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     Introduction to three new catalogues on CD. These CDs are compiled, produced and edited by Ralph

    Phillips and marketed by Stamp Marketing Services (Isle of Pabay)

    Tetra Terra A Fantasy Post established by Mike Hurley in his literary role as Tewa Gar. 130 Pages Word Format

It's surprising what can result from a simple email.

    A couple of months ago I sent an email to Mike Hurley, asking for information on his post of Tetra Terra, after having seen an item for sale on ebay.

From the information Mike gave me, I was shocked to find that he had issued over 700

    different stamps, had produced 3 printed volumes of his stamps to the end of 2007, and that

    volume 4 would be published this year.

As I have produced 6 CD catalogs of local stamps over the past few years, I asked Mike

    whether he was interested in having his material produced on a CD in the same format that he had used in his volumes.

    I was more that surprised when Mike most enthusiastically agreed, and began sending me email after email with attachments containing the printed material, and further

    scans of his stamps in full color.

    Within a month, the CD Catalog was completed is now offered to you the collector.

    KKL / JNF 2 Part (on Same CD) Head Offices and Branch Offices. 325 Pages Word Format

The planning and work on this catalog of Keren Kayemet stamps has gone on for well over a year,

    and has now reached a stage where I hope that you, the collector, can finally have under his hands

    an up-to date, color catalog of all issues of Keren Kayemet from Head and Branch Offices, covering

    the period from "Zion" the very first issue in 1901 to "Naomi Shemer", the last stamp issued in


Included in this catalog are over 4,000 stamps, including overprints, issued by the Head Offices,

    over 2,200 from 22 Branch Offices around the world, and around 400 stamps issued by the Teachers

    Council for the KKL in Israel.

Wherever possible I have added any Booklet Panes or Sheets that I could find, as well as showing all

    different tabs attached to those issues since 1973.

In order to be try to be of assistance to the younger Israeli philatelist, I have also added the

    description of each issue in Hebrew. This is also the first occasion on which even a small portion of a

    catalog has been drawn up in Hebrew.

    This catalog can easily be printed out, either in its entirety, or in whatever parts the user sees fit.

Manchuria Local Overprints 1945 - 1947 130 Pages Word Format

    Years ago as a youngster, when I was still a collector of everything that came across my path, I began taking an interest in Chinese stamps, probably because I had so many of them. As the years went on and I started becoming acquainted with catalogs, I found that although I had managed to place a large majority of my Chinese collection I found that I still had quite a lot which couldn't be

     found in any of them.

    As this was well before the computer era, I had a hard time trying to fathom out what, how and where these stamps were from. I only learned after a time that between 1945 and 1947 there had been hundreds of Manchurian stamps overprinted in tons of places in that territory for local use. My knowledge of Chinese then, as it is now, was a bit fat 0, so I couldn't read what was on these stamps, although I could manage to differentiate between the overprints, because of their different

     colors, formats, etc.

    It was only about 20 years later, when I had decided that collecting everything was virtually impossible, that I really got down to trying to improve my knowledge of what was hidden within

     those Manchurian Overprints.

    A friend of mine once mentioned to me that there had been a black and white printed catalog

     produced on this subject in the US, but he didn't know how to get his hands on a copy.

    It was only after the start of the computer age that I found out more about the catalog. Over about a year I send three letters to the publisher, and didn't get a single answer, so I started thinking that I

     was not the only one in this position.

    By now, I started seeing these stamps appearing on ebay, and also finally found the 4 volume catalogue which I could purchase. After seeing these catalogs I realized that what was

     needed was an updated catalog, with a lot more information on the towns, and of course, in color.

    As a few years had gone by since my trying to contact the Publisher I tried to do again, this time through an acquaintance in the stamp business in the US, who sent him an email, which once again

     got no response.

    At this point, I decided that I was going to do something on my own, and base my color CD catalog on the catalog which I had. The main reasoning for this was that although I wanted to produce a new work, I realized that those who had collections, had already sorted them out according to the existing work. So, I left the names and numbering as that which appears in Kerr's "The Local

     Overprinted Stamps of Manchuria 1945-7".

    After having downloaded hundreds of stamps in color, mainly from ebay, and added as much detail as I could, I have now finished this work, and offer it to you the collector, hoping that it will be of

     interest and assistance to you.

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