Chinese medicine hospital care and information in the Problems and Countermeasures_7531

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Chinese medicine hospital care and information in the Problems and Countermeasures_7531

    Chinese medicine hospital care and information in the Problems and Countermeasures

     Abstract The hospital information system (HIS) is a computer technology, communications technology and management science in the hospital information management applications, computer technology on hospital management, clinical, hospital information management, long-term impact, penetration, and combined with

    each other product. With the rapid development of computer technology, HIS in the country to promote the use of many hospitals.

     Key words Chinese medicine hospitals; care information technology; Problems and Solutions

     Since 2000, our hospital implemented hospital information management project, its initial entry point is the nursing information management, the following far as HIS

    system in our hospital problems in nursing will make a summary, and to cope with the corresponding policy on a more personal understanding.

     A problem analysis

     1.1 Input question the actual operation, because each operator of the system

    modules and master's degree of familiarity with different, inevitably there will be various problems affecting the implementation of nurses to doctors doctor's advice on the care have been affected by.

     1.1.1 When a patient allergic to the system input into the admission or during hospitalization or allergy occurs when the various drugs such as penicillin-positive

    patients to be allergic to systems management in a timely manner to be added, because of the system or are not familiar with the importance of this feature do not know they did not enter, you can not serve as a warning and tips for the role, resulting in adverse consequences.

     1.1.2 entrustment entry of patients discharged from hospital in the system when

    there is a function of your doctor's instructions, the main function is to discharge the patient when discharged from hospital with a doctor's advice in the input drug enter your doctor's instructions at the same time, such as discharged tomorrow morning, so

    as to enable the timely pharmacies receive the right information, correctly placed

drugs, medicines, etc. to avoid unnecessary duplication of back operations.

     1.1.3 Drug frequency of the input method for some special medication, such as living

    wills BIW (1 week 2 times), QOD (every other day use) of the input I do not know how to properly input, such as vitamin B12 250mg BIW Tuesday, 5 6PM, as long as the function keys date selection options Tuesday, five, timing can be selected on 6PM, rather than change the date of importation, if the nurse is not correctly grasp of methods of operation, may enable pharmacy drug information not received in time for this.

     1.2 Error Operation is not strong due to such factors as sense of responsibility of

    nurses in the input errors that occur during may result in the patient costs of a huge mistake, arising from a small unauthorized collection of fees, multiple fees and so on.

     1.2.1 The default value is input doctor's advice, there is no provision in accordance

    with the dialog box to select the default values, such as errors on the dose, such as the consumption of KCl 7ml input 7.

     1.2.2 Size selection, such as blood transfusion in the input doctor's orders, it will be two units of 400ml of red blood cell suspension, transmission into 400 units, resulting in the patient's hospital expenses from the tens of millions of astronomical rise to great errors.

     Also common are: the physician order entry errors would be similar to blood gas analysis checks if the input into the blood gas analysis, etc. place.

     1.3 drug-related knowledge in general medical and nursing staff are not familiar with the trade name for the drug are more familiar with, but do not know the chemical names, but the drug lexicon of some drugs did not choose only the chemical name or the name of medical and nursing staff are familiar with drug input lexicon, so the operation input method through software, to find the relevant drugs [1].

     1.4 ultra vires action does not use access as a result of the operation staff, affecting the implementation of nurses to doctors doctor's advice on the care have been affected by. Such as the entry into operation of independent regions, misuse the computer system, input error directives; related personnel mistakenly enter the other ward, input errors command. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Two countermeasures

     2.1 to enhance the training we first have to do a good job of training nurses. To

    develop an appropriate training program to strengthen the strong sense of responsibility, positive high, accepting ability, plenty of spare time training for nurses so that they become the backbone in order to promote and support other staff. In order to ensure the quality of training at the same time should give full play to the ward nurse's management role to lead, supervise, inspect the ward nurses of the training system and implementation of the plan, nursing department is targeted at a variety of feedback from trainers problems, timely coordination, to solve. Truly active mobilization, awareness-raising; careful organization and good arrangement; in

batches in order to point to an area; rigorous assessment, appropriate incentives; in-

    depth sections, on-site guidance to solve operational problems.

     2.2 strengthen the sense of responsibility in ensuring health care staff, the quality of basic business premise, efforts to strengthen their sense of responsibility, we could achieve a more pairs, so that Yandao, hand that Centrosymmetric, Shou Qin, Qin

    mouth at the same time to establish a clear reward and punishment system, when the handsome prize, punishable when the heavy penalties, to create a good work ethic.

     2.3 The implementation of the system, which requires checking the accounts of the

    main classes of nurses on a regular basis the accounts of patients with doctor's advice to check at the same time every afternoon master classes Disease district nurse will be discharged from hospital tomorrow for a general doctor's advice and computer re-

    checked and found correct errors promptly. Can also be used in a chain type of inspection methods, such as the eight main classes ward 7 ward nurses and nurse check, seven main classes ward 6 ward nurses and nurse check the inspection method


     2.4 The knowledge of drugs on a regular basis the training of clinical medicine are trade names and chemical names, and that medicines are updated faster, and should therefore be regularly on the training of nurses knowledge of drugs, only to keep

    abreast of latest information on drugs in order to accurately input doctor's orders [1].

     2.5 to establish a password management system information management must be strict password management system. Use of personnel in various sub-stations

    permission to carry out strictly controlled to protect normal work under the premise of minimizing its powers. At the same time do a good job log on password management, is strictly prohibited sharing, a phenomenon known to the user password, to form a good

    habit to change your password on a regular basis, and only good password management, in order to ensure timely resolution of a problem occurs.

     3 Conclusion

     The implementation of computer network management is the management of a

    hospital's modernization only way, but for truly digital hospital management of medical information sharing provides a convenient service platform. Hospital Information System is a long process of exploring the need for continued improvement

    and innovation, it is also the management of our proposed new requirements for the various problems encountered in the meantime is inevitable, as long as we work together, common interest and solve the problems encountered in this process, we could encourage the building of the hospital's information technology has moved forward to promote the hospital's modernization process.


     1 Dong-Mei Yu. Nurses drug information through computer processing error cause analysis and countermeasures. Shanghai Nursing Journal, 2005,5 (6) :58-59.

     2 Jian-Hua Zhao, Ya. Nursing Department accounts of the implementation of

discharged patients from the Chajiu system experience. Shanghai Nursing Journal,

2003,3 (4): 53. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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