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Mitteilung herunterladen [doc 495 KB] - Creation Willi Geller ...

    th“Klema Creation Family Meeting” to mark the company’s 20

    anniversary in the Austrian Vorarlberg

    Two decades of strong teamwork:

    enthusiastic and confident of success Under the heading “20 years’ team experience as a source of success”, the Klema Creation Family Meeting

    took place in the Austrian city of Dornbirn in mid-June. More than 120 guests, including distributors from all over the world, oral designers, key opinion leaders in the dental trade as well as journalists and suppliers, took up the invitation from Creation Willi Geller International and Klema Dentalprodukte GmbH and spent the weekend at Lake Constance celebrating the successful and long-established cooperation between these two companies. The introduction of two new family members proved that this event was not just a look back over twenty years, but also a step forwards into the future: the participants were introduced for the first time to the overpress ceramic systems Creation Press & Paint on Metal and Creation Press & Paint on Zirconium Dioxide.

    Creation Will Geller and Klema: two companies which entered into a partnership 20 years ago that has grown consistently since then, has become more and more firmly established in the international dental world and yet has never lost its character of a family partnership. Hence the three-day anniversary celebrations in Vorarlberg continually focused on the philosophy of teamwork.

    20 tonnes of ceramic and four million teeth a year On the first day of the Family Meeting during a tour of the company in Meiningen, the participants found out about the high quality standards of the ceramic and acrylic resin

    systems produced at Klema. Out of more than 70 employees, for instance, 15 work in quality control and inspection. During the tour the guests were also given an interesting insight and explanations of production, fabrication and research and development at Klema. For instance, 20 tonnes of raw materials are fused and sintered annually in the ceramics department. Meanwhile around four million teeth annually are produced in the acrylic resins department; this means total consumption of three-and-a-half tonnes of polymer every year! Although the latest technology is used in all Klema departments, there is still a lot of manual craft and personal judgment involved whether in checking the

    finished single teeth for bubbles and inclusions, fabricating moulds (for Creapearl, for instance) or roughly grinding


“Everything stays the same, but with even more


    The official anniversary in the exclusive Sheraton Hotel started with a talk by Dr. Jürgen Eberlein. The President of Creation and Director of the Japanese GC Corporation has

    stalso been operating since 1 February of this year as the

    Chief Executive of Klema because the Austrian “think tank

    for challenging ceramic concepts” has also been part of the GC Group over that period. According to Dr. Eberlein: “20 years of Klema is a real success story. And we at GC have no wish to change that. Quite the contrary. Our course is fixed: Everything stays the same, but with even more ideas and manpower!” He then praised the great personal commitment of the founders of Klema and Creation and, above all, highlighted their entrepreneurial and creative vision: “Progress is made through ideas and the courage to

    try something new - features which have always

    characterised the approach of Jörg Kleboth and Will Geller. and for which they deserve our respect and recognition. In the speech given by Kleboth, the former chief executive and founder of Klema, he especially thanked his family for the support and strength they had given him over the past 20 years: “I still remember very well how we filled and labelled the first 20,000 bottles together by hand. Since then the company has been constantly expanded through five building stages and the production processes and product range have been continually adapted and improved to meet market needs from high to low-fusing ceramic through to titanium ceramic, then later all-ceramic and now high-performance ceramic.” Even though the collaboration with Willi Geller had not been planned well in advance, he proved to be a lucky charm for Klema thanks to his wealth of ideas and contacts, explained Kleboth.

    According to Willi Geller: “We still have plenty of energy and ideas!”

    In his highly personal talk, the “master ceramist” Willi Geller referred time and again to the great mutual trust and unbridled enthusiasm of both partners. Geller: “Creation is actually a small company, but we are respected all over the world. And we want to grow even more with our new professional team partner. Because we still have plenty of energy and ideas!”

    This claim was substantiated in the next speech. Master Dental Technician Patrick Boche, Technical Manager at Creation, presented the newest family members to the guests: Creation Press & Paint P&P-M and P&P-Z for

    overpressing metal and zirconium dioxide frameworks. According to Boche: “The two new systems can be used to overpress simply and efficiently not only single crowns and bridges in the posterior region, but also implant abutments

    and reduced inlay bridges made of zirconium dioxide or metal with the result that dental technicians are able to concentrate on the anterior aesthetics again, not just for large-scale work. Dental creations from Willi Geller are simply the original, as brilliant then as they are now.”

Dentistry adventure in the G4 Challenge

    As long-term success cannot be achieved without teamwork, the next guest speaker fitted into the meeting perfectly. Prof. Martin Jörgens enthralled the participants at the Klema Creation Family Meeting for two hours with stories of adventure and impressive pictures and film sequences depicting the CAMEL TROPHY and the LAND ROVER G4 CHALLENGE. The Düsseldorf dentist has been part of the rally team of medics since 1997 and drives along with his specially equipped ambulance. Prof. Jörgens on his involvement: “Normally patients come to my practice, but it’s the other way round on tour. I treat patients wherever we happen to be whether we’re in the Gobi Desert, in remote

    regions of Thailand or Bolivia or even on a tiny Pacific island. You learn to be flexible and get involved in all manner of unexpected situations. You just can’t do that without team partners who trust each other implicitly in a very real sense.”

“Masterly technique – just like Steffi Graf”

    Prof. Jörgens had arrived with his mobile SUV practice and complete field equipment, enabling the guests to gain a personal impression of this medical and dental adventure on four wheels before they went off for the celebratory dinner on board the “Hohentwiel” paddle-steamer. When the birthday

    cake (a huge Creation CC ceramic bottle with butter cream)

    was cut at a late hour, Dr. Eberlein asked everyone: “What has the unique Golden Slam winner, Steffi Graf, in common with Creation and Klema?” All three demonstrate masterly

technique and an unparalleled finish and they have done

    for precisely 20 years. And that is not about to change in future.”

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