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    My learning English

    1. interest

    since I contacted with English, to be honest, I hated it very much. I think as a Chinese learning English is wasting time. On that condition my English grade is not very good all the time. But one day in casual I found that it was very useful, because I realized it was a important tool that can realize my dreams. You see scientific and technological papers are mostly written by English ,and commercial trade and international communication also by it. Besides I want to go abroad for studying further. I am eager to be a global man , and build my global horizon. Nevertheless I am thirst for other languages , such as French , Germany ,Spanish , Italinian ,Russian , Korean , Japanese. And I am preparing for my nihongo certification exams, so difficult and boring . 2. pronunciation

     I want to say my pronunciation is not very good, and I am trying to revise it some time ago. But I find that doing it is just like a trash. As a Chinese I can not be a American any more, and the mind of speaking English like a yankee is stupid. I think that only you can express your mind is just ok. For example , the Indian’s pronunciation is making crazy Every time I heard they talked. But it is not a problem . communication is fine.

    3.learning tools

     You see there are a lot of source on the internet and library as we ,students can contact it. And I want to recommend some source I think in very useful. English original novels, newspaper, music , films, , music , radio, and videos I use is very good. To be true, I like Shakespreares woks and

    Dickens word, such as hamlet , King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, Love's Labour's Lost, Troilus a Othello a nd Cressida, The Merchant of Venice, The Measure of Measure, As You Like It, Macbeth, Twelfth Night, David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, A Christmas Carol. And I think times, new york times, china daily, Washington post are the best. Music and films is too much around us. They are like a bomb overwhelming us. Gaga, Backstreet Boy, Westlife, Arvil,Eminem, Beatles,

    Boyzone ,Madona, too much , is a boring thing. Hollywood is just like a sky full of stars and every year there are hundreds of films can be created. Besides, American series is also good and I like them better than films. Friends is fabulous I like it best, because it is my first. BBC,ABC and VOA are also great.

    3. circumstance

    to be honest, we are lacking of choices communicating with foreigners. That is too

    bad. Language need speaks badly. Although we have a foreign teachers and 90

    minutes every week and 60 guys who share my time, we need more time and

    choices ,not a fast food but a diet. But the condition can not be changed. Trying to

    change it is just like a day dreams and wasting time. Why I tell you them?

    Actually I am trying to persuade myself only efforts can change it.

    The origin of ENGLISH

    English is a West Germanic language that originated from the Anglo-Frisian dialects brought

    to Britain by Germanic invaders from various parts of what is now northwest Germany and

    the Netherlands. Initially, Old English was a diverse group of dialects, reflecting the varied

    origins of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of England. One of these dialects, Late West Saxon,

    eventually came to dominate.

    0911050118 陈龙 A7

    The original Old English language was then influenced by two further waves of invasion: the

    first by speakers of the Scandinavian branch of the Germanic language family, who conquered

    and colonized parts of Britain in the 8th and 9th centuries; the second by the Normans in the

    11th century, who spoke Old Norman and ultimately developed an English variety of this

    called Anglo-Norman. These two invasions caused English to become "mixed" to some


    Cohabitation with the Scandinavians resulted in a significant grammatical simplification and

    lexical enrichment of the Anglo-Frisian core of English; the later Norman occupation led to

    the grafting onto that Germanic core of a more elaborate layer of words from the Romance

    languages (Latin-based languages). This Norman influence entered English largely through

    the courts and government. Thus, English developed into a "borrowing" language of great

    flexibility, resulting in an enormous and varied vocabulary.


    Speak English

    1. characteristics of spoken English.

    A. Spoken English is the everyday language communication. Spoken and Written English is different from many Chinese students learning English to read the article. Writing the English language can not be directly copied into the life of the language used. Like Chinese, Chinese everyday language and Chinese writing is completely different.

    B. Spoken English is a living, simple.

    Spoken English related to all aspects of daily life, basic needs of all people's basic livelihood. Spoken English learning, we must learn these basic living exchange of content. Can be extended to a deeper, richer content. English spoken, it is generally simple, short sentences to express in English. English writing will be a very long sentences.

    2. prerequisites for Oral English: Language Environment.

    The exchange of spoken English, is to listen and speak. To learn English language, to understand English, then learning to talk. Spoken English can not be self-learning. To learn spoken English, you must enter the English language environments. Are heard daily in English, you must speak English. Why do Chinese students did not speak English? Because the majority of English teachers in China do not speak English, Chinese, English lesson. Students in English class do not speak English, most speak Chinese.

    3. to learn spoken English, preferably in English language teacher, that is, English teachers.

    Native-speaking English teacher, had grown up in the English environment. Know a variety of life situations and life to the Chinese language, pronunciation pure, and only they can teach oral English. As a foreigner to learn Chinese, we should invite Chinese teacher.

    4. learning English to understand English-based Western culture.

    0911050118 陈龙 A7

    Learning Oral English must know in what occasions, to say anything? How kind of statement is polite? What is a foreigner taboo? Like the Chinese, from small parents would teach us what occasion to say: Hello, I am sorry. See the old, uncle, aunt How should we call? In front of the guests asked what the problem? Should not have anything to say? And so on. Because our words decent, you can leave a good impression to others, will not cause a misunderstanding.

    5. to learn spoken English, must be in large numbers to listen to English, speak English and practice English.

    Chinese is how we have learned since childhood? Get out of bed after a day continue to listen, kept saying. At least 12 hours a day in the Chinese language environment heard. English language learning is the same reasoning. Constantly listening to English, constantly speak English, at any time to correct. Whenever students or students with a foreigner among the English-speaking, that is, to learn English.

    6. Everyone can learn English spoken.

    As long as the deaf-mutes, everyone can learn Chinese, English, other language. You have the ability to learn their mother tongue and the ability to learn a second, third language. Language needs to learn English language environment, will take time. The combination can master the English language

    Listening ENGLISH

    Listening is to determine the level of the elements of English, it reflects a person's communication abilities. However, it is often the students learn English and practical application of the test part of the most feared. Many students do this "scheming", but the result was still poor. And how can we improve our English?

    First of all we must be aware, improvement of hearing is not "listening" to improve. It actually represents the comprehensive capabilities in English, that pronunciation, vocabulary, phrases, idioms, cultural and other aspects of thinking ability. Therefore, we often see the headphones all day long to "create a language environment" to improve the hearing is not feasible. This training will not only provide low hearing, may actually undermine the "hearing." In addition, some students with hearing the tape as "Lullaby" approach is also very objectionable. This will lead to real Linkao, attention but not the concentration.

     The first element is to improve the listening voice. Do not attach importance to learning English pronunciation, is that many students also do not increase the total of English as a stumbling block. Phonics emphasis is on standards, both British and American sounds, or sounds of Australia are required to accurately mixed and very taboo. The listening class is inclusive of the voice of the stress, the required standard and non-standard can understand. This is not just English itself a matter of pronunciation, but also to add a lot of "life experiences" and summarized in order to achieve the level.

     Vocabulary, idioms Needless to say any more. Pain in my heart forever! Hearing these words, idioms problems are of two kinds: true and false do not know do not know.

    0911050118 陈龙 A7

     The so-called do not understand that the experience is not the new words and idioms, it is of course not understand the. False do not know that the word is learned but still do not understand. This may sound a relationship again, and. Most students do not carefully elusive back word pronunciation, but only to see a meaning and spelling. Thus, in reading out what the problem is not the time, there can be a problem when listening practice. At that time, and usually hear back are two different things, of course, do not understand the.

     Another situation is heard broke, but my heart confused, I do not know what to say. Here both the linking, contractions, weak reading in the inside cause trouble, there are other good study habits at work. Many students remember the Chinese word meaning only remember, but the right approach should be as stated in listening learning "Make Pictures" (produced screen), so that the sound directly into ideas, eliminating the translation process, can greatly improve comprehension.

    Finally, on the one hand, is a very important one, that is English-speaking cultural background. This is also a lack of Chinese students. Every word we all understand about complaining, but still do not understand the problem of the speaker intended to fall into this category.

    Reading ENGLISH

     When we talk about reading English,First thought of vocabulary. Vocabulary

    learning refers to vocabulary development, based on in-depth and accurate understanding of the meaning and practice the proper use of vocabulary.

    Not to remember the words in isolation. The emergence of the word is not isolated, it also has its own "neighbors", that is with; still "up and down relationship," that context. Therefore, specific to a certain word is what it meant, how to use, it is best to look at it with or context, it helps correct understanding, memorizing words, but also to the proper use of vocabulary and sense of language training.

    The word order "live".The meaning and use of vocabulary is not a single, should know one, know these two, or even know these three. The key is to remember the word "revitalize." For example: interest term, can also be a noun as a verb, the initial contact is be interested in this match, and as a noun, then there take interest in something to say. In addition, the expression will be encountered as part of speech and sentence elements stuck with the problem of the phenomenon, then we should Take a look at whether the use of the term to express the other part of speech, such as: virtuous, by He is a man of virtue of the structure, may be crossed by virtue of the adjective form could not think of the expression caused by obstacles. Activate the expression of words will increase freedom, improve the ability to use language.

    The words from the language and cultural differences do not remember.Terms of use have their own language and cultural differences, word on the word to memory, understanding of meaning common mistakes, such as dormitory refers only to the single quarters; academy is not just "College", and "(private) schools, special schools" meaning,out of bounds to customers / visitors or off limits to customers / visitors is that we often say "stop the customer", rather than British people often feel confused after seeing the "Customers / visitors stop" or Customers / visitors are not " allowed enter "this Chinese English. Word of the word, the word on the word memory and

    0911050118 陈龙 A7

    learning English tend to make the expression of blunt, vague, inaccurate, resulting barrier to understanding. Thus, vocabulary learning, the key is to understand the meaning ideas on ideas, understand the language and cultural differences, the correct use.

     Strengthening the word multiplexing.The purpose of the memory word will be used, will be used to achieve the required repeated exposure, over and over. Through multiple listening and speaking, reading and writing English language gradually increased sense of better understanding the true meaning of words. For example: to listen to audio or English through the program, pay attention to the semantics of their own words what they have learned and use.

     In short, a real grasp of English vocabulary, and learning is inseparable from the daily accumulation of these two links. English vocabulary is the basis for the accumulation, the accumulation of vocabulary learning is the consolidation and improvement of high-rise buildings as cover, the material must first be prepared, and then the prepared materials have been scientifically designed with reasonable use. The face of the vast sea word, not only to pay attention to the accumulation of scientific vocabulary memory method, but also to deepen understanding, learn to use, over and over eventually learn what the word where the most.

    Writing ENGLISH

    I think that writing is easy . The only thing you should do is build your

    confidence and keep a habit to express your feeling in English. Besides, you

    should remember some sentences of famous novels and works and write them in

    your article expertly. That s all I want to tell you .


    At last ,I want to say learning a language is not a easy and convenient , which

     depends upon our attitude and studying methods.We should develop our interest and

     habit in learning a language,A study interest will make us have energy and lead us to finding a correct way of learning a language .

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