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F.1(1)-E-II(A) 71 dated 05.04.1971 issued by Ministry of Finance (Deptt. of tubes , batteries, vehicle scrap, burnt oil etc. at both the Workshops in

     - 1 -

    ITEM NO. 1 (C-34)

    Confirmation and signing of the minutes of the last Council’s Meeting No. 08/2004-2005 held on 29.10.2004 at 12-00 NOON at Committee Room, Palika Kendra, NDMC. (See pages 2 - 5).



     - 2 -




    DATED 29.10.2004 AT 12-00 NOON.

MEETING NO. : 08/2004-2005

    DATED : 29.10.2004

    TIME : 12-00 NOON.



    1. Smt. Sindhushree Khullar : Chairperson 2. Smt. Tajdar Babar : Vice-Chairperson

    3. Sh. Ashok Ahuja : Member

    4. Sh. Mohinder Pal Chawla : Member

    5. Smt. Mohini Garg : Member

    6. Sh. K.T. Gurumukhi : Member

    7. Sh. U.K. Worah : Secretary, N.D.M.C.


     - 3 -


    1 (C-30) Confirmation and signing of The minutes were confirmed in the next

    the minutes of the last Council’s Meeting No. 08/2004-05 held on

    Council’s Meeting No. 29.10.2004 subject to addition in the Item

    07/2004-2005 held on No. 12 (C-29) be added as under:-

    30.09.2004 at 12-00 NOON at

    Committee Room, Palika “Further Resolved by the Council that

    Kendra, NDMC. officers shall be brought in on deputation

    only for such posts wherever RRs permit

    recruitment by transfer on deputation and

    not otherwise.

    Further, whenever RRs provide that

    promotions to be the first mode of

    recruitment, then that provision shall be

    resorted to first and then failing it by

    deputation ; i.e. if an officer is eligible for

    promotion as per the RRs then he/she shall

    be considered first, failing which the post be

    filled by deputation.”

    2 (C-31) Reply to Admitted Questions The Council Question raised by Smt. Tajdar

    u/s 28 of the NDMC Act, Babar, MLA & Vice Chairperson and Sh.

    1994. Ashok Ahuja, MLA & Member, NDMC,

    have been replied to. Copy of the admitted

    replies are annexed (See page 6 - 16).

    3 (G-3) Recovery of Electricity/Water Resolved by the Council that recovery of

    dues by allowing one time Electricity/Water dues by allowing one time

    rebate on surcharge. rebate on surcharge as mentioned in the

    preamble is approved.

    4 (H-7) Appointment of Technician Resolved by the Council that appointment

    (Vocational) in Horticulture of Technician (Vocational) in Horticulture

    Department under Department as mentioned in the preamble is

    Apprenticeship Act-1961. approved.

    5 (B-7) Annual maintenance estimate Resolved by the Council that administrative

    for the Running & approval and expenditure sanction is

    maintenance of Electrical accorded to the annual maintenance estimate

    Services in the Municipal for running and maintenance of various

    Bldgs. (North of Rajpath) electrical and mechanical services in

    during the year 2004-05. municipal buildings, maintained by BM-I

    division, amounting to Rs.1.50 crores

    including energy charges of Rs.71 lacs, for

    the year 2004-05.

     - 4 -

    6 (N-3) Maintenance of Parks and Resolved by the Council that administrative

    Gardens during the year 2004-approval and expenditure sanction to the

    2005. preliminary estimate amounting to Rs.1.84

    crores for maintenance of parks and gardens

    in NDMC area during 2004-05 is accorded.

    7 (O-2) Quarterly progress report for Resolved by the Council that information

    the quarter ending 30.09.2004 regarding settlement of audit paras as agreed

    of the action taken notes on by the Chief Auditor, is noted.

    the Audit Paras of the Annual

    Audit Reports of the Chief

    Auditor for the years ended

    March 1997, March 1999,

    March 2000, March 2001 and

    March 2002.

    8 (D-10) Investment policy of NDMC : Information noted.

    Minutes of the meeting held

    under the said policy of the

    Council laid down by

    Resolution No. 6(D-17) dated

    31st October, 2003 & 5(D-18)

    dated 25th November, 2003.

    9 (C-32) Contracts / Schemes involving Information noted.

    an expenditure of Rs. 1 Lac

    but not exceeding Rs. 50 Lacs

    10 (C-33) Action Taken Report on the Information noted.

    status of ongoing While discussing the ATR on the issue of

    schemes/works approved by Supply of Cooked Meals through

    the Council. NGO’s/Caterers in NDMC Schools (at S.

    No. 15) it was decided by the Council that

    the names of the Agencies who have been

    awarded the jobs of Supply of Cooked Meal

    in NDMC Schools be intimated to the

    Members of the Council for their


    11 (G-4) Implementation of Two-Parts Resolved by the Council that

    Tariff for the Electricity implementation of two part tariff system as

    Consumers of the NDMC already decided vide Council’s Resolution

    Area. No. 3 (i) dated 17.7.2001 be implemented in

    case of bulk consumers of electricity (100

    kw and above of NDMC area from the next

    billing cycle as per the method suggested in

    the preamble.

    12 (E-3) Review of policy regarding Resolved by the Council that review of

    licensing of food policy regarding licensing of food in NDMC

    establishments in NDMC. area as suggested in para 1 and 2 above is


     - 5 -

    13 (S-2) Disciplinary proceedings Resolved by the Council that before taking a

    against S/Sh. M.L. Kapoor, decision in the matter, an opportunity of a

    Assistant Secretary, (Retd.), personal hearing be given to Shri M.L.

    and Daryav Singh, H.A. Kapoor, Asstt. Secy. (Retd.) Chairperson,

    NDMC is authorized on behalf of the

    Council to give personal hearing to Shri

    M.L. Kapoor, Asstt. Secy. (Retd.). As

    regards the case of Shri Daryao Singh, H.A.

    is concerned who is still in service, the

    matter be decided by the Chairperson being

    the Disciplinary Authority.



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