Radio news (present perfect past simple)

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Radio news (present perfect past simple) ...

Radio news (present perfect / past simple) GROUP A

    A1 Rumour : MacDo bought Doyen Gosse building (IUT move to Fontaine industrial


    Grenoble proposed (music magazines) : venue for biggest pop & rock concert since

    Woodstock. “Concert for World Peace”

    Choice for next year’s Miss World Isère region candidate = student from IUT2 Gre :

    Sarah Djalabi, nickname : “the Beauty of the Orient”

    Accident at particle accelerator - “risk of radio-active contamination” (local green

    pressure groups) - “nothing to worry about” (Mayor of Gre)

    Rumours heard: big strike next week Schneider (workers worried - job & pay cuts /

    international competition)

    A2 Report just in (unconfirmed) 10 people missing - 3 dead at particle accelerator

    More details available - “Concert for World Peace” - planned for next August - 1M

    people expected from all over world

A3 (Mac Do Story) Students threaten strike and demos - not happy - “Enough burger

    bars in Grenoble (and world!) already” (student Union spokesman) - Demand action

    from government

    Sarah Djalabi “happiest ever been” when heard news of Isère Miss World

    committee choice

    A4 Angry crowds of workers in front of Schneider factory - camp - wives serving food

    and warm drinks - traffic disrupted - national TV news cameras.

    Concert for World Peace: Bob Dylan, two remaining Beatles, Rolling Stones - hotels,

    restaurants & bars expect huge profits.

    A5 Spokesperson from MacDo objected to proposed restaurant being called “burger

    bar” - during interview outside MacDo on Cours Jean Jaurès - hit by a tomato

    thrown by a student demonstrator

    Missing 10 people from particle accelerator discovered locked in underground

    storeroom - hid & locked door for safety (fear of radiation after computer virus

    caused problems with monitoring system) - eaten biscuits and drank beer (bought

    for a party that weekend) - very happy to be safe

    A6 Sarah Djalabi - rare disease - hormone imbalance - lost all her hair overnight - very

    upset - student feminist group spokeswoman says “if men can be bald, why not


    Schneider workers organised march through town centre - confrontations with

    police outside Town Hall- Several people hurt and many arrested

    A7 Sir Bob Geldof, Irish ex-lead singer of Boomtown Rats & organiser of Live Aid

    asked to open Concert for World Peace - Students complain none of musicians

    younger than 50

    Schneider boss discovered to be stealing money to pay for luxury holidays at

    apartment in Monaco - new boss promised not to sack workers - “better salaries for

    all Schneider employers”

    A8 President of France - visiting England this week - upset people of Manchester by

    saying “I am very happy to visit your delightful city of Liverpool” - Britain called back

    ambassador from Paris for urgent talks

     Sarah Djalabi replaced by Monique LaChique from Paris (Minister for Culture’s


Radio news (present perfect / past simple) GROUP B

    B1 Rumours of strike at Grenoble North Hospital next week - not enough doctors &

    beds - hospital will be practically closed

    Group of Grenoble IUT2 students plan enormous rave party for winter - searching

    for venue - will be called “snow and rave”

    Norbert LeMack (student at Grenoble University) chosen to represent France in

    Eurovision song contest - amateur musician - writes music and sings -

    accompanied by younger sister (plays accordion)

    Gypsies started to arrive from all over France - planning to spend the year on

    university campus - university administration not pleased - spokesman said they will

    take action

    News just in: hostage crisis at Grenoble museum - no details yet - police just

    arrived at scene

B2 Reporter at museum syas 20 hostages - 4 armed terrorists - don’t know who / what

    they want yet

    More details available about “snow and rave” - plans to build giant snow park with

    20metre half-pipe in Place Grenette - music and snowboard competition

    B3 People living near university threatened to take action themselves to stop gypsies

    from coming into Grenoble. Old man said “We fought the Germans in the war, and

    if we have to fight the gypsies to keep them out of our town, we will fight”

    Norbert LeMack “over the moon” at being chosen for the Eurovision

    B4 Strike at hospital expected to close the hospital completely - Army mobilised to

    carry out essential medical services in Grenoble town centre

    “Snow and Rave” expected to attract best DJs from all over the world - French

    snow-boarding team say they will participate

B5 Human rights groups angry at local people’s reactions to gypsies - “They are not an

    invading army, they are a minority people who suffer a lot of persecution”

    (spokesman for “Human Rights Watch”)

    Hostage-takers at hospital negotiating with police - demand a helicopter and 5

    million Euros or they start killing hostages

    B6 Norbert LeMack injured in tragic table tennis accident - vocal chords damaged - can

    no longer sing

    People of Grenoble scared and angry about news of the hospital strike - crowds

    outside Town hall - police rushed to scene

    B7 Mayor of Grenoble asked by President and Interior Minister to cancel plans for

    “snow and rave” - worried about drugs and danger to public safety

    Trouble at town hall stopped - rumours of hospital strike not true - story invented by

    gypsies to divert attention from campus - while people were demonstrating in town

    over 100 caravans arrived at St Martin d’Hères

    B8 Director of Radio France in trouble - one of his radio reporters interviewing English

    Prime Minister called him “a small dog who follows the American President

    everywhere” - British government has broken diplomatic ties with Paris

    Norbert LeMack replaced in Eurovision by a 3-piece girls band from Paris called

    “hot hot hot” (winners of TV amateur talent contest)

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