Why chinese is the richest language in the world

By Gordon Lopez,2014-06-23 18:55
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    Why chinese is the richest language in the world?

    You know,china has the largeset population in the world,so the number of those speaking Chinese is the largest.Also people in other countries speak Chinese,as a result,the number increases.

    Now, I will say something from three aspects about Chinese.

    First,the Chinese characters is the Chinese nation great and divine [di'vain] creation. The Chinese characters produced so fantastic legend ['ledʒənd] once. Not only that,Chinese is one of the world's long-standing characters.It is an ancient Chinese labor people's great wisdom creation.The archaeological

    [,ɑ:kiə'lɔdʒikəl] excavation [,ekskə'veiʃən] found that in the

    neolithic [,ni:əu'liθik] age, Chinese appeared on the pottery such as shandong longshan culture,they has existed for about four thousand years.

    Second, the Chinese characters is the world most beautiful language. As the hieroglyphs ,Chinese character is the poetic romantic words and it is based on single syllable or morphemes. In terms of the characters, the Chinese language is based on particular tones beauty.

    Third,Chinese is the most expressive language. It is not

    only the most pithy ['piθi] contracted language, but also the

    most exquisite ['ekskwizit ]words. Chinese have no tense

    change,but it behaves in particularity formed on the basis of Chinese rhetoric ['retərik].

    Chinese is the root of Chinese culture.A kind of language , is a kind of thinking, a national tradition, a concept of value, even is a way of life.In a word, Chinese is the richest language in the world.

    That’s all, thank you!

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