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Chinese medicine treatment of depression status_6912

Chinese medicine treatment of depression status

     Key Words Depression; TCM therapy; acupuncture therapy; moxibustion;

    Review literature

     Depression is a high incidence of common symptoms of complex and diverse affective disorder, a sustained low mood, characterized by a lack of pleasure, often accompanied by abnormal sleep, appetite and loss of libido and other somatic symptoms [1]. The etiology and pathological mechanism is currently unknown. With the increasingly competitive society, life and work pressure increasing the incidence of this disease also showed an upward trend year by year. Modern medical treatment of its onset are still slow, course length, side effects, drug prices high, some patients on antidepressants ineffective treatment and many other issues. Chinese medicine

    treatment of depression have good efficacy, less side effects and are easy to patients, etc., thus drawn wide attention. Now in recent years, the progress of Chinese medicine treatment of depression are summarized below.

     A theory of Chinese medicine treatment of depression traceability

     Depression is a depression syndrome in the areas of medicine, Chinese medicine practitioners believe that the occurrence of depression syndrome, multiple due Yu Nu

    thorough consideration, sadness, sorrow and so impassioned by the injury, leading to loss of Shuxie liver, spleen and transportation of stolen, mind disorders, yin and yang organs Gas made of blood disorders. Mainly manifested feelings of depression, mood

    restless, Xie Lei pain or irritable if its good to cry, and pharyngeal foreign body obstruction, insomnia and other symptoms of a complex. "Internal Classic" with a similar description of depression, such as "Lingshu mania," "The Joy forgotten, bitter

    anger, good terrorist who may worry about the hunger," "Su Wen-pass comment on

    the actual situation," "Divided Cypriots never closed, upper and lower block-up, then

    worry about the disease is very sharp. "" typhoid and Miscellaneous Diseases "and the" Golden Chamber "and recorded in a variety of disease syndrome and depression are similar, the relevant set prescription is widely used in modern treatment of depression. Such as "Treatise on Febrile Diseases," Xiao Chai Hu Tang Permit "Xiongxie suffering full, Hei hei do not want to diet, upset hi vomiting, or chest trouble without vomiting, or thirsty, or belly pain, or swelling of the liver Xiexia hard, or the next heart palpitate, negative urine, or thirsty, the body has fever, or cough who

Xiaochaihutang Lord's "; Bupleurum plus keel Oyster card" chest full, tired

    scared ... ... "and held that position mainly in the liver disease, pathogenesis of Liver failure Shuxie. "Golden Chamber" Diseases related to such symptoms are mainly lily disease, impatient and so dirty. Governance in order to nourish heart and lung Yinxue, heat soothe the nerves of law, Lily Di Huang Tang Lord's. If the lily disease course of time, heat is very yin, then the thirst obviously, should be scattered Juniperus chinensis Lou Lord's Oysters.

     The Melancholia clearly as an independent Syndrome to describe begins with dollar era. Zhu Danxi proposed "gas, blood, phlegm, fire, moisture, food," the six-Yu theory.

    Ming Xu Chunpu said: "Yu Shu is not for the seven emotions, gradually into the pent-

    up emotion, both Yu-long, variable disease-fold." Description to emotional changes in

    the narrow sense as the main feature of the depression syndrome has gradually become an independent study. Lin Peiqin in the "Class Treatment to Volume 3 CD Treating

    depression" in the "seven emotions in the Yu since before the injury gas, following the will and blood, and finally made labor," pointed out the pathological evolution of the law of Melancholia . "Clinical Guide to medical files 6 Yu" in "its total original in

    mind, because emotions fail to materialize, then made Yu sick carry on. Its Heart and liver and gallbladder disease as a more", a concise summary of the organs involved in depression syndrome often .

     2 TCD

     According to the principles of TCM syndrome differentiation, or depression were divided into deficiency, empirical two major categories; or will be divided into liver qi stagnation, Ikuhisa of fire, Qi stagnation blood stasis, Heart and deficiency, Yin Huo-

    wang, a number of permits, etc. type [2,3]. Qi stagnation causes the beginning of the clip wet phlegm, food product, heat-wook who is more true card treatment to Shugan

    Qi Jieyu-based [4]. "Treatment of Health meeting Melancholia" that read: "Yu disease are numerous, ill-conceived because the gas flow, gas for the first method when the Shun." This method is not only a common law since the beginning of depression, but also depression, treating the most basic, the most important laws. If the condition is persistent course of time, from the gas and blood, of fire Shangyin, disease and heart, spleen, kidney, mostly deficiency. Treatment were used to support Anshen, Heart and replenishing, nourishing the liver and kidney and other laws. Well-known traditional

    Chinese medicine prescriptions are: Chaihushugan Powder, Danzhi Xiaoyaosan,

    Ganmai Dazao Decoction so. Xing Qiang Association [5] from the liver, heart, spleen, kidney and liver to start treatment of senile depression, loss of Shuxie, sputum air pent-

    up emotion who Expelling Shugan Jieyu, qi phlegm, square with the Bupleurum Shu

    Gan San and Banxia Houpu Decoction; You Kun [6] on liver depression deficiency of the spleen, using qi Jieyu, spleen and stomach, side to get away with casual addition and subtraction; bear against the United States [2] For the Liver Stagnation and

    Spleen-type rule to Shuganjianpi Huashi, Bupleurum Shu liver plus Ganmai Dazao Decoction plus or minus; whole world built [7] that the depression and traditional Chinese medicine in the lily disease similar to heart and lung yin deficiency card is used

    Lily Rehmannia Decoction, have achieved good results.

     3 acupuncture

     Since the 20th century, 50s, electro-acupuncture treatment of depression after

    decades of research observations, obtained a reliable efficacy, clinical significant

    efficiency up to 75.2%. Compo et al [8] Acupuncture Yin-Tang, Pak Council, Dazhui,

    body column, Shanzhong, Juque centering on the treatment of depression, the total efficiency of 90%, compared with the western medicine amitriptyline no significant

    difference in efficacy, and Acupuncture was observed in patients with brain electrical activity can become normal. Wu Bei-yan [9] that the disease is a heart, liver, spleen and three dirty blood disorders, and therefore the election dialectical heart, spleen, liver,

    and Rendu-shu points through three lines reinforcing-reducing techniques,

    acupuncture and use, and achieved better results. Hou-Fen et al [10] with the G6805

    electro-acupuncture device, battery 6V, density-wave type, frequency of 2Hz

    stimulation Baihui, YINTANG two points, with the traditional needle to take BAIHUI, Yin-Tang, internal customs, Shenmen Twist fill method to compare study found that efficacy of electro-acupuncture group was superior to the latter, there is statistical


     4 Psychotherapy

     Depression, psychological treatment, have also been valued by ancient physicians, "Su Wen-li, on the Decoction Mash," states: "mentally ill into the Chi Italy, has died, and therefore can not be more sick." Emphasize mental activity directly affect the

    disease course and prognosis of , pent-up emotion not understand, it would only rely

    take remedial measures, its effect Buzhuo. Thus, the treatment of depression must be accompanied by the spirit of the conditioning. As the machine complex and diverse

    causes of depression, treatment also means flexible and vary. Make full use of psychotherapy to be carried out under the premise of antidepressant drugs. According to the severity of patients with different stage of disease, age, education and so on,

    choose a different or a combination of psychological treatment. Of depression have better efficacy of psychotherapy, including interpersonal psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, psychotherapy and marriage and family interaction of

    psychological treatment [11 ~ 12]. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     In short, depression more than emotional internal injuries from the disease, and heart and liver, spleen, kidney closely related to traditional Chinese medicine mostly

    Shugan, spleen, kidney, raising heart, soothe the nerves of Dharma; and acupuncture in order to obtain head and qi through acupuncture for multi-, electro-acupuncture

    better effect. But there is no system syndrome type, treatment was not standardized,

    non-uniform and so on. In addition, with respect to the mechanism of antidepressant medicine animal research should be strengthened. Depression is a by biological, psychological, and social role in a variety of factors caused the disease, caused by the

    human multi-system and multi-level pathological response, multi-target effect of

    Chinese medicine treatment of such diseases have certain advantages. Therefore, to Chinese medicine, acupuncture, acupuncture and Chinese herbs combined with

    Western medicine in treatment of the disease there must be a broad prospect.


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