Most commonly used prefixes

By Cheryl Kennedy,2014-05-26 12:29
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Most commonly used prefixes



     Most commonly used prefixes: Prefix meaning examples mis- bad/badly; wrong/wrongly misunderstand, mislead, misjudge, misfortune dis- not, the opposite of, the absence of; disappear, dislike, discourage, disobey negation, reversal dishonest, disbelief, disgrace, disapproval un- not, lacking, the opposite of unable, unhappy, unimportant, unhurriedly innot injustice, inability, inaccurate, inconsistent, invisible, inhuman inner internal, introvert, include, indoor im- not(used before b-, p-, m- & a./n.) imbalance, imperfect, impatient, immoral inner(used before p- & v. ) import, impress, improve, impact ilnot(used before l- & a./n.) illegal, illogical, illiteracy, illegality irnot (used before r- & a.) irresponsible, irrelative, irrational, irregular non- not, without, against nonageing, nonage, nonmetal, nonconductor, nonsense ex- former exhusband, exmayor, exsoldier, exminister out export, external, extrovert, exclude,extract fore- before, in advance, front forecast, foresee, foretell, forewarn, foreleg pre- before, in advance prewar, preview, prearrange, prepaid, prealarm post- after postwar, postgraduate, postscript, postdate inter- betwteen, among, mutual international, interact, interracial, intercity reagain recall, retreat, retell, remove, regain, review sub- under, beneath subsoil, subway, subconscious, substructure less important, lower in rank, vice subtitle, subeditor, subtropics, subsection under- below underground, underpass, undersea, underline, underwear insufficient, too little undergraduate, underestimate, underdevelop, underpay over- more than usual, too much overcharge, overestimate, overwork, overdue, overpay beyond, excessive overseas, overland, overpopulation, overhang, overfly out- outside, away from, beyond outdoor, outflow, outgrow, outbreak, outlive, outfield better, more than,further outwit, outdo, outfight, outnumber, outrank super- greater than usual, over, above superstar, supermarket, superman, superstructure surpassing, superior to supernatural, superpower, supersonic, superfine en- into, in, cause to become enlarge, enable, endanger, entrap, ensalve, encircle em- (before b-, p-)(the same with en-) embody, empower, embed, embattle by- secondary; near byproduct, byelection; bypass, byway, bypath, bystander co- together,with cooperate, coworker, coincidence, coexistence, coreligionist trans- across, through, over transcend, transpacific, transplant, transmit, transoceanic change transform, transport, translate, transact, transfer ill- bad/badly ill-tempered, ill-bred, ill-health, ill-willed anti- against, opposite antipollution, antiwar, antismoking, antibody, antirevolution auto- self, of or by oneself automation, autonomy, automobile, autograph, autobiography extra- outside, in addition to extracurricular, extraordinary, extramarital, extrasensory, extratime ab- depart, opposite, not abnormal, absent, abnegation, abuse mini- small, little, short minibus, minigun, minicomputer, miniskirt micro- small microscope, micrometer, microphone, microlight

     semi- half bitwo, twice tri- three, three times multi- many

     semifinal, semicircle, semiconduct, semiannual bicycle, biennial, biannual, bilingual, bimonthly triangle, trilingual, tricycle, tricolor multilateral, multimedia, multifunction, multinational, multicolored

     Most commonly used suffixes: Suffix meaning example -able capable of, that can or must be; enjoyable, eatable, believable, remarkable, readable easy to; having a particular quality breakable, forgettable; knowledgeable, comfortable -less lack of, without, not having valueless, careless, speechless, jobless, useless, stainless -ful causing painful, harmful, calmful, doubtful,hateful, fearful having the characteristic of useful, helpful, careful, powerful, beautiful, truthful the amount of handful, mouthful, spoonful, bagful -al belonging/related to additional, natural, educational, fictional, autumnal -some causing or producing tiresome, lonesome, troublesome, fearsome -like typical of warlike, dreamlike, childlike, -y full of, covered with/tending to noisy, dirty, dusty / sleepy, rainy, stormy, windy -ic the scientific study or use of economic, electric, electronic, geographic, politic -ish having nature of girlish, womanish, foolish, childish fairly, approximately reddish, yellowish, -ive having the tendancy/quality of active, abusive, creative, impressive, amusive be related to, belonging to substantive, communicative, descriptive, native -bility the quality or state of ability, capability, responsibility, possibility -ity the quality, state or degree of purity, oddity, maturity, reality, density -graphy subject /n. biography, geography, photography, autobiograpyy -logy subject biology, geology, physiology, zooloty, technology -ment the action or result of commitment, adversement, treatment, punishment -tion the action or state of attraction, introduction, contribution, distribution -hood the time or state of childhood, boyhood, girlhood,manhood -ship the time during which sth. lasts leadership, ownership, membership, friendship -dom the state of freedom, wisedom, kingdom, martyrdom -ism the state or quality of pessimism, optimism, socialism, heroism -ics the science or art of physics, dramatics, economics, dynamics, electronics -er a person who worker, farmer, empoyer, examiner, lover, writer -or a person or sth. that actor, monitor, supervisor, inventor, operator, projector -ee a person affected by an action interviewee, employee, examinee, escapee, payee -eer a person concerned with mountaineer, pioneer, engineer, volunteer, cannoneer -ar a person who beggar, liar, scholar, pedlar, vicar -ess woman/female actress, waitress, hostess, authoress, tailoress, manageress -ist a person who believes or practices buddist, scientist, artist, chemist, pianist, socialist -en a. made of golden, wooden, woolen, waxen, earthen, leaden v.cause to be or to have soften, ripen, worsen, quicken, blacken, darken, sharpen -ize become; act etc. in the way mentioned modernize, socialize, realize, maximize, characterize, popularize, civilize

     -fy make or become purify, simplify, justify, classify, notify, intensify, uglify, beatify -ate make/give the thing or quality of activate, animate, circulate, operate, generate, violate -ward(s) direction / place afterward, downward, outward(s), backward, eastward -ly indicate state/style/degree easily, soundly, placidly, plainly, simply, possibly, slowly indicate place/location/direction centrally, inwardly, vertically, secondly, easterly, westerly -wise indicate direction/means sidewise, sunwise, endwise, otherwise, nowise The most commonly used abbreviations: UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization 联合国教

    科文组织 OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries 石油输出国组织 ASEAN

    Association of South east Asian Nations 东南亚国家联盟 IOC International Olympic

Committee 国际奥林匹克委员会 FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation []联邦调查局

    WTO World Trade Organization 世界贸易组织 WHO World Health Organization 世界/联合

    国卫生组织 VIP Very Important Person 要人 DJI Dow-Jones Index [].琼斯指数 NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization 北,大西洋公!约组织 UNICEF United Nations Childrens Fund 联合国儿童基金会 OECD Organization for Economic Corporation and

    Development 经济合作与发展组织 IMF International Monetary Fund 国际货币基金组织

    ILO International Labour Organization 国际劳工组织 IFC International Finance Corporation 国际金融组织 ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross 国际红十字

    会委员会 CIA Central Intelligence Agency []中央情报局 UN United Nations 联合国

    EEC European Economic Community 欧洲经济共同体 CEO Chief Executive Officer 首席执

    行官 CBA China Basketball Association 中国篮球协会 GNP Gross National Product

    民生产总值 GDP Gross Domestic Product 国内生产总值 VOA Voice of America 美国之音

    BBC British Broadcasting Corporation 英国广播公司 IT Information Technology 信息

    技术 PC Personal Computer 个人电脑 ABC American / Australian Broadcasting Corporation 美国/澳大利亚广播公司 UFO Unidentified Flying Object 不明飞行物 PRC The Peoples Republic of China 中华人民共和国 GMT Greenwich Mean Time 格林威治标

    准时间 CAAC Civil Aviation Administration of China 中国民航总局 CCTV China Central Television 中央电视台 GRE Grade Record Examination []研究生入学考试 TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language 托福考试,作为外国语的英语测验! IELTS International English Language Test System 雅思际英语语言测试系统! MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology 麻省理工学院

     UCLA the University of California at Los Angeles 加利福尼亚州立大学 BC Before Century 公元前 AD After Century 公元后


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