Unit 8 when was he born

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Unit 8 when was he born



     Unit 9

     When was he born?

     I?Match the ones in Column B with those in Column A to divide those famous ? persons..( B 栏添在相应的 A 栏前?给下列名人分类 栏前?给下列名人

    分类) A ( ) 1.sports star ( ) 2.movie star ( ) 3.painter ( ) 4.pianist ( ) 5.writer ( ) 6.scientist ( ) 7.mathematician ( ) 8.computer scientist B A. Mark Twain B. David Bechham C. Beethoven D. Gong Li E. Thomas Edison F. Hua Luogeng G. Bill Gates H. Xu Beihong

     II?Choose the right answers;选择正确答案~ ? ;选择正确答案~ 1. Deng Yaping

    was born A. in B. on June 2nd, 1973. C. at famous? B. he becomes C. did he become

     2. I dont know when A. does he become 3. He started A. to playing 4. He spent all his money A. in 5. The child is A. so B. on

     football when he was 15. B. play C. to play this big house. C. for

     young to join the army. B. too C. enough a bicycle by herself. B. riding ideas? B. many C. any C. for ride

     6. My sister learned A. to ride 7. Do you have A. some

     8. ?You must be a famous painter in the future.

     ? A. I hope so

     . B. I think so my home work. B. doing C. do honor. C. I dont think so

     9. I spent two hours A. to do

     10. She was the first one to receive such A. a B. × C. an

     III?Compete words after reading those meanings;根据释义?完成单词~ ? ;根

    据释义?完成单词~ 1. u 2. f 3. c 4. o 5. t 6. t 7. p 8. r 9. m 10.s not usual very well-known like to create noticeable, well-known, prominent natural ability to do sth make a long journey a reward for good work accept or take in sth, sent or given take as a subject of study being the only one

     IV?Rewrite the following sentences.;句型转换~ ? 转换~ ;句型转换 1. He started

    to learn the piano when he was five years old. He started the piano at five. (


     2. He was first in the competition. He in the competition. (同义句)

     3. I took part in the school football team last year. I you the school foot ball team last year. (同义句) part in the school football team.(对划线部分提问)

     4. He hiccupped for 69 years and 5 months. (对划线部分提问) he They the ? back

    to school.

     5. I was born in Beijing in 1988. (对划线部分提问) and you ?

     V?Complete the sentences according to the Chinese given.(根据所给汉语完成

     ? 根据所给汉语完成句 ) 1?汤姆每天花许多时间弹钢琴。 Tom time thepiano.

     2?他的打喷嚏打破了世界记录。 His 3?这个小孩 1 岁零 5 个月大了。 This baby is

    and . .

     4?当他仅有四岁的时候就开始写音乐了。 He music was only .

     5?当她 3 岁时就开始第一次拍戏了。 She a movie of 3.

     6?这是一部叫小鬼当家的喜剧片。 It is a Home Alone.

     7?邓亚萍 1997 年进入清华大学修英语管理专业。 Deng Yaping management. ? 完形

    填空) VI?Close test.(完形填空 完形填空 Thomas Edison wore 1 caps during his life,

    2 thinking caps, the a University and English and

     caps of many famous schools and colleges. But the most important cap was his thinking cap. It had saved his mothers mother fell ill. The doctor wanted 4 room

    was not bright. Edison quickly his mother. Edison was good at most interested 8 5 7 3 . One day when he was a boy his

     her an operation (手术). But the light in the his thinking cap and he found a way 6 his hands and his head. He was the 9 everywhere because they

     electricity. We can see his

     are very common. They were 10

     by Edisons thinking cap.


     ~1. A. much ~2. A. as ~3. A. living ~4. A. give ~5. A. take off ~6. A. save ~

    7. A. use ~8. A. at ~9. A. inventors ~10. A. inventing

     B. many B. for B. life B. to give B. put off B. to save B. make B. of B. invent B. invented

     C. a lot C. such as C. lives C. to gave C. put down C. saving C. using C. in C. invents C. made

     D. lot of D. was like D. alive D. give D. put on D. saved D. making D. on D. inventions D. making

     拓展阅读 A) Read the passage and write True (T) or False (F). 误;F~ Three things

    are necessary for us to keep alive (活的). They are air, water and food. We eat food

    two or three times every day. We breathe (呼吸) air continually ( 断地) day and

    night. If a man does not eat and food, he can live for about three weeks; if he is stopped from drinking, he can keep alive for about three days, but if he doesnt

    breathe, he can keep alive for only about three minutes. So we see that breathing is more important than drinking, and drinking is more important than eating. 阅读


     ( ) 1. We cant live without air, water and food. ( ) 2.A man can keep alive for about twenty-one days if he has water to drink and air to breathe. ( ) 3. He can live for about three days if he only drinks water. ( ) 4. If he is stopped from breathing, Hell die in a moment. ( ) 5. Food is the least important of the three.

     B~Answer questions according to the passage. (根据短文内容?完成选择填空) Many

    years ago, there was a family named Franklin. They lived in Boston. There were five girls and six boys in the family. On a January day in 1706 another baby boy was born. The boys mother and her husband gave the boy a name-Benjamin. Benjamin was the brightest of all the children. He could read when he was five and he could write by the time he was seven. When he was eight, he was sent to school. In school, Benjamin had been good at reading and writing but not good at maths. He read all his father

    s books. And whenever (无论何时) he had a little money, he spent it on a book. He

    liked books. They told him how to do something. At that time he invented the paddles (桨形工具) for swimming. ( ) 1. The Franklins lived in A. England B. America . C. France D. Australia

     ( ) 2. There were A. five B. six

     children in the family. C. eleven D. twelve month of the year 1706. D. fifth

     ( ) 3. Benjamin was born in the A. first B. sixth C. seventh

     ( ) 4. Benjamin A. did well in well at ( ) 5. Benjamin A. spent, on

     maths when he was in school. B. did well at C. didnt do well in D. didnt do

     much money B. cost, buying

     books. C. took, buy D. pay, off

     C~ 阅读短文? 然后根据内容从方框中选中 10 个单词? 并用其适当形式填空。

     fly, find, put, throw, wing, beaten, reach, come, learn, closed, watch White Tom and Mary were on holiday at the seaside, they enjoyed seagulls. They 2 a lot about these birds. They will often come 3 1 the

     to on the

     beach when you are eating anything. If you soon snatched (抓住) it up.


     a piece of bread to them ,they

     Seagulls swim well, but they do not often dive for fish. They are also good at 5 with their large wings. When a seagull is flying, he Tom often watched them they 8 7 6 his legs under his body.

     closer to the ground because he liked the way 9

     the air with their wings and brought down their feet before they

     the ground. Mary liked to see them gliding (滑翔) over the sea as they often do,

    without their 10 moving, but she said she didnt like the noise they make.

     写作训练 Write about a person you admire.

     Unit 9 同步练习参考答案 ?.1.b 2.d 3.h 4.c 5.a 6.e 7.f 8.g 4.B 5.B 6.A 7.C 8.A 9.B 10.C 5.alented 10.ingle

     ?1.B 2.B 3.C ?.1.nusual 6.our

     2.amous 7.rize

     3.reative 4.utstanding 8.eceive 9.ajor

     ?.1. learning the age of 3. joined in when did take 5. When where were born ?.1.spends lots of playing 3. one year five months old 5. first went to at the age 7. went to majored in ?.1.B 2.C 拓展阅读 A)1.T 2.T 3.F 4.T 5.T B)1.B 2.D 3.A 4.C

    5.A 3.B 4.B

     2.won the first prize 4.How long did hiccup

     2.sneezing broke World Records 4.began writing when he four years old 6.comedy called

     5.D 6.B 7.C


     9.D 10.B

     C) 1.watching 2.learned 6.puts 写作训练 7.coming

     3.close 8. beat

     4.threw 9.reached

     5.flying 10.wings

     Madame Curie I like Madame Curie best. Madame Curie was a world famous woman scientist. She was born in Poland in 1867 and died in 1934. When she was a child,

    she loved to study and hoped to become a scientist. She finished middle school at the age of 16. At the age of 24, she left for Paris and entered Paris University. She lived a simple life and studied very hard. Madame Curie devoted all her life to the study of science. She won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1903 and for chemistry in 1911. It is not easy for a woman to succeed in her work. It is even more difficult for a woman to win the Nobel Prize twice in life. So Madame Curie will always be remembered as a great woman. As a girl, too. I learn a lot from her.


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