The Conscious Evolution Diet

By Amber Hudson,2014-05-18 15:17
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The Conscious Evolution Diet

The Conscious Evolution Lifestyle Recommendations

    By Mark Hilton, MSIS

The Variables of this Lifestyle include:

    1. Hormone Replacement Therapy

    2. Diet: Eating & Drinking + Supplements

    3. Exercise

    4. Sleep

    5. Replacing Deficient Hormones (Optional)

Table of Contents

    1. The Big Picture Introduction A diet for adult men and women.

    2. Recommendations in a Nutshell

    3. Science of Eating (ImmunoLabs or Alcat)

    4. Science of Nutrition (Spectra Cell)

    5. Science of Exercise

    6. Vice and Cheating

    7. Sleep

    8. Hormone Replacement Therapy


    1. What is the Conscious Evolution Lifestyle?

Conscious Evolution as a lifestyle philosophy is based on living in self-examined

    awareness and self-directing ones behavior towards a super life of ever vigilant

    personal improvement, health, youthfulness and vitality in a single word

    embracing Longevity.

The Conscious Evolution Lifestyle Recommendations individually or as a whole

    are not meant to encompass the word “diet”, because 95%+ of all diets miserably

    fail, instead embrace lifestyle recommendations as a starting point for a new way

    of life, one that requires fitness and health consciousness in each and every

    moment of now. In the beginning of change there is difficulty adjusting, requiring

    eternal vigilance and dedication at first, with embracing a way of life which is at

    odds with our modern life, eventually the lifestyle no longer becomes a challenge

    and instead becomes normal and acting differently the old way seems alien,

    strange and odd. In time the lifestyle is the only way to live, it becomes unconscious and normal, even automatic. Finally living the old way seems sickening and deleterious. Once other people see your new excellent health, vitality and energy emerge, you will become as a metaphorical beacon of light, other people will ask and want to know what you are doing, what you are “on”. Share lifestyle recommendations with others when they ask so they too will go through the stages of evolution which starts with struggling vigilance, dedication and difficulty, to the normalcy of super life provided by the conscious evolution lifestyle recommendations.

    Human longevity and quality of health is peaking and reversing.

    It is common knowledge, the human life span for at least the last 5 thousand years of historically recorded human history (and probably the last 2 million years) has been documented to hover around the 30’s and 40’s (or earlier) in terms of years in age span - with exceptions of course - this age range has been consistently and scientifically backed up by carbon dating in several thousand completely separate international studies from scientific institutes around the world. It wasn’t until the last century the average human life span began to steadily rise with the advent and advance of medicine, hygiene and nutrition, with the average life span in 1

    st world civilized nations rising to the 70s and 80’s - as a

    result, the average life span nearly or more than doubled in the last 100 years or so.

    stThe (current) modern 1 world western or American diet and sedentary life style

    is not only causing rapid aging and acceleration of hormone deficiency in adults, but may actually be plateau’ing the life span and longevity gains created over the last 100 years.

In general the current American culture, diet and lack of exercise “lifestyle” is

    actually reversing all the gains made over the last 100 years, especially with nearly 1 in 4 Americans suffering from the disease obesity, even being overweight (and not obese) has been strongly linked with the increased risk of cancer, diabetes and all other kinds of diseases vastly shorting the human life span of a large percentage of the population despite wealth, income, race and status. Today, even worse is the fact childhood obesity and diabetes has skyrocketed in this age of fast food, video games, preservatives and white refined sugar.

    Succeeding in gaining a super life of vitality and wellness begins with Hormone Replacement Therapy

2. In a nutshell A successful health and longevity centered lifestyle requires all

    life centric variables are considered and treated with great importance, more specifically; one of the best sources of reversing falling quality of life span is beginning with focus on replacing deficient hormones in our body as we age.

    Hormone replacement therapy programs do not just replace single deficient hormones as islands, but replace all deficient hormones synergistically. Moreover, the most successful hormone replacement therapy programs, must involve a radical focus on the whole picture, the big picture, which is primarily diet, exercise, sleep and supplements without these factors closely monitored one

    might join the 2 to 3% of people who fail in their HRT life style program.

3. Diet Immunolabs offers a blood test which extracts your white blood cells,

    and tests how your blood interacts with the common foods you eat, determining whether you have any unknown allergies. These foods should be avoided. However if you do not want to take the Immunolabs test you can follow some general guidelines. In general don’t go more than 2.5 to 3 hours without eating something healthy, and there should at all times be a bottle or glass of water with you, stay very focused on a 30% caloric restriction diet if you have weight issues. Portion control is very crucial and should be at the center of your new diet program. Most restaurants provide portions 2 to 3x what is normal and healthy

    not to mention the food from restaurants is more often than not processed and re-processed. Make a huge effort to buy your own food, read the labels and do the cooking yourself; the benefits and financial savings will far outweigh the time costs.

    Strive to eat raw fresh organic vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and lean meats.

On Dairy

To the point: Decrease its usage.

Limit and minimize all dairy products many people are allergic to dairy products

    without even knowing it because there are no obvious signs which they can directly link to its consumption. Many scientists believe dairy is less than 10,000 years old as part of the human diet and therefore we may not in many cases have fully evolved to healthfully process it. Humans are the only animals which

    drink the milk from another animal. Some milk products have been found to have trace amounts of hormones which were used to accelerate the fattening up of the cows and to get them to lactate producing abnormal levels of milk. Some trace amounts of pesticides have been found in dairy products which can cause imbalances in hormones, genetic damage and accelerate the aging process.

    In over 10,000 studies on animals over the last century a near starvation restricted calorie diet can extend the longevity and quality of lifespan 20 to 30% and decrease disease by 20 to 30%. In fact of all variables considered and tested in longevity and health, near starvation calorie restriction was the only scientifically repeated factor which consistently provided the best gains regarding anti-aging and increased energy levels with the highest reduction of disease.

    3.1 Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day, watch the portions closely 3.2 breakfast should be the largest meal of the day (take your vitamins then)

    3.3 - Snack between breakfast and lunch.

    3.4 lunch should be the second largest meal of the day 3.5 eat a snack between lunch and dinner. 3.6 dinner should be the smallest meal of the day. 3.7 Drink water all day long (see section on hydration)

Go to bed on an empty stomach, for the highest release of human growth

hormone during your full night of 8 hours of sleep.

    Top 25 Foods to Heal / Top 25 Foods to Avoid

1) Apricots 01) Anchovies

    2) Bananas 02) Alcohol

    3) Beans 03) Bacon

    4) Bell Peppers 04) Canned fruit

    5) Broccoli 05) Canned Soup

    6) Cantaloupe 06) Chocolate

    7) Carrots 07) Fried Foods

    8) Garbanzos Beans 08) Gravies

    9) Garlic 09) Ice Cream

    10) Greens (spinach, kale, chard) 10) Pickled Eggs 11) Kiwi 11) Processed Cheese

    12) Lamb 12) Processed Cereals

    13) Oat Bran 13) Saturated Fats

    14) Onions 14) Soft Cheeses

    15) Oranges 15) Soft drinks

    16) Papaya 16) Tuna, in oil

    17) Fresh Pasta 17) White Sugar

    18) Potatoes (baked) 18) White flour

    19) Soybeans Rice (Brown) 19) White Rice

    20) Tomatoes 20) White Vinegar

    21) Tuna (water packed) 21) Yogurt in Syrup

    22) Turkey (skinless breast) 22) Pork

    23) Yams 23) Processed Meat

    24) Yogurt 24) Coffee

    25) 8 glasses of Water 25) Processed Foods

On Hydration

    To the Point: 8 glasses of water per day and add an additional shower without the use of harsh chemicals, soaps and shampoos.

    Look very closely and pay particular attention at the specific differences in skin on people from the those in the spring, summer, fall and winter of their lifespan

    young and old. Have you looked closely at a young child or baby and then looked at grandparent on the other end of the spectrum in terms of age - in the last decades of a normal or long life span? Specifically skin which starts out and seems to be more supple, smooth, firm, wrinkle free and plump, where as the natural course of metamorphosis towards the end of the human life span cycle is marked by skin which appears to have a saggy-shriveled, skin becomes thin and lose, marked with different tones and age spots, a loss of overall elasticity and fine lines become deep wrinkles. This occurs because of many factors and variables, but one important fact is hydration and with age the body loses its ability to hold water at the cellular level. Water is absolutely essential to maintaining healthy skin, mental function, sexual function, general health and is the most essential ingredients in the entire body. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

    Do you shower in the morning or at night? Have you looked closely at the chemicals in your soap and shampoos, many of these products are causing you to feel refreshed after your shower; however the chemicals in these products may in the long term be aging or drying out your skin at an accelerated rate. If you shower in the morning using your normal soap, and shampoo products, consider at night taking a shower, not with luke warm water, ending with cold water do not use soap or shampoo in your evening shower, simply use the shower as an opportunity to hydrate your skin, drink a large glass of water before you go to bed, and you are well hydrated for the night where the vast majority of regeneration occurs. Hydration is significantly important for your quality of life, the health of your skin, the functioning of your body and brain. Good hydration is

    an important variable in your new health Be hydration conscious and experience how you feel more refreshed and invigorated.

    4. Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements Even the healthiest diet is deficient in essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements and by anti-aging and

    longevity medical standards, all RDA recommendations are insufficient. Take a

    close look at the back of your vitamin bottles, many of those items which say

    100% or more are insufficient.

Consult your doctor before taking any vitamins and minerals if you have any

    health problems which could be adversely effected.

4.1 Take Calcium, Vitamin D, Zinc and Magnesium. RDA recommendations of

    Calcium and Vitamin D are considered insufficient.

4.2 High Potency Multivitamin Daily. Some people have reported they got better

    results when they took a vitamin before they went to bed vs. taking one in the


4.3 Melatonin 1 to 3mg per day (15 minutes before you go to sleep) 3 to 4 days a

    week, start with 1mg and move up the dose until you no longer feel refreshed in

    the morning, be careful of dependency.

4.4 Omega 3 oils (3 to 5 grams per day)

    4.5 CoQ10 L-Carnitine Ribose 3 recommended supplements to support healthy Mitochondria, and a great source of energy 30 minutes before working


4.6 Vitamin C min of 500mg a day, Anti-Aging dose 2,000mg daily. Linus Pauling

    who won the Nobel Prize twice, toward the end of his long life at the age of 95,

    was taking 15,000mg of vitamin C per day, 1,000mg less than what our recent

    primate ancestors naturally make in their bodies (16,000mg), we lost our ability to

    produce vitamin C naturally within our bodies allegedly at some point somewhere

    along our evolution from our primate ancestors.

5. Exercise Exercise is a non-negotiable. Exercise 6 days a week, with one

    day off. Best time to exercise is in the morning on an empty stomach after HRT

    injections. Set aside 2 hours a day mentally and physically in your schedule, so

    you have the room, to change and get mentally ready really make the most of

    your workouts, consciousness plays a big part in the development of new

    muscles. Rotate your workouts in a manner which tricks the muscles so they do

    not get used to any kind of pattern of weight training and cardio exercise.

5.1 - You need at least 1.5 hours a day of actual exercise, our ancestors typically

    got 8 to 12 hours per day of solid “moving around” and keeping physically busy, therefore 1.5 hours is a drop in the bucket and actually represents an optimal

    amount of exercise per day.

    5.2 - Cardio Vascular At least 45 minutes per day of Cardio vascular exercise.

    5.3 - Weight Training At least 30 minutes per day of Weight Training, one day do upper body, the next day do lower body. Stay away from patterns as best as

    possible, in other words change up the muscles groups you work and how you

    exercise them so your body does not get used to patterns. Each muscle group

    gets at least a day of rest, so therefore rotate as best as possible which muscle

    groups you work on during your time on a given day.

5.4 - Stretching - At least 20 minutes per day total of Stretching before and after

    your cardio and before, in between and after weight training. Yoga is highly

    recommended in your weekly exercise program. Anti-Aging and longevity

    research has confirmed that people who regularly stretch and ensure the

    maximum possible range of motion for their bodies suffer from less disease,

    stiffness, arthritis and other age related medical problems.

6. Vice and Cheating No Alcohol, No Coffee, No Smoking or any kinds of Vice.

Try a purer living, and if you must cheat do it once a week, pick one day a week

    like on a Friday or Saturday as an example. Concerning alcohol if you are

    going to cheat, then drink only red wine, and if you need a boost of energy during

    the day, try a natural organic tea that will boost your energy levels without


7. Sleep The highest spike of HGH during sleep happens at the end of the

    sleep cycle from the 7 to the 8

    th hour. Try to absolutely get no less than 7 hours

    of sleep and ideally 8 full deep hours of sleep. Sleep must be in the Pitch Black,

    so be sure to cover up any blinking lights or clocks which might interfere with

    creating dark sleep.

8. Hormone Replacement Therapy - Stay on your Hormone Replacement

    Therapy program for at least one full calendar year to get the maximum

    regeneration and rejuvenation as you recover from your adult onset hormone

    deficiency. Try to follow these general dietary and exercise recommendations for

    the next full calendar, with the first 30 days being the toughest, but requiring the

    most dedication. It will be less difficult once these behaviors become a pattern.

Success Stories of the Conscious Evolution Lifestyle Participants who

    agreed to share their story with the world. The people in these pictures

    have not been modified using any graphic design or airbrushing techniques.

    Your everyday normal and average people in society who gained extraordinary results with the Conscious Evolution Lifestyle, these are folks who gave us permission to share their uncomfortable story with others in the hopes other people can regain control of their quality of life, attain a super life of vitality, youthfulness and excellent weight control.

    Anna a waitress / bartender and student studying film in her 20’s from NYC is very active and does not over eat, yet she experienced her weight accelerate to 35lbs above her ideal weight in less than a year, she was so busy with working two jobs and going to school that when the weight came on so fast she didn’t know what to do, all of her clothes no longer fit, she had an explosion of acne on her body and she started experiencing all kinds of medical problems, In 11 months on the Conscious Evolution Lifestyle Jan. 2008 to November 2008, she lost 40lbs and regained her high school athlete weight, her energy levels are through the roof, her mental clarity, memory and focus are the highest they have ever been in her life, and she feels as if she gained what we like the call the Conscious Evolution Super life.

    Look closely at the stomach of Anna in the picture on the bottom left as it extends from her back to the elbow of the women she is hugging for an xmas family photo. In the top left look closely at the chin and fat held by the face and top right photo, notice the double chins, these were photos taken during early part of 2008 provided by Anna for public consumption.

    Now as of November 2008 on her trip to south florida to take her “After Pictures”, nearly 11 months after she started the conscious evolution lifestyle. She regained a svelte and lithe body.

Look at Annas stomach, chin before and after the conscious evolution diet,

    you just can’t airbrush or photoshop reality. In the top left photo she is

    wearing her favorite spring dress she almost threw away as she poses next

    to a fountain. “Before” is Early 2008 (with one picture from Christmas 2007

    in the black nitted cloth) and After is Late 2008 (All 4 pictures taken in Nov

    2008)! Wow what a difference!

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