The little beauty farm Dominique & Diane DAY welcomes you The

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The little beauty farm Dominique & Diane DAY welcomes you The

    The little beauty farm Dominique & Diane DAY

     ...welcomes you. oasis of well-being The moment you walk through the door of located close to Wettstein square DAY cosmetics & pedicure the friendly, comfortable and warm atmosphere will put you in the right frame to be totally pampered.

    Then you can float back to reality feeling

    refreshed and restored & ready to face the

    day again.

Whether it is a top to toe luxury treatment or

    a hot stone massage, you can rest in the

    knowledge that Day’s will do everything

    possible to ensure that your visit is perfect.

After a full consulation, we will make your

    personal beauty-concept. For any questions & your appointment do not hesitate to contact us under:

    Escape your day to day routine Make the best of your day Tel-No. 061 - 681 20 21

    for a little moment and enjoy as soon as possible. every day.

    the wellness treatments of

    DAY cosmetics & pedicure

     We are looking forward

     to welcoming you to

     DAY cosmetics & pedicure. Gift vouchers available for all our treatments. DAY cosmetics & pedicure

    Riehenstrasse 24, 4058 Basel Riehenstrasse 24,4058 Basel

    Tel-No. 061 / 681 20 21 Tel-No. 061 / 681 20 21

Visage Care Hand Care Body Care ? Aloe Vera „Basic“ CHF 115.- ? Nail Design CHF 145.- ? Slimming & Silhouette Remodeling Peeling, removing blemishes, massage & mask Refill CHF 82.- Die effektive Anti-Cellulite-Therapie French Nature CHF 87.- This methode is ideal to resolving the problem French Permanent CHF 14.- Examples of our special treatments of cellulite. Through proven products, effective 1 new nail CHF 10.- massage techniques & dietary guideline we Aloe Vera “Four Season” CHF 135.- help to get rid of the excess fat in the most of Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter ? Manicure incl. handmassage efficient and satisfying manner. Seasonal special treatments & products. without nailpolish CHF 39.- 10 treatments incl. home products CHF 999.- Luxury & exclusiv. with nailpolish CHF 42.- EXTREME HYALURON INFUSION CHF 145.- ? Aroma-Wrap „Luxury CHF 75.- ? Paraffin-handmask CHF 20.- Hyaluron-acid, nano & retard technology Brush massage followed by For dry, hard & cracked skin micropeel, high molecular facial mask, a body-wrap with essential oils modelling & relaxing facial massage. including back massage CHF 95.- ? SPA Manicure by OPI CHF 60.- Makes your skin much finer, smoother & taut. Anti-aging for your hands ? Body-Wrap „Parafango“ CHF 95.- MKM Manual lifting treatment CHF 155.- Slimming-treatment with Parafango Anti-Aging-Massage. Reduces wrinkles Foot Care immediately. Leaving your skin soft, ? Back treatment CHF 85.- smooth & taut. ? Pedicure „Relaxing Cleaning, Peeling, removing blemishes, Pedicure incl. footbath & massage massage & mask Caviar Power CHF 138.- without nailpolish CHF 52.- Exclusive caviar complex with valuable with nailpolish CHF 58.-ingredients which supplies the skin with Go for Colors moisture & activate its regeneration. ? Pedicure „Luxury“ CHF 92.- ? Eyebrows & eyelashes CHF 37.- Pedicure incl. footbath & foot reflexology Retinol Face Gym CHF 138.- ? Eyelashes or eyebrows CHF 22.- This warming massage relaxes your facial ? Foot Reflexology CHF 54.- expression. The Vitamin A & Retinol renews the Hair Removal Reflexology can be used to help restore & tissue & repairs damage in the cell structure. maintain the body’s natural equilibrium. This ? Legs ? bikini line, under arm CHF 88.- Silk-Lifting CHF 138.- gentle therapy encourages the body to work Legs bikini line, under arm CHF 115.- Cure of 4 treatments CHF 490.- naturally to restore its own healthy balance. Legs ? CHF 39.- Minimizing of scars. The results are immediately Whole legs CHF 65.- noticeable. The skin is much finer, smoother & ? French Pedicure CHF 99.- Back CHF 52.- more taut. Pedicure incl. footbath, massage Arms, bikini line, under arm CHF 28.- & French-Pedicure with gel ASA fruit acids facial CHF 175.- Eyebrows CHF 24.- Cure of 3 treatments CHF 499.- Overlip CHF 22.- ? Paraffin-footbath CHF 20.- Treatment for tired, oily, pigmented skin. For dry, hard & cracked skin Fine dosed fruit acids eats up the old, unwanted, Wellness-Coaching outer skin cell layer & leaves your skin smooth, fresh & vital. Do you want to slim down without feeling Specials hungry, more energy, look & feel younger? Hydradermie CHF 125.- ? Make-up “Special“ CHF 45.- An exceptional facial treatment using galvanic With ShapeWorks we can design a customized Personal make-up for a special event. & high frequence currents to deep clean, programm for you whether your goal is weight rehydrate & encourage cellular regeneration. loss, weight maintenance or just to feel fit. ? Make-up “Wedding” CHF 130.- Test-Make-up before & Facial „Quick“ CHF 99.- Interested? Then contact us for further make-up on your great day Peeling, removing blemishes & mask (1 h.) information. Wellness-Check free of charge.

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