Chinese medicine treatment of children with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome in 53 cases of clinical experience_1822

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Chinese medicine treatment of children with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome in 53 cases of clinical experience_1822

    Chinese medicine treatment of children with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome in 53 cases of clinical experience

     Abstract Objective To observe the effects of treatment of children with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. Method in children with Tourette syndrome in 53 cases, using

    Zi-yin Qian Yang, Pinggan Xifeng methods such as treatment. Medicinal: Rehmannia, Asparagus, white peony root, Uncaria, keel, silkworm, Daizhe Dan, 3 months of a course of treatment. Results in 53 cases of children recovered in 17 cases, markedly

    effective in 18 cases, effective in 10 cases, 8 cases. The total effective rate was 84.9%. Conclusion traditional Chinese medicine treatment of children with Tourette syndrome have certain advantages, non-toxic side effects.

     Key words Hyperactivity Tourette Syndrome / TCM therapy; Herbal / therapeutic use; medicine, Chinese traditional; children

     Gilles de la Tourette syndrome is a complex, chronic neurological diseases, mental disorders, onset in childhood, in a variety of movements and vocal tics as the main

    performance, often accompanied by force, hyperactivity and other behavior and emotional disorders. The main clinical manifestations of frequent blinking, squeezing eyebrows, shaking his head, shrugging, twisted neck, and throats of involuntary issued

    by the unusual sound, a few children are unable to control the curse, curses. The use of traditional Chinese medicine hospital to achieve a satisfactory effect, are reported below.

     A clinical data

     1.1 General

    male and 12 females; the youngest 3 years old, maximum 14-year-old, 3 to 6 years of

    age 14 cases, 7 ~ 11 years old 33 cases, 12 ~ 14 years old, 6; duration minimum 2 months up to 6 years.

     1.2 Diagnostic criteria refer to "Chinese classification of mental illness programs and diagnostic criteria": (1) before the age of onset was 21, mostly in two to 15 years

    old; (2) is characterized by a variety of twitch movements and one or more of involuntary sound, the two appeared in the course of the disease at some point, but not necessarily exist; (3) 1 d recurrence of tic symptoms several times, but in a few weeks or

    months have changed the intensity of the symptoms, and can be will restrain a few minutes or hours, the course for at least a year, and in a year among the relief of

    symptoms no more than 2 months or more; (4) involuntary twitch or audio, which can not be explained by other diseases [1].

     1.3 Treatment of the disease usually caused by Yinxuyangkang, moving inside the liver caused by the wind, so to adopt Zi-yin Qian Yang, Xifeng for the Treatment of

    Pinggan. Medicinal: Rehmannia, Chinese yam, cornus of 10 g, wolfberry fruit 9 g,

    Poria, turtle shell, Scrophulariaceae, Asparagus, white peony root of 10 g, Uncaria 9 g, keel 12 g, Jiangcan 9 g, on behalf of the ocher 12 g. And Zheng Jian Xin who Tanhuo interference plus berberine, Zhuru the 6 g; hepatobiliary Huosheng person plus

    gentian, gardenia of 6 g, Abalone shell 9 g; Heart and deficiency were added heterophylla, Atractylodes of 9 g, Schisandra 6 g; Yin Huo-wang, who added habitat 9

    g, Zhimu, Treats of 6 g. 7 years of age, a daily one, sub-2 Jianfu, 3 months of a course of

    treatment. 7 years of age, a sub-three times Jianfu, 2 times a day and 3 months of a

    course of treatment.

     1.4 determine the efficacy of standard treatment results to a course of medication to improve symptoms of indicators as an observer. (1) cured: the symptoms all but

    disappeared; (2) markedly effective: symptoms disappeared more than 80%; (3) effective: symptoms disappeared more than 50%; (4) is invalid: no significant improvement in symptoms.

     1.5 Prognosis and outcome of 17 cases cured, markedly effective in 18 cases, effective in 10 cases, 8 cases. The total effective rate was 84.9%.

     2 Discussion

     Gilles de la Tourette syndrome has the following characteristics: (1) the incidence was higher than male to female ratio of 3 to 4:1, with an average age of onset is 7 years old, a typical case of onset at 2 to 15-year-old male suffering from infants more often

    associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, while in women, more children with obsessive-compulsive disorder is associated with; (2) The broad and complex spectrum of symptoms; (3) the disease course of the disease a long time, generally in a more than one year may be as long as 10 years or more, or even lifelong, and the volatility strong, disappeared the obvious, but most disappear during puberty before and after the subsequent recurrence occasionally; (4) coexisting disease are more regular joint or cross appeared to be more complex and difficult clinical manifestations were diagnosed; (5) cases presented as part of a family of genetic disease. [2] Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     The cause of this disease is not yet fully established, consider the following aspects relate to: a family hereditary; and the dopamine system of the defect-related;

    secondary to streptococcal infection in the autoimmune process leading to the underlying factors of this disease; and living environment and social and psychological factors [3].

     Western medicine treatment of this disease are primarily used to dopamine D2

    receptor blockers, including haloperidol, piperazine Mi-ching, too will benefit,

    risperidone; there is a α2 receptor blockers, such as clonidine and so on. Of these drugs is mainly for controlling the symptoms, control quickly, because of the role of non-

    selective, so there is an apparent control of the normal muscle of the side effects, and its side effects are relatively large, mainly extrapyramidal symptoms, acute muscle tension barriers, Parkinson's syndrome, sleepiness, slow reaction, memory impairment, decline

    in academic performance, etc., had to interrupt treatment, affecting the treatment and prognosis of this disease.

     Chinese medicine treatment of the disease have certain advantages, according to

    syndrome differentiation and the overall concept of principles for the analysis of cause and Syndromes, in accordance with the specific clinical manifestations of each case, the light tongue, tongue, pulse to develop treatment guidelines, vary , there is the

    destination choice medication, acupuncture can also be a result of human and paste ear and other methods to control the symptoms at the same time, improving physical fitness in children, in the course of treatment drugs are subject to change according to

    changes in disease symptoms and control over their solid-Law can be righting to

    consolidate the curative effect. In short, play an integral role in traditional Chinese medicine to understand the physical conditions of children, understanding physical,

    accurate and dialectical, weigh medication, Quxie ann, adjust the yin and yang, so that children reduce recurrence and restore health.

     The disease is mostly traditional Chinese medicine, "Head blink", "slow convulsion," "Chi ?", "depression" and other areas. Proceeding from the concept of

    traditional Chinese medicine as a whole, combined with yin and yang theory, Yang dynamic is more than enough Yin Jing is the main feature of pathogenesis. "Su asked to be as big of yin and yang" theory, said: "Yin Jing Yang impatient," that is the main

    soft tranquility of yin, yang main just impatient, "Su asked angry Heavenly" theory, said: "Yin Pingyang secret, is the spirit of rule." Yin and Yang harmony and complement each other, then the body an orderly adjustment. As the body children of

    Chun-yang, Yang often I, essence and blood body fluid substances such as relatively short, there is insufficient yin-yang is more than the system can not yin-yang, Yang

    Kang Yi Yin Kui appears the pathological changes of wind-driven. The disease disease-

    bit, mainly in the liver, kidney, spleen, is a false standard of the virtual cards with a liver-kidney-oriented, Yang Kang as the standard pneumatic, "Nei Jing" which reads: "the wind out of various strings are all part of the liver "Wind is yang evil, sexually

    active, the main draw; so-called" chronic illness, are usually done by sputum Shung

    strange disease ", and therefore the relationship between the spleen is also relatively close. I believe that Zi-yin Qian Yang, Pinggan Xifeng most important, and spleen

    phlegm. Fang with Rehmannia, cornus, Chinese wolfberry son, turtle shell, Scrophulariaceae, Asparagus, white peony root nourish Yin Ye, Yang Kang to the system; Uncaria, keel, silkworm, Daizhe Dan Jiangni Qian Yang, Pinggan Xifeng ;

    Fuling, yam spleen phlegm, the three-phase Ng, Cheung raise the shadows, and keep

    their yang, yin and yang Ji, the wind only be cured phlegm, you may Zhu Zheng-ning.

     Treatment of the disease in addition to safety and effective drug treatment, and

    actively carry out psychological interventions, is also an important treatment, mainly for children with emotional problems associated with other symptoms, elimination of

    triggers and restore children's self-confidence, prevent the occurrence of other

    psychological problems, indirect relieve symptoms for the children to create a harmonious, warm, quiet environment conducive to children with a speedy recovery.


     [1] Chinese Medical Association, Psychiatric Institute, Nanjing Medical University Brain Hospital. Chinese classification of mental illness programs and diagnostic criteria [M]. Nanjing: Southeast University Press, 1995:198.

     [2] the summer after. Tourette's syndrome etiology and pathogenesis [J]. Chinese Journal of Practical Pediatrics, 2002,17 (4): 197.

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