CPIs New Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Optimize Data Center

By Albert Ellis,2014-12-11 03:26
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CPIs New Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Optimize Data Center


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    CPI’s New Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Optimize Data Center Performance

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. September 2009 - Chatsworth Products, Inc.

    (CPI), a global manufacturer providing voice, data and security products and

    service solutions that optimize, store and secure technology equipment now

    offers comprehensive Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions to simplify data center

    operations and achieve optimum performance.

CPI’s Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions optimize the data center without

    compromising on pre-configured solutions that limit the ability to meet existing

    and evolving needs. Providing integrated global management of the IT

    architecture, CPI’s advanced Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions include the

    components necessary to meter, monitor and control equipment and devices

    around the world from a single location. A complete personalized Enterprise

     Infrastructure Solution can be built using CPI’s Software Systems, KVM Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Systems and Power Management Products along with Thermal Management integrated into a CPI Cabinet System.

    and Cabinet and Enclosure Systems.

To successfully meter, monitor and control the entire enterprise, CPI’s Scalable Enterprise Management

    Application (SEMA) Software Systems offers equipment access across the entire organization, regardless of physical location. SEMA functions by storing critical information about each device in a searchable, centralized database, making it easy to locate equipment, measure and record temperature and humidity and provide comprehensive per-outlet (per device) power usage.

Easily find and access equipment using CPI’s KVM Systems. With patented technology, these space-saving,

    scalable and fully integrated KVM Systems provide optional IP capability and connections for up to 42 ports per switch in only 1 RMU of space. Deliver enterprise-wide infrastructure management by combining CPI KVM Systems and SEMA software to achieve console access to servers and network switches along with asset management and power monitoring.

In high power density applications, CPI’s Power Management Products supply basic, metered, monitored and

    controlled power solutions. These products meet a wide range of requirements from straightforward power distribution to real-time power monitoring and reporting across the enterprise all the way down to the device level. With the intelligence to manage anything from anywhere, CPI’s Power Management Products present

    current-usage reporting, power cycling and threshold alarms when used with SEMA-compatible controlled Power Distribution Units (PDUs).

Proper Thermal Management is vital to maintaining critical enterprise uptime. CPI Passive Cooling? Solutions

    provide airflow isolation and management techniques in cabinet spaces that allow customers to achieve 2 to 30 kW of cooling, without the need for supplemental cooling systems. By creating barriers between cold supply and hot exhaust air, complete isolation is achieved and only cold supply air is allowed to be directed through equipment. This isolation generates a consistent temperate throughout the room and permits higher set points on the cooling system. When using CPI Passive Cooling Solutions customers can reduce data center cooling costs up to 90%, and save up to 40% on total data center energy costs.

    The cabinet platform the enterprise is built on is just as critical as the equipment it stores. Utilizing a cabinet that is precisely designed to fit equipment and works with the data center’s cooling system is crucial. To meet exact

    data center needs, CPI offers an extensive selection of Cabinet and Enclosure Systems that can be personalized with the options and accessories required to manage specific cabling needs, store critical equipment and overcome thermal and power issues. For high-density situations, CPI’s F-Series TeraFrame?

    and T-Series SteelFrame Cabinet families present a variety of CPI Passive Cooling Solutions and cable

    management options to meet specific enterprise needs.

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About Chatsworth Products, Inc.

    Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI) is a global manufacturer providing voice, data and security products and service solutions that optimize, store and secure technology equipment. CPI Products offer innovation, configurability, quality and value with a breadth of integrated system components, covering virtually all physical layer needs. Unequalled customer service and technical support, as well as a global network of industry-leading distributors, assures customers that CPI is dedicated to delivering products and services designed to meet their needs. Headquartered in Westlake Village, Calif., CPI has manufacturing facilities in Chatsworth, Calif.; Georgetown, Texas, New Bern, N.C. and the Asia Pacific region. CPI’s international offices are located in Mexico, China and

    the United Kingdom. For more information, visit

    CPI is listed with the General Services Administration (GSA) under Federal Supply Schedule IT 70. Products are also available through GSA Advantage and through Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), including GSA Connections and NITAAC-ECS III. For more information, visit

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