The Day Spa Salon Treatment and Product Price List Kaeso and

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The Day Spa Salon Treatment and Product Price List Kaeso and

    The Day Spa Salon Treatment and

    Product Price List

    Kaeso and Transformulas Cosmedic Facials Further information regarding facials available in salon, or call 0191 510 8020 to speak to us.

    mini facial 20mins ?17.00

    express facial 30mins ?20.00

    the day spa facial 1 hour ?30.00

    anti-wrinkle facial 1 hour ?35.00

    toning and firming facial 75mins ?42.00

    indian head massage 20mins ?25.00


    Make the most of your eyes with one of our enhancing treatments - try our eyelash perming which gives your lashes a gentle curve for upto 6 weeks, or add some individual of full eyelash extensions for fuller, longer lashes.

    eyelash tint 20mins ?8.00

    eyebrow tint 15mins ?4.00

    eyelash extensions (individual) 20mins ?12.00

    eyelash perming 60mins ?20.00

    eyebrow waxing 15mins ?6.00 tea tree wax (?7.50

    PHD wax)

    eyebrow wax & tint 30mins ?8.00

    eyebrow wax & lash tint 35mins ?12.00

    eyebrow wax & tint, & lash tint 45mins ?15.00

    eyebrow wax & tint, & lash extensions 1hr 10mins ?25.00

    Make-up We are stockists of Bare Escentuals make-up: make-up you can sleep in. Fragrance free, also provides SPF15 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. This make-up will suit all age groups and skin types. The full range is available within the Spa.


    Your hands and nails are on show all day, every day - so why not take care of them? Try one of our expert manicures, from a quick file and polish to a deluxe manicure including massage and deep hydrating wax treatment.

    french manicure (hands & feet) 2 hours ?28.00

    file and polish 30mins ?10.00

    manicure 1 hour ?18.00

    deluxe manicure (paraffin wax & mitts) 1 hour ?23.00

    pedicure 1 hour ?18.00

    deluxe pedicure (paraffin wax & booties) 1hr 30mins ?23.00

nail extensions 1hr 30mins ?25.00

    > coming soon: toe nail extensions

    infills 45mins ?15.00

    natural overlay 45mins ?20.00

    express nails ?20.00


    Top to toe waxing for both men and women. We offer two types: tea tree wax is the original wax pot-and-spatula method, and PHD wax, a more modern method which is quicker and cleaner.

     tea tree PHD

    eyebrow wax 15mins ?6.00 ?7.50

    lip wax 15mins ?5.00 ?5.50

    chin wax 15mins ?5.00 ?5.50

    lip & chin wax 20mins ?8.50 ?9.50

    bikini wax 15mins ?6.00 ?8.50

    brazilian wax 20mins ?9.50 ?11.50

    underarm wax 15mins ?5.00 ?8.00

    forearm wax 30mins ?10.00 ?13.50

    half leg wax 30mins ?12.00 ?15.00

    full leg wax 45mins ?16.00 ?20.00

    full leg & bikini wax 1 hour ?18.00 ?27.00

    stomach wax 15mins ?4.50 ?5.50

    chest wax 20mins ?10.00 ?11.50

    back wax 20mins ?10.00 ?11.50

Spray tanning

    We can apply St. Tropez as a 15 minute spray treatment if you’re in a hurry - we also

    offer full body treatments which includes full body exfoliation, moisturising and professional application for the perfect tan.

    full body ?20.00

    legs only ?10.00

    face only ?5.00

    arms only ?5.00

    Why we recommend St Tropez:

     It doesn’t turn you orange • You can see where you’re applying

     It doesn’t streak • Get your desired depth of colour

     A very natural colour!

    Tan like the stars! St. Tropez has an advanced, high performance formulation - enriched with aloe vera, natural marine extracts, and creatine - to help improve your skin’s appearance and

    promote renewal and elasticity for firmer looking skin.

    Why not host a spray tanning party?

5 guests have a full body tan = you get yours FREE

    10 guests have a full body tan = you get yours FREE, plus a surprise free gift! For more information please contact us on 0191 510 8020

    Bleaching Helps to lighten dark, unwanted hair and is an alternative to waxing or hair removal. lip bleaching 15mins ?4.00 stomach bleaching 15mins ?5.00

    forearm bleaching 25mins ?8.00

    Spa packages

    relax and unwind 2hrs 30mins ?60.00

    european back, neck & shoulder massage; pedicure and manicure both with paraffin

    wax treatment

    summer package 2 hours ?65.00

    St. Tropez tan, half leg wax, bikini wax, eyebrow wax & eyelash tint

    winter package 2hrs 15mins ?55.00

    multivitamin hand & foot treatments including paraffin wax, body exfoliation & moisturiser, plus a mini facial

    mother-to-be package 2hrs 15mins ?63.00

    manicure and pedicure with paraffin wax treatment; express facial plus a light lunch

    luxury package 3 hours ?73.00

    express facial; back, neck & shoulder massage; pedicure & manicure plus a light lunch We can also create custom spa packages if you would prefer something different -

    contact us for details


    We stock the latest anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing technology products!

    Restorelite anti-aging/wrinkle machine

    Using harmless infrared rays, Restorelite is the only medically proven technology to be used for cosmetic purposes other than Botox ?139.99

Virulite cold sore machine

    The newest most effective cold sore treatment, far superior to any creams.

    Using infrared light technology, it's the only therapeutic technology which has been independently proven to be cytoprotective (it improves the skin's immune responce and repairs damaged cells) ?45.00 to receive Please call us on 0191 510 8020 or email us at product literature or more information.

Electrical treatments

    Our platinum detox is a totally safe low-voltage treatment - the machine is similar in principle to the electrolysis machines used in the depuration of residual waters. It makes use of the existing membrane of the sebaceous glands, the eccrine sweat glands of the feet.

    platinum detox 1 session ?30.00

     6 sessions ?160.00


    We use the Studex disposable cartridge system - individually wrapped earrings and no personal handling means it is one of the most hygienic systems available, from the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier in the industry.

    earrings from ?7.50 pair

    nose piercing from ?10.00

    We stock a wide variety of ear and nose rings from birthstones to cubic zirconia. Hoops available on request.


    A more effective way to get rid of embarrassing, unwanted hair.

    This is an effective, progressive permanent method of removing superfluous hair growth. By causing controlled tissue destruction at the base of the follicle, electrolysis weakens the hair to inhibit growth.

    When this service is performed correctly it leaves no marks, and with the development of state of the art equipment any discomfort is minimal.

    Consultations are free. 30 Mins ?15.00 1 Hour ?28.00

    Unisex hair salon

    Our stylist has over twenty years experience.

    Cut & blow dry from ?15.00

    Blow dry ?9.95

    Trim ?7.50

    Men’s trim ?5.00 Kids trim (under 10) ?6.00

    Kids cut and blow dry ?12.50


Permanent colour ?35.00

    Roots ?27.50

    Semi Colour ?25.00

    Full head of foils from ?45.00

    Half head ?35.00

    Full head colour (with foils) ?55.00

    Colour correction Price on consultation


    Body perm ?25.00

    Root perm ?30.00

    Acid wave ?35.00

    Spiral from ?45.00

All perm and colour prices are inclusive of cut and blow wave.

    Hair extensions

    With over fifteen years experience in the hairdressing industry, your new extensions are in expert hands

    Hair extensions are not just used to lengthen hair - we can also use them to add colour, volume or thickness. We offer a free consultation service which includes getting the best colour match to your natural hair. We also find the best extensions which will be right for you, and we follow up with a full aftercare service.

    full head extensions from as little as ?150.00

    individual strands from ?2.50 each

    We also offer a range of crazy colours for childrens’ parties - easily removed and hassle-


    Come in for your free consultation in our relaxed and friendly salon - you’ll be pleased

    how competitive our prices are.

    Redken hair products


    REAL CONTROL - Reinforce & transform dense/dry/sensitised hair

    Shampoo 300ml ?10.80 Conditioner 250ml ?12.35

     Intense Renewal 250ml ?19.65

    Thermal Resist 150ml ?16.45

EXTREME - Strength for distressed hair

    Shampoo 300ml ?10.35 Conditioner 250ml ?11.95

    Anti-Snap 250ml ?15.35

    Rescue Force 250ml ?19.15 Iron Repair 150ml ?16.45

BODY FULL - Anti-Gravity volume for fine hair

    Shampoo 300ml ?10.35 Conditioner 250ml ?11.95

     Carbo-Bodifier 150ml ?14.45

    Plump Treat 150ml ?13.90

ALL SOFT - Softness for dry/brittle hair

    Shampoo 300ml ?10.35 Conditioner 250ml ?11.95

     Heavy Cream 250ml ?19.15

    Velvet Whip 150ml ?15.35 Gold Glimmer 50ml ?13.20

    CLEAR MOISTURE - Lightweight moisture for normal/dry hair Shampoo 300ml ?10.35 Instant Polish Prep 125ml ?13.90

     Conditioner 250ml ?11.95

    COLOR EXTEND - Protection for color-treated hair Shampoo 300ml ?10.35 Conditioner 250ml ?11.95 Rich Defender 250ml ?19.15

    Total Recharge 150ml ?13.90

BLONDE GLAM - Shine activation for multi-tonal blondes and highlights

    Shampoo 300ml ?10.35 Conditioner 250ml ?11.95 Pure Pearl 200ml ?13.90

    Dream Whip 150ml ?14.45 Crystal Flash 50ml ?13.20

    SMOOTH DOWN - Smoothness for very dry/unruly hair Shampoo 300ml ?10.35 Conditioner 250ml ?11.95 Heat Glide 150ml ?16.45 Butter Treat 250ml ?19.15 Detangling Cream 250ml ?15.35 COLOR EXTEND SUN - Advanced protection and replenishment for sun exposed hair

    Shampoo 300ml ?10.35 Shimmering Defense 150ml ?15.35 Ray Guard 150ml ?15.35

    Sparkling Shield 150ml ?15.35 After-Sun Mask 250ml ?15.35

    FRESH CURLS - Moisture/frizz control for curly hair Shampoo 300ml ?10.35 Conditioner 250ml ?11.95 Curl Boost 250ml ?13.90

    Spring Mousse 150ml ?13.90 Curl Refiner 250ml ?15.35 Anti-frizz Shiner 50ml ?13.20

VIVAGEN - Enrichment for thinning hair

    Shampoo 300ml ?10.35 Treatment 150ml ?22.45

Please note products from the Styling range are also available - please ring or email for

    more info.



    Shampoo 300ml ?8.50

    Densify Thickening Shampoo 300ml ?8.50

    Retaliate Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 300ml ?8.50


    Mint Clean Shampoo 300ml ?8.50

    Cool Finish Conditioner 300ml ?8.50

    Chill Blast - Daily Fortifying Anti-Dandfuff Tonic 150ml ?10.85


    Stand Tuff - Extreme Hold Gel 150ml ?10.90

    Maneuver Working Wax 100ml ?10.90

    Can't make it to the Spa? simply ring with your card details and we'll mail your product out to you 1st class.

Bare Escentuals

    The complete range of Bare Escentuals products is available - please ask for details. Buxom Lips full size

    Available in 9 Colours: Bambi, Amber, Dolly, Candi, Ginger, Brandi, Trixie, Kanini & Krystal ?13.00 each

    Lip Glosses 5.6g Available in 5 Colours: Glee, Gossamer, Sweet Pink, Wearable Nude & Rose

    Quartz ?10.00 each 8g Big Tease Mascara, 5.6g Espresso, 5.6g Lash Builder & 5.6g Weather Everything Mascara ?9.50 each

    Get Started Eye Kit 7 Piece ?40.00

    Get Started Foundation Kit Available in 4 Colours: Tan, Medium, Dark & Light ?44.00 each

    Eye Shadows .57g Available in 5 Colours: Bisque, Cashmere, Chenille, Soul & Vanilla Sugar ?9.50 each

    Eye Glimmers .57g Available in 5 Colours: Bareskin, Celestine, Joy, Nude Beach & True Gold ?9.50 each

    Eye Glimpses .57g Available in 2 Colours: Cultured Pearl & Pink Rosy ?9.50 each Eye Liner Shadows .28g Available in 4 Colours: Bark, Green Tea, Patio Party & Soft Black ?9.50 each

    Mineral Veil 13.5g ?19.50

    SPF Foundations 9g Available in 5 Colours: Fair, Light, Medium, Medium Tan & Dark ?19.00 each

    Face Colour 2.8g

    Available in 6 Colours: Warmth, True, Faux Tan, Rose Radiance, Warm Radiance & Pure Radiance ?18.50 each Multi-Taskers Available in .85g Bisque, 2.5g Honey Bisque & .85g Well Rested ?15.50 each

    Blushers 2.5g Available in 3 Colours: Hint, Laughter & Thistle ?14.50 each

Jane Iredale

    The complete range of Jane Iredale products is available - please ask for details.

    Liquid Mineral Foundation 30ml

    Available in 19 shades to suit all skin tones - please call or email for more details. ?27.50


    Mascara 7g Available in Jet Black & Brown-Black ?12.00 each Lash Conditioner 9g ?11.00

    Pure Pressed Base Foundation SPF20 9.9g

    Available in 24 shades to suit all skin tones - please call or email for more details. ?27.50

each Available in 8 Colours: Candied Rose, Pink Candy, Mimosa, Apricot Pure Gloss Lip Gloss 5ml Fizz,

    Cotton Candy, Wild Apple, Iced Mocha & Cherry Sparkle ?12.50 each Active Light Under Eye Concealer 2g No 2, No 4 & No 5 ?19.50 each

    24 Karat Gold Dust Shimmer Blusher 1.8g

    Available in 5 Colours: Silver, Lilac, Gold, Champagne & Bronze ?9.50 each Handi Buki Brush ?20.00 each

    Moonglow Golden Bronzer 8.5g ?27.50

    Pure Moist Lip Colour SPF18 Lipstick 3.4g Available in 30 Colours ?12.50 each

    Can't make it to the Spa? simply ring with your card details and we'll mail your product

    out to you 1st class.

The Day Spa Salon - 4 Stockton Terrace, Grangetown, Sunderland SR2 9RQ

    Tel: 0191 510 8020 • Email: • Web:

    Note: descriptions and prices are subject to change. Please confirm with the salon prior to

    booking any treatments.

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