of the road. The great achievements of Western medicine, it goes without saying,

    but the cost of expensive Western medicine are obvious. The more modern Western medicine, the greater the investment, the higher the fees, the Government and the people on the harder to bear. 10 years, developed countries, the prevalence of health-

    care system, the payment crisis. In the United States in 2000, its health care spending amounted to 1.3 trillion U.S. dollars, accounting for GDP, 13% of the global health care spending accounted for 43% of the total. Even so, the United States is still 15% of the

    population do not enjoy basic health security [5]. Therefore, the government has to take no more money to develop urban health services in rural areas today, cities and towns in rural areas to solve the urgent need to address the medical treatment difficult and

    expensive for practical problems, the development of Chinese industry is the only way out. Because Chinese medicine is characterized by simple, then, inexpensive, inspection, is to resolve the current "impoverished by hospitalization", "fell back into poverty due

    to illness," the effects recipe. Second, in Africa, in the third world, in the world, many, many people still without health care protection, many, many people can not afford the expensive medical costs, if we can vigorously promote the development of Chinese all

    over the world, which not only ensure that the people of health, but also can improve people's standard of living. Most traditional Chinese medicine from natural substances,

such as plants, animals, minerals and so on, Big World on everything Jieke the

    traditional Chinese medicine may apply to their healing, caring; effect of Chinese medicine acupuncture massage is quite simple and inexpensive testing of. Believe that Iraq, if there is medicine, not afraid of the U.S. blockade of medicine will not be wasted due to lack of medicine and a lot of people.

     In the 21st century, an increasing concern in human health today, we should vigorously develop traditional Chinese medicine. The development of Chinese, in fact,

    not to science and science, nor to Western academic dispute, but rather to ensure the 1.3 billion Chinese people, as well as people of the world everyone will be entitled to rely on health care rights of the. The development of Chinese for China's social

    development, and the world of development services. Chinese medicine, long way to go.


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