M6-7Key sentences

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M6-7Key sentences...

Module 7


    Men and women should have equal access to


    2. .她非常自豪参加了比赛而且打破了一个记录

    As well as (=In addition to / Apart from) going

    to the movies, I spend a lot of time watching football games.

    3. So seriously was he hurt in the accident that he

    was sent to hospital at once.

    4. A Tales of Two Cities is more than a novel. It

    helps us to understand the history of England and French of that time.

    5. It is not where you come from or what you are, but the ability to do the job that matters.

    6. With changing times and cultural influences, youngsters no longer know what is interpreted as (interpret sth as sth 理解; 认为是: `How would you interpret his

     你认为他的沉默是什麽silence?' `I would interpret it as a refusal.'

    意思?’‘我认为意思是拒绝.’ ) disrespect to elders.

    Youngsters should quietly express their views and if there are arguments, they should not raise their

    voices.. In buses and trains, youngsters are

expected to give up their places to older

    people.( This is not a question of who has more rights. It is simply that those who are younger have the strength to bear discomfort , or tolerate unpleasantness, so it is natural to show consideration to those who are older and perhaps at a slight disadvantage. When you do simple things as a mark of respect, elders become aware

    that youngsters care for them, and they respond

    with affection and kindness.)

    7. The past few years have witnessed the great

    changes throughout China.

    8. Having been warned of the danger in the street

    at night, she went home with a friend accompanying her.

    9. Local people saw the forests being destroyed in

    the big fire but they couldn’t put out the fire at

    that moment.

    10. He thought it boring the first time he read the

    science fiction, but now he is fond of it.

    11. It’s helpful to put children in a situation where

    they can see themselves differently.

12.I have reached a point in my life where I’m

    supposed to ;应该? make decisions of my own. 13. .The English spoken in the United States is only

    slightly different from that spoken in England.

    14.There is no possibility that

    15. There are abundant supplies of seafood in this

    area. ;丰富的?

     We took an abundant supply of food with us

    when we went hiking in the mountains.;带了充足


    16. He won the first prize in the competition , his

    mother encouraged him to keep it up.;继续努力?


    17. The lecture made him aware of the importance

    of protecting the environment.

    18. Nowadays many people usually check the emails before work, which is often the case. 19. The number of wild animals has been on the

    increase since the new law came into effect. 20. The air conditoner can automatically adjust the

    temperature inside the house.

    21. The river has completely dried up due to the


    22. Topics for textbooks should be relevant to the

    experiences and the interests of students. 23. Various measures( which are) aimed at

    achieving harmony between mankind and nature have been taken by the central and local government.

    24. The headmaster has made it clear that the

    school meeting will not be put off. 25. There is a lack of adequate information to solve the case , so the police are busy searching for more


    Module 6.

    1.It seems amazing that at my age I am still fit enough to cycle 20 kilometers in an afternoon.

    2. I know how easy it is to begin smoking and how tough it is to give it up. 3. But I did finally manage.

    4.It matters very much/makes great difference

    whether to go or not.

    5.It remains to be seen whether it will do us harm or good.

    . It is a wonder that he is still alive.

    It is no use crying over spilt;溢出的? milk.



    People under stress tend to develop their full

    range of potential.

    7. The survey shows that speed contributes to at

    least 30 percent of road traffic deaths. 8. The number of students in each class ranges

    from 65 to 70, their ages ranging from 14 to17. 9.The local people opposed building the new hotel because of the great cost.

    10.The problem of global warming is serious. As a

    consequence, the sea levels have risen a little.

    11. There is no doubt that the earth is becoming

    warmer and that it is human activity that has

    caused this global warming rather than a random but natural phenomenon. 毫无疑问?地球是在变





    用。(take measures, keep from )

    Some possible measures should be taken to keep

    our earth from getting warmer, the most important one of which is to limit the use of private cars.

    13. 文章表明是人类的活动对村庄造成的环境破坏


    The passage indicates that it is human activity that

    has resulted in the environmental destruction to the village.

    14. 我们都同意应该负起振兴国家的责任的是年轻

    一代。(take up the responsibility)

    答案,We all agree that it is the younger generation that should take up the responsibility to build up the country.

    15. I absolutely;绝对?agree with what you said.

    16. They believe that every child has the potential

    (可能性?潜能) to be anything he wants to be.

    17. We should make better use of the existing

    equipment ( 设备) to produce products of high


    18. Water is becoming an increasingly precious resource.

    19.The answers to such questions vary from person to person.

    20. Not realizing that he was in great danger, Eric walked deeper into the forest.

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