Unit 6 It's raining!

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Unit 6 It's raining!...

    Unit 6 Its raining!练习题


    1.The w_________ in Beijing is very s________.

    2.E_________ is here today.

    3.Some boys are t_________ photos.

    4.My mother is l_________ on the b_______.

    5.Im s___________ when I hear the news.

    6.W_________ comes after autumn.

    7.The film is very i__________. Jim likes it very much. 8.Listening to music is r_________. I like it very much. 9.There is much r________ here in summer.

    10.Reading in the sun is b________ for your eyes. 11.Put on your coat. Its very c________.

    12.My father is a c_____. He c_____ very well. Now he is c______dinner for me.

    13.-Hows it g________? -Its t_________.

    14.She is on summer v_________ in Dalian now.

    15.Do you know that young m________?

    16.In spring, the weather is very w_________.

    答案?, sunny 2.Everyone 3.taking 4.lying, bed/beach 5.surprised

    6.Winter 7.interesting 8.relaxing 9.rain 10.bad 11.cold 12.cook, cooks,

    cooking 13.going, terrible 14.vacation 16.warm ?.用所给词的适当形式填空。

    1.Look! Its __________(snow) now.

    2.-This is Mary _________(speak). Whos that?

    -Mary, this is Lucy.

    3.I can see a dog _________(lie) on the floor.

    4.They are playing games. They are very _________(relax). 5.Thank you for _________(give) me so much help.

    6.Everyone _________(like) playing football.

    7.There _________(be) a lot of people in the park. 8.-_________ it often _________(rain) in Jilin? Yes, it does.

    9.It snows _________(heavy) in winter.

    10.These _________(photo) look very nice.

    11.Its too hot. Lets _________(go) _________(swim).

    12.How about _________(join) CCTV Dream China show? 13.There are many different kinds of _________(scarf) in the mall. 答案?1.snowing 2.speaking 3.lying 4.relaxed 6.likes 7.are 8.Does, rain 9.heavily 11.go, swimming 12.joining 13.scarfs/scarves


    ( )1._____ the weather _____ today?

    A.Hows; like B.Whats; on C.Whats; in D.Hows; /

    ( )2.His daughter is looking _____. I me D.I

    ( )3.I feel ______. Please open the window. C.cloudy D.windy

    ( )4.-Im going to Sydney for a vacation. -_____.

    A.Goodbye B.You are healthy C.Its OK D.Have a good time ( )5.Andy is playing _____ guitar for his friends.

    A.a C.the D./

    ( )6.-Hows it going with you? -_____.

    A.I dont like it B.Im studying C.Not bad D.Its windy

    ( )7.There _____ snow in Canada every year.

    A.has many B.has much C.are many much ( )8.What _____ interesting book it is!

    A.a C.the D./

    ( )9.We must wear warm clothes _____ winter. B.on D.of

    ( )10.The weather in Guangzhou _____ hot and humid. B.are

    ( )11.Dont play in this _____. B.heat C.hotter D.hottest ( )12.-Whos cooking in the kitchen? -_____.

    A.Linda does B.Linda is C.Linda has D.Lindas

    ( )13.The students are cleaning their classroom. _____ are cleaning the windows.

    _____ are cleaning the chairs.

    A.Some; Others B.Some; Another C.Others; The others D.Some; Other

    ( )14.-When it is summer in Australia, what season is it in Beijing? -_____.

    A.Autumn B.Spring C.Summer D.Winter ( )15.There is only one shoe under the bed, I cant find _____.

    A.the one B.the other C.the other one D.other one 答案?1-5 DBADC 6-10 CDBAAA 11-15 BBADB


     A.Hows the weather?

     B.Im playing beach volleyball with my friends.

     C.What about your parents?

     D.Its pretty sunny and hot.

     E.Wow! How cool! Have a good time, Tina! See you!

     F.How is it going?

     G.Are your parents with you there?

A: Hi, Tina! 1

    B: Great! Im in Qingdao. Its a beautiful city.

    A: Hows the weather there?

    B: 2

    A: What are you doing now, Tina?

B: 3

    A: 4

    B: My father is walking on the beach. My mother is swimming.

    A: 5

    B: Thanks. Bye!



    A: Hello, this is Kate. 1 2 that?

    B: Hello, Kate. 3 4 Cathy.

    A: Oh, Cathy. How’s it 5 ?

    B: Great.

    A: 6 the 7 there ?

    B: It’s sunny.

    A: What are you 8 now?

    B: I’m 9 volleyball. What about you? A: I’m 10 TV.

    答案?1.Whos 2.that 3.This 5.going 6.Hows 8.doing

    9.playing 10.watching


    1.Hows the weather today?;改为同义句~

    ___________________________________ 2.He is listening to music.;对画线部分提问~

    ___________________________________ 3.Everyone is enjoying themselves.;改为同义句~

    ___________________________________ 4.Its May 1st today.;对画线部分提问~

    ___________________________________ 5.Mike is reading.;用write改为选择疑问句~

    ___________________________________ 6.He often reads English in the morning.;用now改写句子~

    ___________________________________ 7.Its cloudy and windy.;对画线部分提问~

    ___________________________________ 8.Amy is reading a book in the library.;对画线部分提问~

    ____________________________________ 答案?1.Whats the weather like today?

     2.What is he doing?

     3.Everyone is having a good time.

     4. Whats the date today?

     5.Is Mike reading or writing?

     6.He is reading a book now.

     7.Hows the weather?/Whats the weather like?

     8.Where is Amy reading a book? ?.从方框中选择正确的选项补全短文?其中有两项多余。

A.summer B.cold C.hours D.all E.winter F.And G..wait H.But J.hope K.about L.places

    In our country different 1 have different weather. In Heilongjiang, the

    weather is always very 2 in winter and hot in summer. 3 in Hainan island

    ;岛~, the weather is very warm in winter and also very hot in 4 . Kunming is a

    spring city;春城~. The weather is warm 5 the time.

    In London, the weather changes very often. You can see a sunny day in the morning, and then a rainy or a cloudy day one or two 6 later. People often talk

    7 the weather in London. They often 8 to you, If you dont like the weather,

    it doesnt matter. You can just 9 ! It will change in a minute.

    Now people can do many things about weather. Its called man-made;被称为人

    造的~weather. We 10 one day we can decaide;决定~the weather.

    答案?1-5 LBHAD 6-10 CKIGJ



    In England people often talk about the weather because you can experience;经

    历~four seasons in a day. In the mornig the weather is warm just like in spring. An hour later black clouds come, then it rains hard. The weather gets a little cold. In the late afternoon the sky will be clear, the sun will begin to shine, it will be summer at this time of a day.

    In England you can also have summer in winter, or have winter in summer. So in winter you can swim sometimes, and in summer sometimes you should take warm clothes.

    When you go to England, youll see that some English peopke usually take an

    umbrella or a raincoat with them in the sunny morning, but you shouldnt laugh at

    them. If you dont take an umbrella or a raincoat, youll regret;后悔~later in the day.


    ( )1.Its always warm in the morning in England.

    ( )2.In summer its often too hot in England.

    ( )3.It often rains in England.

    ( )4.Some English people usually take an umbrella or a raincoat with them because

     it often rains in England.

    ( )5.If someone takes an umbrealla or a raincoat, hell regret later.



    Its December. Its snowing and the weather is really cold in the north of China. You can see many children playing with snow. Some of them are making snowmen. Some are skating on the river, because its so cold that the water in the river freezes

    ;结冰~. Its a white world. How beautiful! But in Australia now, the weather is hot. Many people go swimming in the sea. They are having a good time. Jim and his friends are playing soccer near the sea. The sunny weather is really cool to them. They want to swim after playing soccer.

    Why are they swimming in December? That is winter, isnt it? Yes, it is in China.

    But it isnt in Australia. Thats because we, Chinese and Australians, have different seasons in a year.


    1.Whats the weather like in north of China in December? _____________________________________________ 2.What are the Chinese children doing on the river? _____________________________________________ 3.Are Jim and his friends swimming in the sea now? _____________________________________________ 4.Can you see white snow in Australia during Christmas Day? _____________________________________________ 5.If its June now, which season is it in Australia? _____________________________________________ 答案?1.Its snowing and very cold.

     2.Theyre skating on the river.

     3.No, they arent.

     4.No, we cant.

     5.Its winter.








答案?China is a large country,so the weather is different in different places. In the

    north, it is often very cold, especially in winter. But in the south it is warm and humid.

    Its often rainy and very hot in summer. I think the weather in Kunming is the best. It

    is neither too hot nor too cold.

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