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Canadian Armwrestling Federation ...

    Canadian Armwrestling Federation

    1216 Campeau Crescent, Rockland, ON K4K 1B6 613-446-4685

    Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

    For the

    Canadian Armwrestling Federation (CAWF)

    Friday, August 29, 2008

    Moosejaw, Saskatchewan

1. Attendance

     Fred Roy - President Keith Koening Vice President

     Rick Pinkney Referee in Chief Lise Blanchard Secretary-Treasurer

     Ryan Espey Director of Communication

     Fraser Benoit Alberta Dave Hicks British Columbia

    Sylvio Bourque New Brunswick Terry Palaschak Saskatchewan

    Ward Drake Manitoba Mark MacPhail - PEI

     Eric Roussin Ontario Joey Costello Hall of Fame

     Scott MacInnis Hall of Fame Kayne Hemsing Host of 2008 Nationals

    Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m.

2. Minutes of previous meeting

     Motion to approve minutes as presented:

     Motion by: Keith Koenig

     Seconded by: Ryan Espey


    3. Hall of Fame Summary Joey Costello & Scott MacInnis

     We are introducing the CAWF Hall of Fame this year (2008). We have prepared

     Criteria, Categories and nomination process and ask the Committee to approve

    these criteria. We also ask that a budget of $80 per award to a maximum of 4 per

    year be given to the Hall of Fame for this years and future award winners.

    Motion: to approve the Hall of Fame criteria as presented as well as budgeting

    $80 per award to a maximum of 4 per year.

     Motion by: Joey Costello & Scott MacInnis

     Seconded by: Lise Blanchard


    2008 CAWF Minutes Moosejaw, SK Page 1

    4. President’s Report – Fred Roy

    Canada is one of the front runners with FILA. After the World Championship in Bulgaria, Mr. Hadjitodorov and myself travelled to Switzerland and met with FILA. Our talks were very positive and they agreed to accept WAF as a separate entity. We were also invited to participate at the World Games. But, we have experienced a set back as the agreement we received from them did not reflect the same ideas agreed upon at the original meeting. Some of the changes were that they would expect WAF to change their name and that each Country would be charged a $500 Country Fee to be turned over to FILA

    On the NAAF Level, we have been in touch with representatives from Mexico who tell us that the lack of funds is the reason they cannot participate at WAF events. The US are having internal problems which they need to work out for themselves.

    On the WAF Level the Pro level of armwrestling being promoted by Assen & Igor are conflicting with the Amateur side of armwrestling.

    Fred Roy would like to announce that he has decided to let his name stand on the NAAF level for the position of WAF President for another 4 years.

    5. Vice - President’s Report – Keith Koenig

    2008 was a great year for BC and we will have a big representation here at the Nationals.

We started the BC Hall of Fame and 14 people were brought in for 2008

Vice - President’s Report – Joey Costello

    We have a big lack of woman in the East but we are seeing more and more woman starting to come out.

    At this time I would like to bring up Armsport Video, owned and financed by Scott MacInnis. Scott travels to tournaments all over the World and puts them on his web site for all to view at no cost.

    I would like to make Scott MacInnis and Armsport Video the official CAWF Videotographer and Video Web Site. I would also like CAWF to compensate Scott by giving him $500 a year at Nationals and offer him a complimentary room for 3 nights. CAWF will cover the $500 while the National Host will offer the 3 nights accommodations.

    2008 CAWF Minutes Moosejaw, SK Page 2

    Motion: to recognize Scott MacInnis and Armsport as the official CAWF

    Website and Videotographer and also to offer him $500 yearly from the CAWF

    and 3 nights accommodation at Nationals offered by the Host of Nationals

     Motion by: Mark MacPhail

     Seconded by: Keith Koenig

    For: 10 Opposed: 1 CARRIED

6. Referee in Chief Report Rick Pinkney

    The Qualified Referee List needs to be updated. Many people who have received

    levels have not been around in many years. Here are my suggestions:

    Level 1 & Level 2 If they have not been active must start all over

    Level 3 If they have not been active in 3 years, they must be re-tested at a Level

    3 before they are allowed to referee. They also will be given a choice to be tested

    at a Level 2 or 3.

    Masters If they have not been active in 3 years will need to take a refresher to

    show competency. This would be done by testing their knowledge of the rules

    and by having them go through a practical scenario.

    Over the years it has become the norm that the Referee’s be put up at another

    hotel away from the Host Hotel. Referee’s are part of the Team and should

    always be staying at the same hotel as the Team.

    7. Report of the Director of Communications: Ryan Espey

     CAWF web site has a new domain it is: CAWF.CA

    I would like to remind everyone that I can only post what I receive

8. Treasurers Report Lise Blanchard

    Motion to accept all reports as presented

     Motion by: Keith Keonig

     Seconded by: Terry Palaschak


2008 CAWF Minutes Moosejaw, SK Page 3

    9. Provincial Directors Reports

    British Columbia Andy Elliott is back and promoting tournaments. We host 6 tournaments a year and attendance is consistent. Woman are not travelling.

    Alberta Is happy to announce that we are now officially remitting membership fees to the CAWF.

    Saskatchewan We held a referee clinic and it went well. Provincials were well attended and we have 10 people who could not attend Nationals. Kayne Hemsing - We have new faces and as President I look forward to

    maintaining what has been done and proven in the past.

    Manitoba Circuits are consistent, we have 5 woman armwrestlers. Quarter of the armwrestlers are a dedicated group who come out to tournaments regularly. Manitoba will be presenting a bid for the 2010 Nationals.

    Ontario Our numbers are fairly strong. We hold 15 tournaments a year. Northern pullers are returning. We have had more woman pulling this year.

New Brunswick Some discussion ensued in regards to Joyce King the

    President of NB who has retired. Joey Costello, Eastern Vice President will give her a call and discuss options for that province.

    Nova Scotia We are hosting Challenge Matches as they seem to bring in many spectators. Our numbers are fluctuating. We just cannot get woman interested in NS.

    10. 2008 World Championships in Kelowna, BC CANADA

    BC is very excited to be hosting the World Championships. Our Website has registered over 10,000 people. We need to focus on having a big Canadian Team representing us at the Worlds. We are billing this in the media as the Largest Worlds held in North America. We will be charging spectators $15 a day or $40 for the 4 days.

    11. 2009 Canadian Championships in PEI

    Charlie McGeoghegan presented the Committee with packages detailing what the City of Summerside, PEI are planning for the 2009 Championships on June 26 to June 29/2009.

    12. 2009 World Championships Will be held in Venice, Italy on September

    7 to 14, 2009. More information to come.

    2008 CAWF Minutes Moosejaw, SK Page 4

    13. New Business

a) New CAWF Uniforms

    A presentation was made to the Committee on two difference styles of uniform. The jacket would be red/white and the pants would be black. The team shirt presented was approved as well.

b) CAWF Annual Meeting Time and Weigh-ins conflict

    Discussion ensued on giving the Provincial Representatives time to weigh-in, shower and have dinner before attending Annual Meeting. The decision was to let one Executive and 1 Provincial Representative weigh-in at 5:00 p.m.

c) CAWF Election dates

    It was decided to extend the elections to a 3 year term making the next elections in 2010.

d) Sending a CAWF Representative to Kelowna before Worlds

    Discussion ensued on the importance of the Worlds to Canada. It was discussed and decided that Lise Blanchard would be sent to Kelowna to go over all the important details for Canada hosting the Worlds. The CAWF would cover the cost of the airfare.

e) Buys to Worlds in Kelowna

    Discussion ensued on the importance of having a full team at Worlds. It was decided that the team would be first filled with armwrestlers who have attended the Canadians, but should positions be available they would be offered to other individuals.

    The Committee received a letter from Josée Morneau from MB who asks the CAWF to read her letter and to allow her to pull at Worlds should a position be available. Ryan Espey explained that although Josée has been pulling she has not supported the Manitoba Armwrestling Association nor did she follow the proper procedure in asking for a buy. He asks the CAWF to support his decision of denying Josée’s request. The Committee decided to support Ryan Espey in this


    Joey Costello speaking for Joanne Lachance and Lori Larocque explained that both ladies have not been in the sport for the past few years but are now ready to return. Joey asks that they be allowed to pull at Worlds should a position be available. Eric Roussin was not in favour of this request but told the Board he

    2008 CAWF Minutes Moosejaw, SK Page 5

    would support their decision. It was the decision of the Board to allow both of

    these competitors to pull at worlds should the chance arise.

    f) Bid for the 2010 Nationals

    Ryan Espey and the Manitoba Armwrestling Association would like to bid for the

    2010 National Championship

    Motion: to accept Manitoba as the Hosts of the 2010 National Championship

    Motion by: Ryan Espey

     Seconded by: Keith Koenig


15. Adjournment

     Motion to adjourn: Joey Costello

     Seconded by: Shawn Ross


     ____________________ ____________________

     Fred Roy Lise Blanchard

     President Secretary/Treasurer

2008 CAWF Minutes Moosejaw, SK Page 6

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