The Breakfast

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The Breakfast

    To the


A publication by the Rotary Club of Breakfast Point

The Club meets every Thursday at 7.15 am at the

    Breakfast Point Country Club

    72 Village Drive

    Breakfast Point NSW 2137

    thIssue Number 27 To the Point” Thursday 19 March , 2009

    Chairman‟s Page

    Dear Members

    Oops! no President’s page to date – will

    update when I receive it



    ? Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment aimed at average

    girls and boys aged between 14 and 16 years, who possess

    qualities of decency, persistence, sincerity and application

    in every day life which deserve further development.

    ? Youth Directors of Rotary Clubs are encouraged to seek

    the assistance of High School Principals and Year 9 and 10

    Advisors, or other community youth groups in their areas

    ? RYPEN aims to communicate to young people a series of

    ideas, problems and social experiences which will assist

    them in forming their own values and moral standards and

    to broaden their horizons culturally, socially and academic.

    ? Karen, our Club‟s Child Protection Officer (many thanks for

    that Karen) has been kind enough to explain the forms that

    our Club members need to consider.

    ? Karen will be keeping all the necessary documentation for

    this initiative.

    ? Please check out the attachment at end of this issue for an

    update of this very worthwhile initiative.

    ? End of June or mid June has been tentatively suggested

    ? Marcia has provided an information package for the

    volunteers for Burwood Girls‟ High School at the Tennis

    Centre, Homebush.

    ? We now have six definite starters of Ellen, Brian, Jon,

    Antonio, Chrissie and Kerry - we will need to travel to

    Homebush after our normal meeting mant thanks to

    Chrissie for stepping in for Ritchie who is in Texas!!

    ? Lunch and morning tea will be provided.

    ? Rystars Initiative Rotary Youth Studying Astronomy and

    Related Sciences

    ? Residential School for Year 9, 10 and 11 StudentCost of

    three day camp is $230 for accommodation, all food, travel

    to venues and a polo shirt NOT TRAVEL TO


    thIssue Number 27 To the Point” Thursday 19 March , 2009

    Reminders! (cont.)

    ? Tuesday 28th April, 2009 in aid of Victorian Fires

    ? Bankstown Golf Club

    ? Shotgun Start commencing at 8 am with registration from


    ? Concord Community Hostel th? 50 Annual Luncheon th? Wednesday 11 March (see Flyer)

    ? We will be approached to assist with the barbeque for this

    most auspicious occasion (Pam will be keeping us up to

    speed on this)

    ? Brian‟s book – hot off the press!! “Following Marco Polo‟s

    Silk Road” - at $25 a copy this is very good value - Ethnee

    is thoroughly enjoying the copy KB bought and Kerry is

    anxious to get his hands on it for every copy sold Brian is

    donating $2 to Rotary a good read and a way to support


    ? Sunday 3rd May at St Mary‟s District Senior High School

    ? We will discuss this later but please keep a note of the this


    ? begin with 15 minutes of fellowship takes us to 7:30

    am SHARP

    ? Speaker for 20 minutes

    ? Sergeant‟s Session until 8:00 am

    ? Announcements until 8:15 am SHARP

    Reminders! (cont.)

    2010 Rotary District 9690 Conference Club Forster thstFriday 19 to Sunday 21 March, 2010

    ? The planning/organisation has been already in train for

    several months the venue at Club Forster has already in

    the past facilitated many District Conferences exdtremely


    ? Please keep this date in your diaries .

    ? There will be progressive updates in the next 12 monbths

    or so

    ? The theme for the Saturday Night Dinner Dance will be

    “Circus, Circus”

    ? Each Rotary Club is asked to appoint a Conference

    Chairperson to co-ordinate registration and

    accommodation for our Club.

    ? Our very good friends from Holroyd Rotary are the co-

    ordinating club for this event.


    Last Weeks Report

    ? Apologies from Margery, Jon Hawke, Pam and Ritchie Lees

    and Tom Croker. Visitors this week were: Ms Gloria Walter,

    a friend of Ellen, Harley Tarrant, Paul Sarks form Burwood

    Rotary and Kate and Aaron from Burwood Rotaract; our

    speaker for today Dr Eddie Butterworth and his wife Liz.

    ? Phillip Britten gave a short précis of the District

    Conference mentiones three speakers Brian McGuigan,

    Kerry Potthurst and James Morrison mentioned next

    year‟s District Conference – see under Reminders

    ? Kate and Aaron from Burwood Rotaract introduced us to

    Rotaract we were introduced to Rotaract‟s origins and

    goals –„Service above Self” – this week is Rotaract Week

    BP Rotary was given the challenge to promote a Rotaract

    Club in Breakfast Point Burwwod Rotaract has offered to

    help in this initiative. other “fun” involvements – Charity

    Harbour Cruises great fun.

    ? Burwood Rotaract has 20 members 10 core members

    very proud of the „Primary School Citizen Award” – not an

    thIssue Number 27 To the Point” Thursday 19 March , 2009

    academic award recognises future leaders 55 students

    from 26 schools were involved great. ? Contacts for Burwood Rotaract

    ? Kate Cornford (President) 0417 221 249 Vice President

    Aaron Sirasothy website ? Ethnee introduced Dr Edward Butterworth of Breakfast

    Point; Eddie was born and schooled in England and

    Switzerland followed by two years in the British Army

    based in the Middle East. Eddie graduated in Medicine from

    Edinburgh University in 1965 and he and his family settled

    permanently in Australia in 1974 and he set up practice in

    Rose Bay as a GP. He now practises in a Group Practice in

    Pitt Street.

    ? Eddie specialises in anti-aging medicine and also in the

    treatment of scoliosis and postural problems using a reflex

    orthotic that he has designed himself. Eddie discussed

    Hormone Replacement for Men.

    ? These days people are much more exposed to estrogen in

    the food chain the prevalence of the birth control pill in

    our society loss of testosterone in men can lead to loss of

    assertion, lean muscle, sex drive and libido, weight gin, risk

    of prostate cancer, bladder problems and loss of body hair.

    ? How to replace this upset balance an estrogen

    dominance can be the problem a saliva test is available to

    identify this condition gives a base line of what hormones

    are present.

    ? A compounding pharmacist can prepare a „tailor made‟

    cream containing the appropriate amounts of hormones

    based on results from the saliva tests.

    ? Dr Eddie has had some wonderful results from this therapy

    ? Kerry Brooks thanked Eddie and Liz for their attendance at

    our club

    ? Tony Marrum is to be inducted next week please attend if

    at all possible

    ? Our speaker for this week is Graeme Philpot from Stewart

    House a wonderful charitable initiative and we all will

    benefit form his talk.

    ? Brian is hoping to have visiting Rotarians from Ohio at our


    ? Our weekly raffles among our members is proving a good

    way to raise a bit of extra money!!

    Duties Schedule Duty This Week (19/3/09) Next week (26/3/09)Set up & Clear Kerry Brooks Kerry Brooks Meet & Greet Ethnee Brooks Ellen Crosland Reporter Kerry Brooks Kerry Brooks Speaker Intro Michael Smith ??????? Speaker Thanks Michael Smith ????? Meeting Chairman Brian Lawrenson B rian Lawrenson

Please send any comments or anything for inclusion in this publication to Kerry

    Brooks ‘phone 9739 6180 – Fax 9739 6182

The Objects of Rotary

    To encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy

    enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster:

    First: The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for


    Second: High ethical standards of business and profession.

    The recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations.

    The dignifying by each Rotarian of their occupation as an

    opportunity to serve society.

    Third: The application of the ideal of service by every Rotarian to

    their personal, business and community life.

    Fourth: The advancement of international understanding,

    goodwill and peace through a world of fellowship of business

    and professional persons united in the ideal of service.

    thIssue Number 27 To the Point” Thursday 19 March , 2009

President Brian Lawrenson

    Rotary Club of Breakfast Point

    Dear Brian

    Here is the latest update for our ride around the District for the Great Australian Bike Ride.

As you are all aware by now that The Great Australian Bike Ride ththwill be stopping in Parramatta from 16 to the 19 April. So on ththFriday the 17 April and Saturday the 18 April, I along with some

    other riders will ride around our District, aprox 300kms, taking a scroll to get signed by all Presidents or representatives from the respective clubs to hand over to Australian rotary Health on behalf of District 9690.

     thWe will be arriving in your part of the world on Friday 17 April

    at aprox 10.00am and departing at aprox 10.15am, we will be coming in from Concord probably down Gale Street to the Village Green the heading to Burwood probably up Kendall Street to Cabarita Road and over to Burwood Road.

    You suggested a meeting point for your club on the day would be , if you or any of your members have any other suggestions as to the route we could take both in and out of your area, this would be a great advantage as you have intimate knowledge of your area.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could make available either a couple of bottles of water, juice or soft drink and maybe some biscuits, a snack bar, muesli bar or some fruit to help the riders on their way. There should only be about 4 or 5 riders at each point and a couple in the support team but this will be confirmed also as it gets nearer.

    As I’ve said in previous correspondence I’m hoping that if you have members of your club or family or friends that would like to participate by riding a few kms either to or from your club to the next that you can let me know, they will be greatly accepted into the fold, I assure you.

    Please contact me if you have any questions whatsoever also if you wish me to come and discuss details with you or your club. Let’s get behind the Great Australasian Bike Ride when it comes to our District and show Australian Rotary Health and the riders travelling through our fair City from Melbourne on their way to Brisbane, that District 9690 salutes their progress via way of our scroll.

Yours in Rotary Service

P.P. Melvin Gray (Mel)

    Rotary Club of Blacktown City

Ph home 02-9622-5576

    Mobile 0417-657-620 or 0412-007-120


    thIssue Number 27 To the Point” Thursday 19 March , 2009

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