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    1. Before Show as Guests are arriving

     *Hi, thanks for coming, wow you’ve got great eyes (cheeks, lips, etc.), I can’t

    wait to make you up!

    1. Before Show while Guests are waiting for the show to start

     *Here, take a look at this, isn’t this great, it’s Aloette’s Pocket Planner, it cleans

    out your whole makeup drawer and I can teach you how to use these colors to make you look awesome and the 3 brushes comes with it! I’ll show you later how you can get this

    whole thing for only $25 it’s value is $175!

    2. During Show thanking the hostess and telling them about her makeover

     Doesn’t the hostess look great, I came 45 minutes early & did a makeover on

    Susie valued at $75, & each one of you WHEN you have your show, I will come 45 minutes early to your house & give YOU a complete makeover, they say that we should get a new look every 2 years to keep up with new make-up trends. I can’t wait to make

    each & every one of you up!

    3. Then go into your booking talk if the previous hostess is there, ask her

    “Mary wasn’t it fun picking out all your free and discounted products – how much did

    you get? (Be sure you know so if she doesn’t remember, you can mention the amount- be

    sure to include the booking bonus amounts too) Wow, your show was $600 with 2 bookings and you received $615 in products for only $70! Each one of you here can get that too!

    4. Sprinkled throughout the show after the Booking Talk

     As you are watching me do this show and feeling the products on the back of your hand, I am sure you are already thinking, wow, this is great products and I have an aunt, sister, mother, friend,…..that would love to see this product….think about a date that would work for you that I could show the products to your friends too and I’ll tell you later about how you will get your color and all over body care free and for special discounts.

    5. *As I am going through the skin care I am sure many of you are here to look for a special lipstick or mascara, but I know that you are probably impressed with the skin care, well, we know that and we have solved your problem, that is why we offer you the skin care at a special tonight and offer you your colors and body care for free and special discounts when you have a ladies night out at your home, I’ll tell you more about that later.

    6. *The most important thing to do here tonight, is to take care of your skin

    and start with at least your total skin care tonight and book a show and get the rest of your colors and all over body care for free and special discounts, I’ll tell you more in a

    little bit. (this to be repeated at least 8 times during the show!)

    Or: When you start with your skin care tonight and have a show in the next 2 weeks, everything else on my table or in the catalogue you receive 90% off with your hostess bonuses!

    7. While you are talking about the Value Packages at the end of the show.

     As you are talking about the Aloepure Basic Skin Care, , Platinum Collection, the Super Sale Specials say: Choose whatever package works for you in your budget and your needs, then when you have your show you can get everything you need for color, all over body care and your favorite exclusives for free and special discounts.

     When you talk about any of the Take your Pick items, you can mention, “When you have your show, you can get this for only $14.95 I’ll tell you more later.

    8. Close your show

     Now ladies, what I will be doing now is working with each one of you on a one-to-one basis to answer your questions about your skin care value packages and to set up a time for you to get your colors and all over body care for free or at a 90% discount and also to ask you about the opportunity of joining our company as a beauty consultant. Who needs to leave in a hurry and I’ll take you first. My first available dates are _______ and __________and I have a special gift of ____________ for those of you who are booking on those dates. Keep in mind ladies, the quicker you hold your show, the faster you are looking great with all your new makeup!! Your friends will love you and *so will your hostess tonight for helping her get 2 bookings tonight Susie will be

    getting another $100 in products for only $19.95 when 2 of you book so let’s help Susie

    out!! Who needs to leave first, I’ll work with you first!

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