Rebirth of Used Books

By Peggy Wilson,2014-05-26 12:29
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Rebirth of Used Books



     Rebirth of Used Books

     People all that books are made from trees. However do we know one tree can produce how many books? The answer is 24 books. When people begin to consider about this matter, it do make sense to recycle the used books. This action does not only give the second life to books, but also can spread our love to others by passing books to them.

     Recycle for the used books

     Nowadays, it is a common phenomenon that a heap of used books pile up at the corner at home. The owner of these books may totally forget their existence. As a result, it will become a waste of recourses. Therefore, we should find methods to deal with this problem. Recycling is best way to manage this problem. Recycling used books is a great way to keep them in circulation, helping to prevent the possibilities of waste of trees and may even be able to earn a little money. Recycling used books is also pretty easy. We have many different options on what we can deal with a used book, so why think about throwing them away? First of all, we shall realize that recycling is quite a good behavior. Recycling helps to keep our landfills from filling up and stops the need for new landfills. In the second place, recycling the used books is pretty easy and convenient. Next let us share some ways to deal with the second hand books: 1). Throw the used book to an exchanged party. In this way we may use the books which we do not need any more to swap a book which we have interested in. And you can

     communicate with the people in the party. If you have same inclination in books, you can also become friends. 2). Donate the used books to local library or charity. We can feel great knowing our old books will be read by hundreds of more people. The used books are treasures for those who could not afford to buy them. 3). Sell the used books to a bookstore or even try to sell them online. There are lots of book sellers willing to buy them from you. It is a way of killing two birds with one stone. Firstly profits could be raised from the used books. Secondly the used books help other people benefit from a better life. From the mentioned above, we can easily conclude that recycle for the used books is doable and meaningful. Thus our government should take such action to reduce the waste of book resources. But compared with other countries, such as Japan, in this area China is far more behind these developed countries. For instance, books used in the schools will be all put into recycling. If this action is adopted by China government, it can save a large mount of tree recourses for there is a great population in China. Give the used books a second life; let

us take advantages of them.

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