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Systems analysis and high level design (SRS and SDD, supported by UML diagrams), Database Design, Development of Common Classes.

    TNS Information Technologies

    Stratek Strategic Technologies R&D Ltd

Year of Establishment TNS : 1996 (Consultancy)

    Stratek: 2002 (R&D and Software Development, Technopark branch

    of TNS)

    Address TNS: Mustafa Kemal Mah.2139.Sokak No:42/6 Çankaya / ANKARA

    Stratek: ODTÜ Teknokent Gümüşbloklar B7, ANKARA Tel 90-312-2101668

    Fax 90-312-2101574



    Our Mission To provide the best value consultancy services and vendor independent software

    solutions to organizations within the framework of Enterprise Integration in which

    IT is the enabling technology, through satisfied customer centric approach. Our Vision To become a leading provider of IT supported business solutions. Our Approach

     ? Successfully provide value added consultancy solutions and constitute satisfied

    customer references both nationally and internationally

    ? Field the best trained, best prepared solution consultants and providers

    ? Support alliances/relationships that protect/advance TNS interests; benefiting all


    ? Coordinate the multidisciplinary resources in the form of a virtual organization

    ? Provide client / multi-server and Intranet based solutions in selected domains

    within the following architecture together with the business partners


     View Functional View Data View Strategic View

    Control/Process View Management (Change, Process, Project)

    Application Sofware (from Project to Product) Service

    Tools, Libraries, Off-the-shelf Packages

    Service Infrastructure, WAN, Comms, Hardware, OS, RDBMS



    What Do We Do ?

     We provide business solutions to leading Government, Public and Commercial

    organizations; and to the suppliers of these organizations. We use the Extended

    Integrated Process Engineering to provide for the best value consultancy services, and

    Object Oriented methodologies to develop re-usable, adaptable and vendor independent software solutions.

    To support integrated business systems solutions, we provide consultancy,

    development and integration services in Process Innovation, Enterprise Integration,

    Quality, Project and Change Management; WorkFlow Management, Information

    Engineering and Strategic (IT) Planning. These services are supported by the top-level

    local and international consultants to enable our clients to build the flexible

    organizational and IT infrastructure for effective, efficient and economic operation in

    these rapidly changing and competitive times.

    We design, implement and integrate systems for workgroup LANs, enterprise-wide

    WANs and for Internet/Intranets. Our solutions include Executive Information Systems

    (EIS), Decision Support Systems (DSS), and information systems for specific industries

    developed on Client/Multi-Server architecture for web applications, interfacing with

    other systems through SOA and web services.

    We carry out training and consulting projects for capacity building to enable our

    clients‟ IT staff to build systems using rapid architected application development for

    client/multi-server and Intranet-based environments.


     ? Domain Specific

    ? Public Financial Management; GFS, GAAP, IAS, COSO, CAF ? Agricultural Information Systems; FAO, Agrovoc, AOS. ? Homeland Security; Integrated Border Management. ? Finance, banking

    ? Management

    ? Process Management. Enterprise Integration; Process Innovation; Extended

    Integrated Process Engineering. Modeling, analysis, measurement & evaluation,


    ? Management Consultancy: Change Management, Process Management, Project

    Management, Quality Management, Knowledge Management ? Knowledge Management.

    ? Enterprise Architecture, Business IT Alignment; AHP ? IT Processes. CobiT. ITIL / ISO 20000. ISO 27001. Analysis, design, M&E ? Project Cycle Management. EU (PRAG), World Bank, USAID, UN, PMI. ? Management / Executive Information Systems, Business Intelligence ? Information Technology, Information Engineering and Development ? Information Systems Security (ISO 27001)

    ? System and Software Development Cycle (ISO 15288, ISO 12207)


    ? Development of Project Fiches, Technical Specifications and ToRs (EU and WB)

    ? Ergonomics, user interface design

    ? WorkFlow Management & Groupware applications

    ? CAPE (Computer Aided Process Engineering) and CASE (CA Software Engineering)


    ? GUI Development Environments and Frameworks

    ? Relational Database Management Systems R&D

     ? Strategic Management, model

    ? Process modeling, notation

    ? STEPS, Knowledge based process management methodology

    ? IPOT, operations server, programming language, development environment

    ? Knowledge Management portal

    ? All software projects


     ? Giving university courses on process management, knowledge management,

    information systems security, IT Governance and software engineering

    ? Supervising MSc Theses

    ? Publications

    ? Specific training programs


     ? CISA

    ? CISM

    ? ISO 27001 LA

    ? CobiT AT

    ? PMP

    ? ITIL


Some of Our Projects at a Glance


    ? PTT (Turkish Post). Development of 10 year Strategic & Action Plan. The project focuses on identifying PTT operational processes, organization, human resources, governance on postal services, logistics, and banking.

    ? Development of IT Strategic Plan for Erzincan University, Turkey.

    ? Development of IT Strategic Plan for the Presidency of Religious Affairs, Turkey. ? Ministry of Finance, Turkey. Advisory services for development of strategic plan, performance program, performance-based budgeting, monitoring and evaluation system, process modeling, and related trainings.

    ? Undersecretary of Customs, Turkey. Consultancy services for development of Strategic Plan, development of related projects, and trainings.

    ? Presidency of Religious Affairs, Turkey. Development of Knowledge Management structure and related trainings.

    ? Environmental Protection Agency for Special Areas, Turkey. Process modeling and related trainings.

    ? The General Directorate of Agrarian Reform, Turkey. Development of internal control action plan and related trainings.

    ? General Directorate of Forestry, Turkey. Development of Strategic IT Plan. (ARIS) ? PUBLIC FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT

    ? Ministry of Finance, Turkey. Further development of Expenditure Management, Project Management, Performance Based Program Budgeting and reporting for transparency and accountability.

    ? Ministry of Interior, Turkey. Integration of SGB.Net into e-Interior System. ? Ministry of Finance, Turkey. Development of Strategic Management Model and Software, covering all stages of Strategic Planning, Performance Budgeting, Monitoring and Evaluation cycle. The software has been in use since Jan 2008 by 8,000 MoF users country wide. The software was developed with c# and ASP.Net framework using n-tier architecture. This software is independent from database systems but currently runs on SQL Server RDBMS. Partially funded by TUBITAK, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.

    ? Tasinir.Net. Development and implementation of a specific package for the management of inventories as per new legislation in Turkey. Firstly implemented for Ministry of Finance. Then software is converted to package on demand of other ministries and installed at more than 40 agencies so far. The software was developed with c# and ASP.Net framework using n-tier architecture. This software is independent from database systems and currently runs on SQL Server RDBS, SQL Express and Oracle.

    ? Development of Integrated Financial MIS for the government of Syria. EuropeAid/ 124503/D/SUP/SY. Provision, adaptation/customization, testing, deployment, operation and training for the establishment of a comprehensive Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS). IFMIS will support persons involved in public finance administration and management in central government with a level of financial management information sufficient for (1) effective decision making by the management hierarchy in central government as regards resource allocation, safeguarding of assets and attaining stated government goals; and (2) reporting to external entities in the interests of transparency, accountability and good governance. (Java, Oracle)

    ? Strategy management advisor to the Ministry of Finance, Turkey. Definition and Development of projects. Senior consultancy on the Strategic Management System, covering all aspects fro


Strategic Planning to Integrated Public Financial Management, and Performance Management.

    Consultancy on process analysis, requirements elicitation and risk management for the SGB Net,

    the Public Financial Management platform and applications for the MoF. Projects on Expenditure

    Management, Internal Control and IT Governance (together with Prime Ministry, Treasury, MoF

    and State Planning Organization).

    ? Modeling and Development of Strategic Management System and Performance Based Budgeting

    for the Turkish Public Sector. An MSc thesis (by Erhan Ozahci, Application of Strategic Planning

    Methodology to RoT MoF) Industrial Engineering, METU. (ARIS)

    ? SGB Net (Knowledge Network for Strategy Development Units coordinated by the Ministry of

    Finance). Awarded #1 in G2G applications at the 5th eTR competition in 2007. Development of

    Strategic Plan and the Operational Plan for the MoF, development of reference model and software

    for the general budget public agencies, process analysis, development of operational and

    knowledge management guidelines, development of new projects for the unit. (ARIS, Visio/customized eEPC

    Stencil, .Net, C#, RDBMS independent, currently on MS SQL Server). Distributed by the Ministry of

    Finance to more than 20 public agencies countrywide.

    ? Analysis and development of GFS compliant Turkish National e-Budget System for multi-year

    budgeting, the new version of the Public Budget Management, for the Ministry of Finance, Turkey.

    One of the finalists in eTR awards for e-Government B2B applications in Turkey in 2005. Whole

    public financial management cycle from budget preparation to expenditure management and finally

    year end financial reporting. Process analysis and redesign. Forms design for budget preparation

    and execution. Development of technical specifications for implementation. Web based software

    development on Microsoft platform. Full cycle from budget preparation to year-end financial

    reporting. Flexible and customizable reporting system. Delegated security management system.

    Services. Assistance in the development of processes, forms and development of software.

    Training for budget officers nationwide and MIS staff. 5400 users in more than 140 public agencies

    country wide. (ARIS, .Net, C#, MS SQL Server)

    ? Implementation of KASA (new version of SAFE covering public budget management and

    accounting as per international and national standards) at public agencies. (.Net, RDBMS

    independent; C++, TNS Fireball)

    ? Ministry of Finance, Turkey. Budget Process and MIS development for the Turkish government

    (General Directorate of Budget and Fiscal Control). Consultancy on process and coding scheme

    design as per GFS. Assistance in technical specifications for the acquisition of software, hardware

    ands services. Analysis, design, development, test, deployment, training, maintenance and support.

    Rollout to more than 200 locations (3500 registered users). Providing Help Desk service.

    Development of web based software for the planning and execution of the GFS compliant public

    budget of Turkey, including full implementation with services and particularly training for budget

    officers nationwide and MIS staff. (ARIS; RDBMS independent; C++, TNS Fireball) ? Ministry of Finance, Turkey. Integrated software development for the Board of Inspectors. (Lotus


    ? Ministry of Finance, Turkey. Information System Design Consultancy within the Public Financial

    Management System Project (Barents/KPMG as World Bank project). AS-IS and TO-BE models of

    the streamlined budget process, functional design and development of the tender documents

    together with the evaluation criteria. Development of the interim Budget Preparation module.

    Together with Barents Group LLC, KPMG. (C++, TNS Fireball)

    ? United Nations, Kosovo Interim Government. Consultancy, process design and software

    development - Public Financial Management System (with KPMG). Pillar IV, Economic

    Reconstruction. Design and partly implementation of the public financial management system,

    including process design, organizational design, database design, functional design, procurement

    (strategies, specifications and evaluation), training, local organization build-up, and implementation.


    Two individual consultants, Mr. A. Nusret Guclu, as the interim IT head, and Mr. Erkan Inan, as the designer and developer of the Budget System. Together with Barents, KPMG. ? SAFE. Scalable Automated Financial Environment. In-house developed financial management framework.


    ? Consultancy to the Turkish Customs. Field study, training, development of Strategic Plan and Action Plan, project design.

    ? JMPR / TA (Technical Assistance for Judicial Modernization and Penal Reform Project). Assessment of ICT utilized by both „the National Judicial Network Project‟ and „Directorate General of Judicial

    Records and Statistics (DGJRS)‟. Development of recommendations for ICT investment. Methodology development for the statistics unit of DGJRS. Identification, planning, organization and delivery of trainings and workshops. Development, organization and implementation of governmental level study visits to EU member states covering Germany, United Kingdom, and Italy. ? Consultancy to Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) on Homeland Security. ? Consultancy to the Undersecretariat of Customs of Turkey on developing Strategic Plan and Action Plan. Assistance in development of Knowledge Sharing Portal for the Strategy Development Unit. ? Technical Assistance for Development of a Training System for Border Police TR0404.04.002. ? Strengthening border control along the Turkmen-Afghan border, in particular at Imam-Nazar checkpoint for Turkmenistan. AD/TKM/I78.

    ? Development of the Project Fiche for “Development of the Legal and Institutional Capacity for Integrated Border Management (IBM) and Detailing the Action Plan of the new IBM Strategy”

    ? Twinning TR 02-JH-02, Project TR0204.01. Development of the Financing Plan for the Integrated Border Management, with architecture, priorities, projects and financing requirements. ? Training for a military organization and TAI on process design to be utilized as the basis for TAI‟s

    development of technical specifications on behalf of the client. Together with the Informatics Institute, METU. (ARIS)

    ? Criminal Police Laboratories. Management consultancy for the development of Laboratory Business Workflow Management System. Process design. Development of business and software specifications. (ARIS)

    ? Laboratory Business Workflow Management System (LIAS). Consultancy covering analysis and process design, search conference, reorganization, development of to-be models as per STEPS methodology, quality management. (ARIS, Lotus Notes, Oracle)

    ? Consultancy to MASAK, the Financial Intelligence Unit of Turkey, in the Anti Money Laundering Project. Consultancy and development of full Tender Dossier based on business processes in Technical Assistance for the Project “Strengthening the Fight Against Money Laundering” Etortop/001/NPAFAP/TR/CIB. Process design, software analysis and assistance in supervision (consultancy throughout the implementation phase upon special request of MASAK from EC) (ARIS, Java, Sybase)

    ? Systems analysis, process design and development of technical specifications for a military project. Together with Informatics Institute, METU. 7 MSc theses.

    ? Criminal Police Laboratories, Turkey. Consultancy, project development. METU SEM involvement. ? AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY & ENVIRONMENT

    ? T/A for Development of the Seed Sector.


    ? Evaluation of proposals for EuropeAid/121200/D/SV/TR, “Technical Assistance for Restructuring

    and Strengthening of the Food Safety and Control System in Turkey”.


    ? Turkish Treasury and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: ARIP Agricultural Reform Implementation Project. Consultancy covering process design, forms design, manual and automated components operational planning and development of Terms of Reference for the acquisition of ICT infrastructure and services for the Direct Income System component of the project.

    ? General Directorate of Forestry, Turkey. Development of Strategic IT Plan. (ARIS) ? General Directorate of Forestry. Office Workflow (Lotus Notes).

    ? FAO General Directorate of Forestry. Software development for the Fire Control Operations

    Center, central, regional and provincial level. (VB, MS SQL Server)


    ? Project Coordination Center of the Ministry of National Education, the agency managing all World Bank, EU and international donor funded projects on behalf of the MoNE, Turkey. Specifications to cover multiple project life cycles, WB and EU. Consultancy on establishing an integrated MIS based on the process analysis and design, regarding the management and coordination of the international donor (such as World Bank and EU) financed projects. Perform business requirements analysis including identification of bottlenecks and improvement areas for effectiveness, efficiency and economy (as-is process modeling), Design optimized and new processes for future needs and expansion (modeling to-be processes). Develop requirements for knowledge management including knowledge production and integration into the organization, which will enable better coordination and innovation, management decision support, and process integration for competitive advantage, Develop process management infrastructure requirements, integrated with project cycle management, electronic document management, financial management, human resources management, knowledge management and quality management. Develop requirements for an integrated solution, including operational, technology (hardware, software, and services) and capacity building requirements. Develop Terms of Reference. (ARIS)

    ? National Productivity Center, Turkey. Consultancy and Training

    ? İş Bankası, Turkey. Consultancy and Training.

    ? Middle East Technical University, Turkey. Informatics Institute and Continuous Education Center. Grade MSc and PhD level courses on Process Management and Knowledge Management. ? Hacettepe University, Turkey. Computer Engineering Dept. Grade courses on programming. ? Land Forces. Defense Sciences Institute, Turkey. Grade MSc and PhD level courses on Process Management, Knowledge Management, Information Security and Programming. ? Suleyman Demirel University, Turkey. Sybase and PowerBuilder Training and Workshop. ? Central Bank of Turkey. Lotus Notes Training and Workshop.

    ? Anadolu University, Turkey. Lotus Notes Training and Workshop.

    ? OYAK, Turkey. Lotus Notes Training and Workshop.

    ? OTHERS ? Classification, development of the ontology and process modeling for the e-Government services in Turkey, to be integrated into the e-Government Gateway.

    ? Data Collection for the Traffic Safety Improvements Programme (Accident Information System (AIS) and Enforcement Training) in the northern part of Cyprus. EuropeAid/124748/D/SER/CY. ? Consultancy. Support to Turkey‟s efforts in the full alignment and enforcement in the field of intellectual property rights with a focus on fight against piracy, Project number: TR 0402.04, Twinning number: TR/2004/IB/OT/01.


    ? Consultancy for Turkish Patent Institute. Republic of Turkey Industrial Technology Project, Loan No:

    4495-TU Bid No: TPI 08, Consulting Services for Customization of International IPR

    Organisations‟ IT products (WIPO, EPO, OHIM). (Oracle)

    th? Process Analysis and Design for Çankaya Municipality (the 6 largest in Turkey, the largest

    excluding metropolitan municipalities, with 900,000 inhabitants) of Ankara. Design of integrated streamlined processes for the overall municipality management and assistance in procurement. Together with a team of experts from Industrial Engineering Dept., Middle East Technical University. (ARIS)

    ? Analysis and development of technical specifications for the Intellectual Property and Cinema GD of Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Turkey.

    ? Development of software for the CFCU, ECR, Treasury and EU for the tracking of programs and projects aligned with business goals Kretschmer/006-ENLARG-DELTUR. (PHP, MySQL) ? Management consultancy and training on business-IT alignment to İş Bankası. Redesign of

    technology development processes, system development life cycle, software development life cycle. Development of organizational structures to support the new process. Development of quality management infrastructure. Performance metrics. Training on business-IT alignment, process design, system and software development. (ARIS)

    ? Management consultancy for business process reengineering to İşNet.

    ? Ministry of Tourism. Development of infrastructure software for the content management of the official tourism portal of Turkey (TNS FireBall, Sybase)

    ? OYAK Holding, Turkey. Consultancy and social security software analysis, design and development for the Oyak members, including intensive training for the MIS staff. Joint development of the social security system for the members of Oyak group, the Turkish National Armed Forces and the employees of Oyak Group of Companies (around 190,000 members). OO methodology consultancy and training on methodology and Java programming; development of architectural and system requirements, assistance in acquisition and contract. Systems analysis and high level design (SRS and SDD, supported by UML diagrams), Database Design, Development of Common Classes. Mentoring, Consultancy on DB Migration and QA. (Java, Oracle)

    ? General Directorate of Youth and Sports. Web based registration and licensing of sports clubs and sportsmen throughout Turkey. Analysis, design, development, test, deployment, training, maintenance and support. (PHP, MySQL; .Net, MS SQL Server)

    ? Aegean Economic Development Foundation, Turkey. Consultancy and partnership in development of technology supported regional development, including transition from a regional portal to an electronic marketplace. ( An MSc thesis (submitted by Onur Mat, co-supervised by Nusret Güçlü), Informatics Institute, METU. Analysis, design, development, test, deployment, training, maintenance and support. Training of SMEs was also conducted as a WB supported project. (PHP, MySQL)

    ? General Directorate of Highways, Turkey. Consultancy and development of the Terms of Reference for the traffic safety component of the Highway Information System (SweRoad as World Bank project)

    ? General Directorate of Measurements and Standards, Turkey. Consultancy, (funded by PTB, Germany). Analysis of the actual state (AS-IS model) and of the model to be realized (TO-BE Model). Compilation of the Action Plan. Assistance in the implementation of the Action Plan. Assistance in the establishment of the legal conditions and the technical prerequisites for the project "Promotion of the metrology and verification system“ at the General Direction for Metrology and Standardization at the Ministry of Trade and Industry (GDMS) in connection with the structure of the Turkish verification offices. Web based MIS development. (C++, TNS FireBall). ? Ministry of Tourism, Turkey. Consultancy and comprehensive software development for the totality of the ministry from central operations to overseas offices. The project also covered the online dia


sales and the ministry‟s official web site information and application management software

    infrastructure. (Sybase)

    ? T-Mobil of Deutsche Telecom. Management consultancy.

    ? DataSel, Turkey. Management consultancy.

    ? Şişecam Group, Turkey. Training

    ? TRT (Turkish Radio and Television) MIS. Office Workflow Lotus Notes.

    ? Gazi University, Turkey. Consultancy to the Faculty of Dentistry and development of Patient

    Tracking and Revolving Funds Application Software.

    ? FNSS (FMC-Nurol Defense Industry). FIRST Pilot Project (electronic maintenance manuals in an

    Intranet environment for armored vehicles).

    ? Setur Antalya Marina, Park Kemer Marina, Camper & Nicholson Port Göcek Marina, Ataköy Marina,

    Turgutreis Marina, Setur Finike Marina, Setur Ayvalık Marina, Setur Kuşadası Marina, Setur Çeşme Marina, Setur Karacasöğüt Marina, Setur Kalamış Marina, Doğuş D-Marine. Marina Management

    System. Consultancy and implementation. (C++, VB, .Net, MS SQL Server, Oracle)


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