lesson 7

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lesson 7


1.Batter v.重击 :beat

    There is someone battering at the door youd better let him in.

2.Clutch v.紧握 :grasp

    The mother clutched her baby in her arms.

3.Contemplate v.审视!考虑 :ponder

    The police contemplated various kinds of trouble after the football match between

    the two universities.

4.Garbage n.垃圾 :refuse

    Please leave your garbage in a can outside the door.

5.Obstacle n.障碍 :obstruction

    A fallen tree across the road was an obstacle to our car.

6.Pious adj.虔诚的 :religious

    She is a pious woman who goes to church every morning.

7.Regulate v. 1.管理 :control 2.调整

    The school adopted new rules to regulate the behavior of students. My watch is losing time; I will have to regulate it.

8.Riot n.暴动 :religious

    The riot during the election was put down by the police.

9.Shovel n.铲子 :spade

    We had better move this tree to our garden. Would you please bring the shovel?

10.Stately adj.堂皇的 :majestic

    We were much impressed by the generals stately appearance.

11.Tow v. :draw

    They towed the wrecked car to the nearest garage.

12.Upset v.扰乱 :overturn

    Her plans were upset by the change of the weather.

13.Vex v.激怒 :annoy

    His father was vexed by the childs impolite behavior.

14.Communism n.共产主义

    Communism is expressed in various movements, but Russian sovietism if often referred to as a good sample.

15.Dignify v.使尊荣 :degrade

    They dignified her job by giving her a special title.

16.Disaster n.灾难 :fortune

    A great flood, fire, earthquake, or great loss of money is a disaster.

17.Gloom n.幽暗 :brightness

    The maple shade provided him with a rich gloom for sleeping.

18.Hospitable adj.善于待客的 :hostile

    He is hospitable to anybody; he likes to give attention to the needs of others.

19.Infant n.婴儿 :adult

    The woman was carrying and infant in he arms.

20.Mature adj.成熟的 :immature

    You mustnt be jealous when your sister gets presents; you must learns to behavior in a more mature way.

21.Prejudice n.偏见 :fairness

    She has a prejudice against popular music.

22.Simplify v.简化 :complicate

    The theory was simplified to make it easier to understand.

23.Tranquil adj.宁静的 :noisy

    After he retired, he lived a tranquil life in the country.

24.Unworthy adj.无价值的 :valuable

    You shouldnt trust him; he is unworthy of your trust.

25.Valid adj.正确的 :invalid

    His objections to the plan on the basis of cost are valid.

26.Ally v.联合

    The workers of the factories allied against the big employers and asked them for better wages.

27.Approximate 1. adj.近似的 2. v.接近

    The approximate length of a meter is 40 inches; the exact length is 39.37 inches. Your account of what happened approximates truth,but there are several samll errors.

28.Athlete n.运动员

    The young athlete was much admired for his speed.

29.Certify v.证明

    This diploma certifies that you have completed high school.

30.Coincide v.一致

    My religious beliefs and yours do not coincide.

31.Convey v.传送

    A truck conveyed my furniture to my new home.

32.Discreet adj.言行谨慎的

    It wasnt discreet of you to call him around midnight.

33.Evolve v.发展

    The British political system has evolved over several centuries.

34.Identify v. 1.视为同一 2.认明

    The good king identified the wellbeing of his people with his own. I could identify the coat at once; it was my brothers.

35.Radiate v.发出

    The sun radiates light and heat.

36.Supervise v.监督

    The architect supervised the building of the house.

37.Torrent n.急流

    A torrent of water swept down the valley.

38.Anniversary n.周年

    My parents invited their friends to their 30th wedding anniversary.

39.Barracks n. pl.兵营

    You cant expect soldiers to live in a barracks like that.

40.Creed n.教条

    honesty is the best policy was his creed through his whole life.

41.Drip v.滴下

    We have to fix the roof; water is dripping down from the ceiling.

42.Hound n.猎犬

    A good hound should have a sharp sense of smell.

43.Jerk 1. v.急动 2. n.急动

    As the water was unexpectedly hot, he jerked his hand out. As he stopped the car with a jerk, we were all thrown to the floor.

44.Mold v.塑造

    The artist molded the clay into a figure of a child.

45.Paste n.浆糊

    The clerk used thick paste to put the label on the package.

46.Patron n. 1.老主顾 2.赞助人

    She has been a patron of this store for many years.

    The patrons of the museum contributed the money for the new museum building.

47.Razor n.刮胡刀

    John shaved off his beard with an electric razor.

48.Slap v.掌掴

    She slapped the boy on the cheek for disobedience, and he began to cry.

49.Suicide n.自杀

    The police think that the death was by suicide.

50.Telegraph n.电报

    Mother sent me a message by telegraph that she would arrive home by afternoon plane.


    1.On T.V. we watched the _____ parade of our armed forces. 2.The _____ old woman made every effort to go worship each time she could. 3.Try to _____ your explanation for the little children. 4._____ descended upon the family when they heard the bad news. 5.Such a silly story is _____ of belief.

    6.The rain came down in a(an) _____ during the thunderstorm. 7.Your answers are correct; they _____ with the answers in the book.. 8.The new shop across the road has taken away some of my best _____. 9.We usually send an urgent message by _____.

    10.When her husband died of a fever, she committed.


    1. stately 2. pious 3. simplify 4. Gloom 5. unworthy

6. torrent 7. coincide 8. patrons 9. telegraph 10.suicide

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