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2009-04-03 Issue131...

    ÌâÄ??ºISSUE131 - "The arts (painting, music, literature, etc.) reveal the otherwise hidden ideas and impulses of a society."

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    Being abreast with the marching forward of social civilization, the true ideas and impulses on a society is gradually covered by the increasingly dazzling world. However, time vanquishes all, only those trully valuable ones can suvive. When we are indulging in the treasure of arts, those preponderous names together their masterpieces come much closer to our mind than the glorious era. Why? The reason lies that accute insights and deep thoughts that lying in the materpieces reveals the otherwise hidden ideas and impulses of a society.

    Literature's glory illuminates the gloom that hides the ideas and pulses surging in the society. These literature masterpieces, serving as presious treasures, nurture us in spirit and purify us in soul. Unlike the historical document, which is a file just recording what happened in the past, literature genres such novel and drama, are made by people's characteristics, the stories doomed to happen in the real society. What can we learn from "Gone with the wind " is the unstoppable trend of democracy without slavery. What can we appreciate from Longfellow's "Psalm of life" is the resolution of strivng and confidence on the future of America. What can we recognize from "Howl", the representative work of Allen Ginsberg is the desire to promote the individual liberty, to enhance the awareness of awakening and to gain the spititual enlightenment. Although the people during that period of time did not have the sense of where their destines would go, the historical trend cannot be disobeyed.

    Not only literature, others forms of arts also play roles in people's emotion world to show the invisible trend of the history. The artists express their hopes and deep concerns over their artisitc works. Painting from the Enlightened are good example to illustrate it. "Sistine Mandonna", the work of Rapheal, who appreciates the great love of the world by puting the humanity glory into his works, reveals the organic integration of the religious piety and non-religious beauty which are deeply rooted in human intern value and what the society is appealing for. After a long repression by the medieval, people in the 14 century began to realize the true value of this masterpiece. Therefore, some essesive ideas and impulses in a society would possible get lost in the darkness of time, without the beacon of the artist works.

    However, distracted by the material temptation, some arts nowsdays are not created for the pursuit of beauty, ideal, love, truth, humanity or other feelings. Many artists are hired by some business to produce works for the business use; music is composed for the awards. Even though the some artistic works are quite different with the traditional ones, we can also figure out that the society nowadays is paying much more emphasize on the art's economic effect.

    Besides the literature and paintings, the modern arts also reveal the impulse of our

    ages. Movies have become the most familiar form of art in our modern lives. The directors use camares to record every detail and editor shoots through cut to express an inspired idea. At the begining of the 20 century, the emergence of assembly line extremely developed the efficiency of productivity while led to some social problems as well.Through the exaggerating performance and unique artist style, Charlie Chaplin's movies appeal people in modern world to concern about the people living in the bottom of the society.

    Arts are the priceless treasures for our human beings. It records the way our ancestors have walked and the invisible emotion, which is useful to invest the development of the society from the psychological perspective. Arts are also the abstraction of the real world, through which can we look inside the historical trend and our own feelings.

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