Should A Computer Be Used in Classroom

By Eugene Rogers,2014-05-26 12:29
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Should A Computer Be Used in Classroom



     Should A Computer Be Used in Teaching?

     Computer, in a survey, is acclaimed as one of the greatest inventions in the world in the 21th century. Serving as a significant tool, computers have been closely related to every aspects of one??s life. However, its wide usage in teaching has been discussed. Some people suggest that computer should be avoided in the classroom and the basic study skills should be taught so as to improve students?? reading and writing skills because the school children are becoming too dependent on computers. In my point of view, I couldn??t agree with them and I strongly recommend using computer in the class. (102)

     One reason that I strongly recommend using a computer in the class is that a computer is a necessary teaching-assisted equipment in a class which is featured for its efficiency and fantasy. Many teachers are upset about writing on the blackboard with chalks all the time, especially when they have to write a number of words or exercises. On this occasion, with the help of computer and projector, teachers needn??t write in a hurry and tiredness. Instead, they can take advantage of their prepared materials by computer without wasting time and making written mistakes. Apart from the efficiency, computer helps to make a class fantastic by showing sound and pictures. In this way, students?? attention will be welled drawn, that means, there is no reason tor them to think beyond the class. If both teachers and students can benefit from the computer , why not use it in the class? (148)

     Another reason that I strongly recommend using a computer in the class is that learning computer itself is one of study skills. When study skills are mentioned, the first two words come into our minds are reading and writing skills. In fact, they are not the whole. Let me put it that way, when you are required to make a presentation by power point or edit words and print them, or sometimes to search for learning resources by Internet, apparently, mere reading and writing skills are far from being sufficient. Fortunately, all of the work can be done perfectly by a computer. some partial opinions indeed to be changed on the effects of a computer. What can teachers do is to encourage students to learn how to use a computer because it??s an essential


     study skill that student should command.(139) The last reason that I strongly recommend using a computer in the class is that it is a good way to enhance students?? reading and writing abilities. Computer can provide a wide range of information in a very short time. On the Internet, students get an access to whatever resources they are looking for and

    go through in a very fast speed. Supposing that students do it as their regular work, what they can gain. Of course, it is a high reading speed and an extended scope of knowledge. Input first, output follows is seen as a universal principle and computer plays a significant role in this process for offering a shortcut to learning resources. The importance of a computer finds its expressions in improving students?? reading and writing skills as well as the efficiency of a class. It is as much a teaching-assisted equipment as a basic study skill. (149) It??s not hard to imagine that after enduring the boring teachers who are always talking in the whole class, how would students concentrate on the content of lesson? And where would you stay to search for information, in a library or on the Internet? But no matter on what occasion, I believe that a computer can always be the best choice. (61)

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